[Charania] Sources: Hawks’ Trae Young and coach Nate McMillan had an exchange at Friday’s shootaround that led to Young choosing not to attend the team’s home win over Denver. Details on dynamics and managing tensions around Hawks – with @sam_amick at @TheAthletic

  1. Big perk: I have no issue with these actions. Allow the men to duke it out if they so choose. Carry on.

  2. Lool if you were to fire McMillan here with the hawks being 4th, with how bad they’ve been doing, ain’t no way you finding a coach.

  3. actually hawksfantv on twitter broke it before everybody lol couple days ago hawks fans new something was going on

  4. Gotta keep perspective that Shams is a Klutch reporter so this reporting is probably skewed to make Trae look as good as possible and doesn’t include McMillan’s side of the story.

  5. Based off this report if it’s accurate, Trae is in the right. Needs to get his treatment and see if he can play before the game. No need to aggravate it early on and be injured. Nate knew what he was doing by telling him come off the bench or don’t show up.

  6. Honestly, I’m with Trae on this one. Nate was trying to assert his dominance with a grown man. I would have done the same thing in Trae’s shoes. For Nate, that’s not how you lead people. There has to be five. You can’t just do things your way or the high way. Might work in high school, doesn’t work with adults.

  7. I recall McMillan having interactions with at least three different guards during his time in Portland that damaged his relationship with them and effected the team.

  8. How can a player choose not to attend a game..? That’s a bad look Trae. Imagine buying tickets to see him and he simply chooses not to go.

  9. That’s not what happened. Trae was getting treatment for an injury and missed shoot around. Nate said you’re coming off the bench or not coming to the game because I didn’t give you permission to miss shootaround.

  10. Nate gave him three choices, get your treatment for your shoulder at shoot around, play off the bench, or don’t bother showing up. Trae took option 3.

  11. If they're injured i assume they don't need to show up. They can also call in sick and stay in the hotel. I have coworkers that do it all the time.

  12. Cycle continues. Team plays well with interim coach. They sign he coach then they underperform until issues happen

  13. And Nate is probably tired of Trae playing zero defense and increasing his FGA with another all star added to the team

  14. His “dumbass” system has them 4th in the east while Trae plays poorly. Maybe he should take some accountability instead of beefing every coach he has

  15. And it was 2 seasons ago when his assistant coaches were Lloyd's offensive scheme guys after he got fired. As soon as Nate did what he wanted with "his guys" the offense has been shit besides Trae (and now AJ).

  16. Maybe I’m just a hater (I am) but a player choosing not to attend a game bc of a disagreement w coach is not a good look

  17. I think the reporting makes it a more unclear. The fact that the conflict arose because McMillan wanted him to shootaround rather than focusing on treatment for his shoulder makes it a bad look for both imo.

  18. It was about his injury apparently. He wanted to get treatment, skip earlier shoot around and be a game time decision. Coach wanted him to do shoot around and play, and even said if he doesn’t, he can come off the bench or don’t play.

  19. So uhh I'm gonna assume all of this is true and Trae is not a guy like to fake an injury probably. Then why the fuck would McMillan go after Trae over an issue like this? What is the point honestly??

  20. I think this says more about McMillan than it does Young. If it was better for his shoulder to rehab it than to do shoot around, why would he as a star player cave to this unreasonable demand and compromise the health of his shoulder? This ain't childhood where you just do dumbass shit because some authority figure tells you to and they're too stupid or lazy to think if it's a good idea.

  21. Not gonna lie, why is Trae in the wrong at all here. He’s rehabbing an injury. Shit happens daily on nba teams. Teams with players that are sick leave them out of practice and leave it as a game time decision, all the fucking time. Nate chose the wrong time to let his ego take control.

  22. Nates exit from Portland looked a lot like this. I wonder what he does to consistently lose locker rooms

  23. I’m a huge Trae stan, but he looks childish and foolish for this. He’s never going to beat the arrogant and difficult allegations is he keeps doing stuff like this.

  24. Nah y'all totally deserve this shit with how you thought you were clowning on the Pacers when we fired him lmao. What comes around goes around. Maybe we knew what we were talking about the entire time

  25. If true.. Nate is dumb for flexing against trae on either playing or not showing up in the arena. He puts himself and his job on a peril

  26. Not trying to jump on the Trae hate train because I never understood hiring McMillan to begin with and always thought it was just a matter of time before the relationship soured. But this is incredibly selfish and unprofessional by Trae if he just chose to not show up.

  27. Every report about Trae and injuries is that he constantly tries to fight through injuries he should sit for, and has to be watched lol, if he's taking a day off from injury he's either pissed at Nate or his arm is falling off

  28. Knew this was eventually going to happen. McMillan has clashed with almost every star he’s coached. Payton, Allen, Roy, George now Trae. He’s an old school type of coach, but not much of a players coach type, quiet, demands respect and accountability from his players, no nonsense type of guy.

  29. Lmao all the Trae haters didnt even take time To read the details just ready to spew hate like dumbasses. Trae was getting treatment for his shoulder and wanted to skip shootarounds, Nate literally gave him an ultimatum to come off the bench or not come at all if he wasnt going to go to shootaround. Trae chose to rest his shoulder and not play since Nate wanted to be a dick about it.

  30. Listen Nate should be fired bc he’s just not a good coach period. Hawks fans have wanted this dude gone for a while and for good reason. We should not be anywhere near as bad as we are most nights offensively and we are bc Nate’s a dipshit who is clearly out of his depth when it comes to offensive game-planning. If he’s really handing out ridiculous ultimatums to the face of the franchise over a fucking shoot-around that’s just more fuel to the fire. Could Trae have handled the situation better, sure, but it’s begin pretty evident he’s fed up with having a HC who just stands around all game and does nothing to scheme up winning offensive strategies and I don’t blame him.

  31. Didn't Trae also have a problem with Lloyd peirce? Seems like it's a Trae problem and not a coach problem

  32. Yeah and what team is Lloyd Pierce the head coach of these days? And Nate has a long track record of success?? Yeah Hawks have no coaching problem Lolol.

  33. at the end of the day a player not going to a game because of an argument with coach is dogshit. there are your teammates and others counting on you and on top of that you have a contract/

  34. There were rumors swirling but it’s not that uncommon for star players to miss games so I guess it wasn’t a huge red flag. The Hawks also have basically no reporters around the team, they ran off the last one from The Athletic because Trae hated him lol

  35. Young complained the moment he stepped in the league that he didn’t have enough help, then he didn’t like his first coach, and now he doesn’t like his second coach.

  36. Trae’s kind of a bitch for not showing up to his own home game as the star of the team. People pay a lot of money for this.

  37. Trae young is a diva man. Awful fg% and turnover machine. Second head coach he isint getting along with

  38. Did you know Trae young was the most efficient PG in the league last year and was the primary ball handler on the team with the fewest turn overs in the league? He’s had an extremely poor start to the season, but this isn’t his norm. And let’s not act like Lloyd Pierce was an NBA caliber head coach lol

  39. Trae kinda look good with context. Why not just let Trae get treatment and see if he’s good to go after? Nate tried to embarrass him by giving the ultimatum of coming off the bench. Trae didn’t handle it the best but I don’t think the players would be mad about him missing shoot around to get treatment.

  40. Hawks fans want to see Nate gone. Turns out this whole thing will start the conversation about Trae having enough and wanting to leave lol.

  41. I’ve been a Trae defender for a min now but I’m starting to think his ego might be inflated. I haven’t watched them a lot this season but it’s interesting how they added a solid number 2 player and Trae is somehow taking more shots. And now this, starting to think he thinks he more important than he is

  42. Sarge is a solid coach for fixing up a team in shambles. But he has a ceiling, and it’s a little lower than the ECF. Hawks need an upgrade if they want to consistently go further than 1st round.

  43. Dejounte Murray with the black Air Force energy corrupting the Hawks like the forces of chaos from 40k

  44. Anyone that’s watched more than 2 Hawks games this season should understand Trae’s frustration. I know Bogi just got back but the rotations Nate has played to start the season make no sense.

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