How Good Were The Miami Heat Big 3 Actually?

  1. They definitely had to work harder to achieve what they did in terms of not being quite so historically dominant, and getting pushed in playoff series in their run, if you compare 11/12/13 MIA to 15/16/17 GSW (who were 1st in SRS all 3 years).

  2. I've never understood the point of these videos tbh. Thr Heat were unstoppable in their time. Won like 20 in a row at one point. Closest thing I've seen since then is the GSW with Durant.

  3. The big three were great while healthy, but the teams themselves were pretty overrated. Largely their own fault though with the whole signing party/not 1, not 2, not 3/etc.

  4. Yeah wade is my franchise GOAT but he wasn't the same as the years went on. I don't really see why anyone is docking lebron legacy points for making a super team

  5. The 2013-2014 spurs annihilated the heatles they are really underrated when it comes to title teams.

  6. Idk about the okc odds, I think that was more lebron hate influencing the odds makers. I remember think bosh and bron being to strong and good at defense for kd to overcome. I was right.

  7. They didn't need to with the star power of 3 players in peak shape to do heavy mins covering all 5 positions, Pat Riley knew top versatile talents are the way to the finals, the rest is about good matchups and health. They didn't need a ball handler so a cheap PG was the way to go and they gambled on chasing away the big center before he could have an impact so a cheap center fit the dynamic.

  8. A great team who don't get enough credit for adapting to the new NBA but I will say that people overrate the 2011 team, Dallas beating them wasn't crazy at all

  9. Maybe not crazy, but let’s not act like the Heat weren’t very much favored in that series. And the way they lost that series being the real shocker. Miami was up 2-1 and maybe should’ve been 3-0. Then Lebrons brain just broke.

  10. The Heat would’ve easily beaten the Mavs with any version of LeBron 2012 and later. Wade was still dominant and Bosh was really good for a third option. They had enough even with a horrible 4-15. LeBron was just ass

  11. How was it not crazy. Heat smashed dalls game 1. They smashed them g1 until the final 5 min. 15 pt lead blown in 5 min is the goat finals collapse ever. Lebron avging 2 ppg in 2nd halves and mavs still only won games 4 and 5 in the fi al 30 seconds. Heat should've swept

  12. I agree they’re offense was Wade drives to the hole or passes and then it was lebron’s turn. No one knew who should be doing what and everyone wanted to make the best play which resulted in their offense going cold.

  13. Chemistry will always win in the finals and IIRC, Wade and James were still doing that back and forth "I'm the unselfish one" overpassing. Come year 2, they were humbled and done with expectations of winning it off combined 75+point games.

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