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  1. I got courtside seats for free because a friend of mine works with some vendors. Otherwise I would never be able to get courtside tickets.

  2. This is the only good point made so far, this one is true. It's very possible someone saved up for a year or two for those tickets but I'd have to imagine that's a very small percentage of the people sitting there.

  3. I'm sure this isn't true of every arena, but I think I read that to get floor seats at MSG for Knicks game, you have to be a celebrity or some sort of well known/influential person. A "regular" person literally isn't allowed to get floor seats.

  4. Yeah I'm with you, it's a little annoying, I always thought it would be so easy to ask an arena/team member to just go find an upper fan to take the sneakers, but the players want the cameras to catch them giving the shoes to somebody.

  5. Yeah I jus made a comment where it makes sense for the player. They know they just won and the cameras following them and it doesn't matter who the fan is if they're wearing their teams jersey it looks good on camera. Also the players usually don't go out of their way at all and find someone on the way to the tunnel, and they're gonna take their shoes and jersey off in there anyways.

  6. I think there's other things to get concerned about before the players doing this. Society always caters to the rich and gives them free stuff alllll the time. Even within the NBA, I think you should first be upset with the teams and Owners who LITERALLY GIVE AWAY the court side and lower bowl seats to Rich people, who usually aren't invested in the game or team and are there for status. Sometimes the richies don't even show up (looking at you Houston Lower Bowl).

  7. Because I don't come from a rich family, we weren't poor for sure but my dad couldn't afford to take me to a lot of games & when he could, it was never anything like courtside. In my eyes, it's the culture of keeping that shit at the top rather than the people who aren't capable of being part of that. Like LeBron talking about his community & shit but giving all his signed game wore stuff to the kid whos dad's networth is 1m+ & doesn't need free stuff. I just in general hate the rich giving to the rich rather than the struggling & that goes for outside of sports.

  8. I think the players just want to make a kid happy and regardless of class any kid would be ecstatic getting something directly from a player, it’s kinda something money can’t buy. Even being courtside, there’s no guarantee

  9. Whenever I see some punky teenager sitting court side I’ll mutter to myself “fuck that kid” but at the same time if I had the opportunity to sit courtside I’d jump at it so idk, we’re living in a society and shit

  10. I could be wrong, but if you got tickets in the upper bowl, once the game is over, it is pretty easy to push your way pretty close to the court. Just gotta be a little bold about the whole thing. Could there even be a chance that some of those kids are close to the court because they might not be that privileged. A lot of those seats are owned by big ass companies and charities. Also makes for great public relations to see player/young fan interactions. Some of that stuff can be a tad staged, not to say it isn’t sincere.

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