Pay-it-forward Friday #480!

  1. I love to send and receive physical mail (except the bills, of course)!!! I send birthday cards, holiday cards, and sometimes just general hope you're having a great day cards.

  2. Hello everyone, happy friday ♡ I love getting physical mail for special occasions, I keep all of the sentimental ones with me through the years! I prefer email for everyday communication though.

  3. I don’t do it often, but sometimes I will get a handwritten note from a friend and I have the best time writing one back! My favorite part is the packaging!

  4. Happy Friday everyone! I love receiving physical mail but it doesn’t happen often! Lately I’ve been trying to send more postcards when I’m on holiday but it’s definitely something I could get better at - Christmas cards too.

  5. I hate it tbh. It's either spam or bills. If you mean getting from friends... still definitely email if it's anything important, lol. I do like postcards though!

  6. I had a friend i used to exchange terrible birthday cards with, it was kind of a sport to see who could find the worst/cringiest card. Kind of miss doing that. Alas, friendships end sometimes.

  7. I loove getting mail! I used to have a penpal when I was a kid and there was something special about receiving that letter and holding it in my hand that I feel like email can't replicate.

  8. I absolutely love getting physical cards and such for the holidays or special events, I always put them on display. Regarding governmental mail (taxes etc.) I prefer email, that way I can easily find them back in my inbox!

  9. I feel like most people have gone off mail due to the accessibility of digital messaging and the fact that we get so much junk mail in comparison nowadays. But I do like receiving physical mail.

  10. I don’t get or receive mail other than bills. Except once every couple years, a boy I knew in middle school sends me a postcard from wherever he is in the world. He came to visit his cousins for a few months and went to my school. we were quickly best friends. When he went home across the country, I was devastated. Now he learns a new language, gets a work visa, and moves somewhere to live and explore until his visa runs out. Such an amazing free spirit.

  11. I'm not really into physical mail. The only physical mail I get is junk and bills, so it's not particularly enjoyable opening my mailbox lol

  12. Prompt: I love receiving packages in the mail, no matter what's in them, so I always try to have things in the mail. It's cheaper than therapy and keeps me happy!

  13. I love receiving mail! There's something so nostalgic about it. I've been on disability since I had my hips replaced in 2017. I was only 25 and as I'm sure you can imagine, it can get really depressing. I also can't drive yet, so I rely on my husband to take me everywhere. Sometimes sending and receiving mail is just what I need to give my days a little excitement! 😁 Except for when it's bills, of course. LOL Okay, sorry for the novel!

  14. Honestly, I feel bad about this, but physical cards are wasted on me! I just get overwhelmed by the clutter and feel guilty throwing them away so they go in a pile, lol.

  15. YES! I love sending and receiving physical mail. In fact, I have to send out some items today along with early Christmas presents to family out of town. It's always fun to open up stuff. A few years ago, a family member shipped me a huge package of their homemade breads and a brand of cheese I couldn't find. He sent 20 pkgs of that cheese. It was amazing, lol.

  16. I look forward to checking the mail every day! Unfortunately, it's usually ads or mail from previous tenants, but when I get an actual letter? Immediate dopamine!

  17. Oh my gosh, I LOVE getting mail but it doesn't happen too often. My wife and I started sending out a New Year's card a couple years ago when we moved across the country and we've kept doing it since, which is really fun.

  18. I get so excited to see mail for me! It's really rare and even more rare for it to be something other than a bill or junk LOL.

  19. I rarely get personal mail these days, even wedding invitations are online now. Kind of the end of an era. I love sending mail though.

  20. I love sending mail to friends. Our gen never relied on physical mail so it feels so novel to send and receive it!

  21. I’m in the process of sending out our very first family Christmas cards! 😁 I have a five month old now and myself and my husband took her for photos with Santa. She had a blast. 😊

  22. i absolutely love sending mail, especially goodie boxes ! i live far from my family and friends, so we like to keep in touch by sending physical things :)

  23. I LOVE sending mail!!! I also love waiting for things to come :D Gifting: WL items, shop visits Seeking: shop visits (

  24. It’s been a long time since I sent any actual mail or received anything that wasn’t junk or bills lol , I don’t miss it to be honest as I was never good at keeping on top of things that way ….

  25. Yes! Prior to getting my full time job I was a snail mail fanatic! Lots of sticker exchanges, pen pals, etc. Now it's slower for me as I work a lot haha.

  26. I love hand making letters and cards and sending small packages with stickers, stationary, and personalized details. I like to receive intentional physical mail, like letters or packages, but most physical mail I get is trash like advertisements.

  27. I would only enjoy getting physical mail if it were something substantial and heartfelt from a loved one. We work with print/mail at my job and it's just the most useless, wasteful, expensive thing that people keep trying to justify.

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