Workers at all of Kellogg's U.S. cereal plants go on strike

  1. There’s several strikes happening right now. Hollywood workers including about 30 different unions (60k workers) might strike soon if compensation is not increased.

  2. Not unless more unions show up. Shit, Amazon still isn't unionized. Many smaller companies that outsource their HR are in the same boat, with their workers being unable to organize or even have a place to vent their frustrations.

  3. Hopefully one day the working class will recognize its numbers and rise up over it all, instead of being godfather-puppet-stringed by a literal handful of pasty fat white pricks.

  4. I hope so. Retail workers need to rise up and strike collectively. They run the economy but can't get organized.

  5. Yes we are. The pandemic created the break for people's minds to clear and the upcoming generations will hopefully see that constant work is a stupid as fuck way to live. It's not about being lazy but having a balance. There will be people on the bandwagon because they are lazy.

  6. Oh hell yeah. These are just the first few dominoes to fall. Millennials and Gen Z has grown up during decades of war, poverty and disgusting wealth inequality. We’ve seen people we know die from easily treatable illnesses. We haven’t seen the minimum wage go up in forever. Cost of living has skyrocketed. Corporations treat people as disposable. And we’ve seen the power that a group of people can have if they use it well. We’ve seen degrees devalue.

  7. I mean the healthcare industry is definitely leaning that way. People have been pushed to the brink and beyond for 1.5 years now.

  8. This sounds like Frito Lay… (my friend, his brother, and dad all have worked for them, and sounds similar to what you described, but it could be corp.)

  9. Non-cereal products Kelloggs owns: Bear Naked Inc., Cheez-it, Eggo, Fruit Winders, Kashi, Krave, Morningstar Farms, Club Crackers, Nutrigrain, Pop-Tarts, Pringles, Rxbar, Sunshine Buiscuts, Town House, Zesta Crackers, Carr's, Rice Krispies Treats, Joybol, All-bran, Austin Sandwich Cookies, Gardenburger, Toasteds Crackers, Special K

  10. Damn, I fuckin' love cheez-its and club crackers, but I'm willing to take a hit. At least goldfish aren't Kelloggs.

  11. There an app where you can hold up your phone in the store and see what's good to boycott or buy this week?


  13. Just want to kind of say besides boycotting as much as possible; write to the producers and let them know you are keeping tabs on what is happening. Management needs to know that consumers are looking to act and the scope of the strike could grow on them if they want to play the time game.

  14. Yup. That statement was incredibly disingenuous. I don’t give a fuck what the average is. I wanna see the median. Or if you’re going to give me the average, at least let me know what the standard deviation is so I can know how hard you’re spinning this.

  15. The US has one of the highest average income in the world, it also has one of the highest GINI coefficient (measure of inequality)

  16. When I read that I immediately thought "how far off is that average from the median? Because median removes outliers like 350:1 ceo to worker pay (ceo is an employee after all) and gives a clearer picture overall what earnings for line employees is like.

  17. Yep. Same goes for income in general, especially when it comes to statewide or national data because these are more commonly discussed. Median income is the best measure for the “average” person.

  18. They went with the highest grossing. Many don't make that much. Those who did, it was through mandatory overtime. I know the Lancaster plant is can be forced to work 16 hour days. This is the most vile greed pull to the top.

  19. Not just the CEO! The entire C suite, and a lot of management for groups like marketing, sales, etc... Probably make over that for a a company that large.

  20. About 15 years ago, someone told me the Kellogg’s employees at the factory in Memphis were making $150K. I didn’t believe it; how could they make that much making Corn Flakes. Then it was explained how many overtime they were allowed to work and how the factory didn’t hire new employees, they just let the current workers work so many hours. Folks were voluntarily working seven days a week for so many hours.

  21. AND benefits... which includes paid vacation, health care, and company sponsored programs like legal aid, "training", and wellness plans...

  22. If they're making an average of $120k/year working 84-hour workweeks, that comes out to what, $45k/year base without all the overtime? That doesn't suck but it's not a particularly high hourly wage for skilled workers.

  23. My dad worked nights at Kellogg's for 25 years. He worked 7 days a week, sometimes doing 16 hour shifts on the weekend. That job sucked the life out of him. He had great benefits, a pension, and a million in retirement, but at what cost?

  24. Classic way for them to spread disinformation. People will latch onto that story because most Americans A) can't grasp statistics or critical analysis, and B) have a crabs-in-a-bucket mentality where they enjoy taking others down a peg to their level.

  25. My cousin works at a Kellogg plant on the packing line and earns $65k a year plus full benefits and works three 12 hour shifts a week

  26. yeah 15k per worker and then one boss makes 60 raising the average for everybody, the CEOs wages bring that average wage even higher.

  27. I worked 6 days 12 hour shifts for exactly $120k and quit that shit when they reprimanded me for not working on my contracted day off to correct THEIR mistake. Nah. I'd rather be poor with free time. Ramen ain't bad.

  28. I think it's the r in great that's extended not in they're. Might be wrong tho and honestly probably doesn't matter either way.

  29. The original voice of Tony the Tiger was famous bass Thurl Ravenscroft. You can also hear him in the original recording of "You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch" in the animated "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". He also voice-acted or sang in many classic animated movies, quite the talent.

  30. And Kellog's is its own company, so it's not even a Nestle owns fucking everything situations. Standing with workers is trivially easy in this situation.

  31. Yeah! Wait ... When was the last time I bought anything Kellogg's?... Whatever, They aren't getting anything from me now!

  32. Because they're pandering to a selfish viewing audience. Think of the average demographic that would engage with a story like this.

  33. Actually, its a simple strategy to get viewers to understand how they are impacted. The simple reality is most people don't care about other people until the impact is clearly connected to them.

  34. Americans aren't used to having shortages of anything, but since the pandemic they've become a recurring feature of daily life. One doesn't have to be anti-worker to be frustrated by that.

  35. I agree with you. But to add as an anecdote and I have no one else to tell except for random internet strangers: my local grocery store has signs in like 3 different places saying “Frosted Flakes” should have been stacked there but there weren’t any in the store. Each spot just had another Kellogg’s cereal there instead. Now I’m wondering if this is all related.

  36. I would’ve hoped this pandemic, Brexit, and all its related shortages would have weaned people off reliance on garbage food to some degree, but alas, people must have their Frosted Flakes and McDonald’s.

  37. Ten years ago I worked for Kelloggs. During orientation they made us watch a propaganda movie about unions. The movie had a union representative who was dressed in an overcoat and a fedora and was always hiding in the shadows. The union took money from the workers and offered them nothing in return. The workers even got fired for talking to him.

  38. Funny how everyone cries for higher wages but when workers go on strike to get those higher wages they are now the enemy.

  39. Ive noticed people simultaneously want higher wages but are also envious/resentful of others having higher wages. Theres a real "if I dont have it neither should you" sentiment in some people.

  40. They want higher (American) wages but cheap readily accessible goods. Strikes screw with goods, because of course they do, and if successful its not uncommon for price shifts as well.

  41. I’m going to make $130k this year as a Kellogg’s plant worker. It’s forced overtime. I’d be happy as a clam working 40 hrs, however I’m working 84 for the foreseeable future. We have to beg for days off or call in sick.

  42. Kelloggs saw their poptart sales soar above 30% more during the pandemic over the previous year. They NETTED 1 billion dollars in profit. So, the people sitting in air conditioning, who worked from home, decided that they need to give that profit to the shareholders and themselves via stocks. CEO is paid a good amount in stock shares, like most CEOs. It's a tax dodge for them.

  43. Sorry, this was my fault. I went out and bought 5 boxes of poptarts in anticipation of not being able to leave the house for a month because of COVID.

  44. I was on my way to work today (2:30pm central) and I drive by a Kelloggs plant and saw this strike. Didn't know it was this big!

  45. God that is music to my ears. It’s been to long since Americans stopped blaming their fellow working man for their troubles banded together and taught these rich pricks who actually makes them their money. Hopefully it doesn’t result in use of military force this time but god damn was this long over due.

  46. “The union and the Battle Creek-based company have been at an impasse at the bargaining table for more than a year” - yet people will still try and blame Biden.

  47. I doubt Kellogg is out here reading Reddit comments, but if they start manufacturing their cereal out of the country I will never buy it ever again. Not only are they only doing it to be bitches, but all that extra travel is bad for the environment. Plus, like the article says, manufacturing food outside of the range of governing food safety agencies sounds like a terrible idea.

  48. He was also an advocate for male infant genital mutilation, and a quote from the wiki “applying carbolic acid to a young woman's clitoris” so female genital mutilation too.

  49. I'm a Post man, only for the Grape Nuts and Bran Flakes though. I usually keep a box of one on hand on the off chance I want a bowl of cereal.

  50. Remember when the media and the company itself tries to use this strike to raise the cost of cereal or claim shortages, that’s a tactic to get the population angry at the workers for striking not the company for being bad. We need worker solidarity as these things happen

  51. Lets see revenue for 2020 $13,770,000,000 ,profit $4.727,000,000, number of reported employees 31,000. ~$444,193.54 in revenue per employee and ~$152,483.87 in profit per employee. That's just enough to pay their executives their combined $4,390,240 salaries and $23,823,298 in other compensation.

  52. There's never been a better time to learn about the history of the labor movement and the shit they went through in our country!

  53. If Kellogg's hires alternate staff or moves production to Mexico, they won't have my business anymore. Any company willing to let go their entire staff is very likely in the wrong.

  54. If Kelloggs cut the sheer amount of sugar they put in all of their foods by half, they could afford to pay all of these workers a good wage and hire more of them. They have to spend billions on sugar every year.

  55. I had to go this far down to find this comment. When I found that out and the rest of the history that goes along with it I was awestruck. The dollop is a great podcast.

  56. I've already been on a cereal strike. Most cold cereal is very unhealthy and loaded with carbs, even the "healthy" cereals.

  57. Class warfare is going to become more and more visible as ecological and economic crises deepen over the next decades.

  58. Jesus H Christ! What is this world coming to? It's as if we can't treat people like slaves and make disgustingly large profits anymore. This has been our way since the dawn of time, it's my right to treat people like shit. And now these snowflake idiots are complaining. They should be glad my crumbs "trickle down".

  59. I have a work meeting with Kellogg’s sometime this week. I don’t say much other than hello at the beginning of the meeting. Normally I sit in the background and listen to the big players chat and supply and sales. Wondering if this topic will come up.

  60. Kelloggs workers hired after 2016 make almost half as much as those there longer, with no set pay raise schedule. The high paid workers are not asking for more money. They want equality for the the newer workers and a path to higher wages for them. When a company makes record profits, this is a reasonable ask.

  61. I realize it’s jobs, but seriously, it’s basically wheat ostensible corn trash turned into a mush that gets dried out and covered in sugar high fructose corn syrup with “vitamins and minerals”.

  62. i cut out the wheat and just started buying bags of sugar for breakfast. saved a ton of $$$, way clearer blood-sugar spikes & drops, and didn't have that wheat after-taste either.

  63. It's not even sugar anymore, it's high-fructose corn syrup, which is immediately distinguishable as a cloying, sickly sweetness that lacks that distinct sharp note of sugar. It's really a shame as I grew up on all that sugared cereal in the 1980s. I've tried to buy some of my favorites as an adult but I haven't liked any of it much as they reformulated all the recipes with HFCS. It's probably for the better, as I don't need the diabetes.

  64. Fuck yes general strike now please it's the only thing that will create the political will to fix this shitty country.

  65. That's the dirty little secret of globalization, they hate American unions. That is why American jobs of the past are all done in China by slave labor. Guess what? China already owns all the food animal processing companies on american soil and most of the supply chain. Corporate capitalism shouldn't trump our food security.

  66. Move to Las Vegas, you can still get away with only paying people $9/hr, 25 hours a week, no benefits.

  67. Good, I hope they win out. Must be nice having a union that didn't neuter itself with a no strike clause. Lookin at you Teamsters 11

  68. Places are starting to get super desperate to keep people. The company I work for gave me a substantial raise after only seeing my work ethic for 2 weeks

  69. On behalf myself and on all these good people here, born around on 1980 or coming close to. We are merely poor peasant with nothing to show for all the education and work we acquired !

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