B.C. woman awakes to a hole in her roof and a space rock on her pillow

  1. On average people tend to get 750-1000 dollars per gram for space rocks. Density and material will absolutely determine the price. It’s plausible that a space rock could contain elements we have not discovered yet/can not be found on earth at all and this that would make the rock “priceless”. There’s a huge market of billionaire collectors who will pay out the ass to have these rocks in good condition. Selling to a research center/university will typically return lower return but faster transactions as it’s easier to find a buyer with research groups than collectors.

  2. She’s sooooo lucky. If she hadn’t woken up when she did it would have hatched and crawled in her ear.

  3. Don't be so hard on them, interplanetary sniping is some difficult shit. In space gravity doesn't pull your projectile in a single direction.

  4. Maybe she rolled over a second before it hit. Or maybe they were aiming for the pillow, like a warning shot. I'm gonna give them the benefit of the doubt here.

  5. The sniper missed her head by a few inches at a distance of over 100,000km. I'd say that's some pretty exceptional aim

  6. This drunk pixie came bursting through my roof babbling about dental procedures taking away business from something, then threw a rock at me which landed on my pillow, then they flew off. It was fucking weird man.

  7. Imagine, a piece of space rock from who knows where, probably a part of a larger mass, broken off and shot into space for millions or maybe billions of years, finding its way to earth after a cosmic journey, burning up in the atmosphere but keeping just enough of itself to still be a rock, and then-

  8. She got so drunk she took a goddamn meteorite home from the bar. Then she wakes up, looks over, and the meteorite is staring at her as he says, “did I rock your world last night?”

  9. Well, let's just put that with gamma ray bursts on my list of "space-related reasons to not sleep soundly."

  10. Well 1 gram of meteorite ranges from $.50 to $1000 so she may not even need to go to the gas station! Hand delivered by a space god out there somewhere. Hopefully the Little Rock shit will be able to pay off the hole it made in her roof 😂

  11. I would. What are the odds that a meteorite crashes through your roof? Even less so that it will happen twice. I'd run outside, flip off the stars and yell "you missed!"

  12. They will likely try to file it under the "act of God" exception. It is sadly a common excuse to not pay claims after rare natural events.

  13. Site and my browser don't seem to get along, but am I supposed to believe it was able to cut through the atmosphere, burst through the roof, only to be stopped by her pillow?

  14. A small meteor will slow down significantly upon entering the atmosphere due to atmospheric drag. It might go from tens of thousands of miles per hour in space to its terminal velocity of maybe a few hundred miles per hour before it hits the ground. So this would have hit the roof at a lower velocity than a bullet and shed even more of that speed cutting through it before hitting the pillow.

  15. You mean hit multiple surfaces that slowed it to the point it didn't crash through the bed... yeah, I guess. The universe is a strange place.

  16. I'm pretty sure when meteors are lit up in the atmosphere it's due to extreme heat. Lucky she's got some cooling sheets on her bed that quickly dissipated all that heat.

  17. This doesn’t seem to pass the sniff test. A rock big enough to not burn up in the atmosphere as it fell from space was slowed enough by her tin roof so as to land on her pillow? I’m not understanding how there’s not a crater where her house used to be

  18. Well now she can sleep safe in knowing the chances of another meteor falling in that exact same location is pretty close to zero. Can’t say that for the rest of us.

  19. Insurance company: So technically you're insured for natural disasters and minor environmental damage but meteorites aren't actually covered under your policy.

  20. Anything that isn't man-made or human caused and isn't a frequent occurrence tends to fall under "act of God" or "force Majeure" exclusions. Insurance is likely to pay nothing or very little.

  21. after losing energy by air resistance it punched through multiple layers from the roof and did not have enough energy left after the final layer(ceiling) to penetrate anything else once it reached the bed, when it landed there the soft bed material absorbed and dissipated the remainder of the impact energy and it simply landed there.

  22. Any meteorite that hits a man made object is instantly worth more then a normal meteorite. Even her roof is now worth money as a collectors item.

  23. I take it a meteor cools down significantly after entering earth's atmosphere, as there's not a scorch mark to be seen on the lady's bed sheets or pillow.

  24. Details in the article are quite sparse but I'd think the chance of a projectile having exactly enough force to penetrate a roof but not a pillow directly underneath it is significantly more unlikely than any particular house being stuck by a meteorite in the first place.

  25. Aren’t some of these meteors radioactive? Shouldn’t she be getting checked out or am I reading too many comic books

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