Woman in new lawsuit accuses Bill Cosby of rape in hotel room in 1990 | US news

  1. As we know from the good man Norm McDonald “"(people say )I think the worst part of the Cosby thing was the hypocrisy." And I disagree. I thought it was the raping. It's my feeling most rapists are hypocrites.”

  2. Why is this mfer still in this country? If I were rkelly or Bill Cosby I would've pulled a Charlie Chaplin and gtfo the moment I got away with this shit the first time

  3. It's the arrogance of believing that you did absolutely nothing wrong and are innocent of all charges. It's disgusting and vile.

  4. In Bill Cosby's case absolutely yes, but is there truly no way for a rapist to repent and redeem themselves?

  5. In that case, takw all of them and line them up against a wall. After all, if they can't be rehabilitated then why waste time with prison, given that that's what prison is for.

  6. To be fair, no one told the poor guy what he was doing was wrong. Imagine how many commencement speeches he gave and awards he won in the 90s. Plus, those damn kids never pulled up their pants, so the generations after his kind of owe him something, no?

  7. This is interesting in that without prosecutors violating his fifth amendment rights she really wouldn’t have a case. She’s probably looking for a payout and the statute of limitations ends soon. Any jury would be too bias by the previous trials. The man is nearly too demented to pass a cognitive exam.

  8. Because the women who do such things get death threats and have their lives destroyed in the most honest essence. This is ESPECIALLY true if the abuser is famous like Bill Cosby. See what happened to Kavanaugh's victim for more info.

  9. Mate, serial killers don’t claim double jeopardy because the commit the same type of crime multiple times. You can’t get charged for the same specific crime more than once.

  10. Considering justice will probably never be done I’m really surprised nobody has taken revenge on him. If that was my kid who was raped I’d be going to jail for a long time and there would be no more Bill.

  11. Most of these women are now in their 50s and 60s. Even if their fathers are still alive, they’re too old to be badass like you.

  12. So you'd spend the next few decades in prison abandoning your troubled young daughter who would need a strong male role model in her life more than anyone else?

  13. So where was this woman 5+ years ago when all the other lawsuits were going on? Did she forget and suddenly remember or is she just looking for her 5 minutes if fame now that his whole drama has finally started to settle.

  14. At this point who hasn’t been raped by Bill Cosby in a hotel room? He needs to find something else to do with his time.

  15. Even though he's got 400 million, with all the lawsuits he's going through, he'll be broke before getting another bill just like OJ Simpson still a little short to pay off the rest of his debt.

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