Belarus-Poland border: Putin warns Belarus over gas threat to EU

  1. Yes. But a dangerous one because he is stupid and may unintentionally start a major incident. I rather prefer Putin. Not because he is a good man, but because he is a rational actor. People like lukashenko and trump are more dangerous to global stability because they react, they don't plan.

  2. If Belarus cuts the pipeline off both Europe and Russia have to come begging to Belarus to turn back it on. Putin won’t stand for that.

  3. Just a quick add to your post ... "no nukes, limited distance strike capabilities". Sorry to tell you, any use of nukes and it is a game over. Without a respawn. Whoever uses them.

  4. Blinken was just in talks with Polish govmnt. Earlier today France and others called Poland. If Belarus starts shooting, they will get massacred without Russia.

  5. I also feel bad for anyone in belarus not complicit in the current regime. It's clearly not operating remotely near the citizens interests.

  6. Europe should mass deploy evacuated tube solar thermal systems for hot water and winter floor heating. Those things work on cloudy days and they are highly efficient.

  7. Putin pointing out that it's not Lukashenko who decides what is or isn't done with Russia's gas.

  8. The EU could just yank the gas line, suck it up in the short term, and develop self-reliant alternatives. Russia is not an honest partner. They will use their energy supply as leverage for whatever they can get. And perhaps the EU should just recognize that gas isn't worth the trouble.

  9. I have family who live about a couple of hours away from the border in Poland. They've noticed a huge surge of troops in the area and they're really worried about what might come of this.

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