A Texas hospital suspends a doctor's privileges for spreading 'misinformation' about Covid-19

  1. Up next, Governor Abbot will be making an executive order prohibiting hospitals from firing doctors who promote right wing friendly alternate facts about the Covid virus and Covid vaccines.

  2. I'm legitimately surprised that some state hasn't made a mandate stating that any doctor willing to give out the vaccine will be fired on the spot.

  3. This major news. Remember, that Dr. Duntsch like maimed five people on the operating table and Texas still didn't suspend his license.

  4. Houston Methodist doesn't fuck around with these plague rats. Look at all of them they cut loose from the Baytown location for not being vaccinated.

  5. I live in Texas and have been collecting Dr names that are doing this type of stuff. Still not sure where to send it because the medical board of Texas doesn't seem to give much of a fuck.

  6. Houston Methodist has been very proactive about putting safety first during the pandemic. They were one of the first hospitals in the country to implement a vaccine mandate back at the beginning of the year. Held their ground in face of lawsuits and have been aggressive about firing employees who refuse vaccines or spread misinformation.

  7. We'll see, if the governor gives this suspended doctor a high ranking medical position, we know it is infact Texas.

  8. Good. She was an ear, nose, and throat specialist poisoning patients with ivermectin and posting antivax shit. "I'm not anti-vax I'm anti mandate!" is almost always a lie.

  9. And only this specific vaccine. Has nothing to do with one party making it political. These are the free thinkers, poisoned by agitprop and so sure that the world is as they were told. All scientists and doctors on the planet are in on a vast conspiracy with every government on the planet.

  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if this doctor never works in a hospital or clinic ever again, unless it’s their own private practice. Companies don’t like being sued due to malpractice of their employees, and her name will come up on google forever.

  11. Seems to me there should be some criminal penalty. People can get sick and die if they listen to these idiot doctors.

  12. The only tweet cited shows the doctor apparently recommending the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin as last resort medication for when they are already in the ICU. The article and headline makes it sound worse than it is. There are studies, but because it isn't approved by the FDA, it acts like it's misinformation:

  13. There have been extensive studies that have shown it's useless. Doctors can't just ignore massive bodies of evidence and all expert guidelines because a single small paper with numerous flaws says what they want to hear.

  14. The big follow up studies were done and showed no benefit from ivermectin, that's why it's misinformation.

  15. She treated them with monoclonal antibodies specifically, which has some positive science behind it. But it’s insane that people are for lab created antibodies yet fear a vaccine that utilizes the body’s own immune system to create antibodies. It’s wildly strange to me when you find people that are anti-vax and yet have no problem with infinitely more foreign medication.

  16. Sounds like you have a lot of quacks. The CDC has previously said that unvaccinated individuals who had Covid were than twice as likely to be reinfected than those who got the vaccine.

  17. Names of the Doctors in your area saying this. We can wait. Edit: Could you suggest one of them do an AMA? I'm sure we'd have lots of questions. Or is this when you admit these are Facebook stories from your anti-vaxx cousin?

  18. Can we please flag intentional misinformation about vaccines/viruses as terrorism? When you are willing to let people endanger themselves and their loved ones because of malicious practitioners of the truth, those people NEED to be punished.

  19. Why not talk about Hospitals in Texas that aren’t? My Grandma’s doctor tried to prescribe her ivermectin after she got a positive test a few months ago when ivermectin was still cool on the right, I guess.

  20. That's not really true especially for Houston Methodist. She is from an independent group that's why it says she had her privileges suspended and doesn't say she was fired. Source: I work there. We employ very very few doctors. They are practically all independent.

  21. Which is not at all what this doctor was doing. Stop clutching the pearls so hard. There is a metric ton of questions being answered and worked on, all the time. This doctor was spreading false information.

  22. The ivermectin some people are using is indeed the horse paste and for a doctor to prescribe the human version it should be for a parasitic infection and not on the basis of a single study in India with 60 patients that ALSO used monoclonal antibodies and found a 2 day improvement alongside additional therapeutic medications.

  23. A physician friend of ours said there was an ER doc at his hospital who was both antivax and pro-ivermectin and was prescribing it to people who asked. He was also unvaccinated despite a vaccine mandate because—-for whatever reason, the hospital didn’t require it for their contractors??

  24. I don’t understand how promoting ivermectin is dangerous? She even said she’s not anti vax just wants people to have a choice. Don’t see a problem here

  25. It's not "your body your choice" when you decide how much alcohol to put in it before getting behind the wheel, and if you want to be around others in public, this shouldn't be either, even if, like sober drivers, much less frequently, vaccinated people cause issues too.

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