Steve Bannon surrenders to FBI on contempt of Congress charges

  1. I hope they delve into the Mercer funded Cambridge Analytica/Facebook Data angle that Bannon was up to his neck in.

  2. For those who are unaware what the op is referring to - there are a couple videos on youtube telling the story of how elections can be swayed harvesting voter information from social media using targeted ads. They were made by Channel 4 news:

  3. Would enjoy an overall investigation into Mercer and Renaissance in general. When it sounds too good to be true it typically is.

  4. Didn’t they already expose everything though? I feel like it was ‘here’s this crazy thing this guy did and it 100% swayed the election. It wasn’t in the US though so…as usual with rich people crimes…there’s no way to prosecute’

  5. As a Brit who is interested in their fuckery around Brexit, if you yanks could dig around some of that it would be much appreciated.

  6. You could dump every bit of data pertaining to all of those issues and more, out in the open, for everyone to see, and nothing would happen. It's too complicated. It isn't a neat enough narrative, so people just choose another one they like better. It's like when "papers" get published showing financial crimes -- nothing happens.

  7. X-mas is not real, rich peoples connections don't get properly investigated and the american dream is dead.

  8. I read a really short Michael Lewis book about him and according to that he doesn’t drink but he’s happy to have people think he does.

  9. And when he testifies, please have justice department representatives there, when he doesn’t comply with questions, arrest him on the spot.

  10. These people are geniuses ! not as smart as Trump with the best words! and IQ of probably highest ever!. They are playing 5D chess, they are so far ahead that nobody would believe ever!

  11. They are changing state voting laws so they can't lose, if something isn't done soon we are going to witness the end of democracy in 2024

  12. Just imagine the dangerous precedent it would set if Presidents were held accountable for the things they and their aides say behind closed doors!

  13. To be fair, EVERY terrorist, rebel, freedom fighter, dictator, and strongman portrays themselves as doing the right thing. Nobody claims to be on the wrong side of history.

  14. The convenient thing is that everyone can have their own definition of what "justice" means and they can therefore rationalize literally anything as standing up for justice.

  15. I think a lot of people underestimate Jones, he’s got pretty close ties to Steve bannon. I don’t think they are competent enough to dissolve a nation, but I think they are dangerous enough to cause lasting damage. Look at the whirl wind of shit bannon contributed too. He’s even been quoted on record saying he’s deliberately trying to destabilize shit by targeting angry white dudes.

  16. Using Conservatives own logic: If he doesn't have anything to hide then he should have testified. 🤷‍♂️

  17. He will not spend a single night in jail and will not answer a single question of the committee. This will only result in more fundraising for the party.

  18. Ron White looks like (or is) a 65 year alcoholic and yet this still seems like an insult to him. Bannon is just that horrible looking.

  19. I always thought the same thing. He’s doing a New Year’s Eve show at one of the local casinos in town and his picture usually flashes when I drive by. So I think about that every time I see it.

  20. C'mon. Ron White doesn't look like he hangs around the dumpster at Jiffy Lube so he can suck the leftover oil out of the filters.

  21. I listen to a podcast that likes to use the Blue Collar Comedy tour as a punch line every once in a while, but I’ll be damned if Ron White doesn’t make me crack up.

  22. Awesome. Now let's watch as every news outlet repeats another "Joe Biden has a popularity poll problem" headline, so we don't have to talk about the tiniest shred of justice.

  23. You mean like Newsweek publishing that Trump beats Biden in a straw pole in Iowa by double digits? For fraks sake it is three years until the election are we going to have to hear about how Trump seems to beat Biden for the next three years only to watch him get his but whooped in the actual election?

  24. He will probably aim for the absolute lowest bar of testimony that will get him out of jail. It will probably be 90% "I dont recall". He probably won't submit any docs they dont already have a way of accessing.

  25. He can show up and refuse to talk, it's well within his right to do so. In all likelihood though he'll obfuscate then when given the opportunity talk but not say anything.

  26. He will continue to stall, and litigate, until Trump dies and Congress will just shrug it's shoulders and go "Well, what do you do?" and goes on with Business

  27. They don't even need to wait that long, when Republicans take the House next year the committee will be immediately disbanded.

  28. Even when Trump dies his people will scream Fake News! and say he’s still alive. This will go on for the next 100 years.

  29. It's a start, and even though this jackass will likely fundraise off this, eventually one of these morons will get scared about jail ( Hint - Meadows)

  30. Time for there to start being real consequences for these traitors, or we're doomed to have more going forward. Set an example.

  31. Cue the party of law and order to start screeching about how this is politically motivated and he’s being arrested for his political beliefs… fits nicely into their narrative of constantly being victimized by the evil democrats. Steve Bannon willfully ignored a subpoena by the United States Congress. That is a

  32. Those people who are OK with a cop charging someone for resisting arrest when the original arrest was under false pretenses, will be angry about a guy refusing to comply with totally legal Congressional subpoenas.

  33. I don't get why you would even try to dodge a deposition. Just go to it and say "I don't recall." Ad nauseum.

  34. This man is part of a systematic and so far successful movement, to make the United States government authoritarian ruled by a Republican despot. The Democrats and Liz Cheney Republicans need to enforce the law to the maximum against him and his authoritarian accomplices. Arrest Mark Meadows for failing to respond to a subpoena. If people don’t have to comply with subpoenas, we don’t have laws and we don’t need lawyers, judges or courts.

  35. One commentator was saying over the weekend that one of the risks the committee faces by subpoenaing so many people from Trump world is that it could give them a forum to push their election lies. Like, if most of the testimony is people repeating the mantra that the election was stolen from Trump, are these hearings accomplishing what they intend to?

  36. He'll be pardoned by the next GOP president. Trump already established that pardoning your political allies won't even nudge your approval rating among your base. The next republican POTUS will pardon him just because.

  37. all the democrats are excited but meanwhile the NYT's front page has an article today about how the RNC's efforts to gerrymander will likely pay off with the House in 2022. The DNC needs to be much more proactive about the coming elections, like the RNC got to work in 2010 with these aggressive gerrymandering efforts. edit, gonna win the battle and lose the war.

  38. Does it drive anyone else crazy that every time there’s the tiniest bit of justice it’s described as “setting off/setting up a battle”? Like, can we just pretend for once that the law enforcement agency and the criminal aren’t equally matched, with the same amount of moral weight on each side?

  39. "His attorney has claimed in repeated letters to the committee that Bannon's communications with Trump were privileged."

  40. "We're taking down the Biden regime," Bannon said, while not directly addressing the contempt of Congress charges against him.

  41. “In November 2020, Bannon's Twitter account was permanently suspended after he suggested that top government infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray should be beheaded.”

  42. This is usually where someone makes the "don't drop the soap" joke, but let's face it, soap and Steve Bannon parted ways long ago.

  43. He will run out the clock in court and get pardoned when Republicans come back into office in 2024. Democrats need to move faster.

  44. I gotta be honest, I'm genuinely shocked he's actually been arrested. I just assumed he was gonna fuck off to some other country and hide/direct election interference efforts for 2024.

  45. Just remember this, Roger Stone got away scot free. Little to no punishment is expected of Bannon or any Trump associate. Stop getting your hopes up.

  46. What citizen, or resident, of these United States of America, thinks it's OK to ignore a subpoena, Congressional or otherwise ?

  47. I hope he’s treated as poorly as Ghislaine Maxwell claims to be treated. They can both choke on a bag of 💩💩💩.

  48. Anyone want to bet that he never serves a day in prison? I’m in for $100. This will end up being a dog and pony show and his supporters will see it as a victory. It will change nothing.

  49. Fuck Steve banon fucking traitor scum. Lower than the lowest scum. I’d piss on his grave for trying to overturn a free and fair election. ROT IN HELL

  50. I'm desperate to be wrong but I have a feeling absolutely nothing is going to happen to him Trump or anyone else.

  51. The henchman is always the one that gets tossed into the pit. Either by the head bad guy or but the good guys. Don’t be number 2 when your boss is a dick.

  52. It’s insane the amount of damage a few well placed misters can cause. The world would be a better place if this guy never got to see light of day again.

  53. I’m sick of the toxic macho “break the government” BS. That ONLY serves to make the government more thoroughly owned by the criminal ruling class.

  54. Henry Rollins once said he looks like he sleeps in his car and wakes up every morning to a bag of whiskey than heads to the playground to masturbate watching children. Or something along those lines.

  55. Fuck you , you democracy killing piece of shit. and f*** you everybody who believes that Steve Bannon is your Lord and Master and has any idea of how democracy works.

  56. This is the first time I’ve seen him where his hair is combed and he didn’t look like he slept in a bottle the night before.

  57. The worst part is the damage is done. He’s created an international coalition of fascists that are radicalizing more and more people each day. His followers have already gotten a taste of storming the Capitol building; what now?

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