Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty

  1. “So you decided to run because of the fire on the duromax? ‘Yes.’ ‘Why what was so urgent?’ ‘There was a fire.’ How can you take a prosecution seriously when this was real dialogue

  2. Let's not get started on being told that Kyle Rittenhouse should have used Hollow Points while incorrectly describing how they are less lethal than the full metal jacketed rounds that he did use

  3. And on the mirror side of that, while Kyle’s defence team was generally FAR from excellent (though the prosecution often made them look like pros) the one piece of excellent work they did was their cross examination of Gaige Grosskreutz.

  4. outraged twitter apparently tuned in only for the headlines because it is UNREAL what people are saying.

  5. The problem is that 90% of people who "followed" the case only got extremely biased one sided snippets and thinks that this ruling was a huge aberration of justice.

  6. You can debate whether the result was right or not, but let's consider what the prosecution did with a national-attention/high-profile case.

  7. Prosecution claimed they didn't know how the video got smaller and don't know how to do it, yet they had multiple tools (such as handbrake) on their laptop and showed it to us on file explorer for a moment during the trial.

  8. My username is a reference to a DragonBall scene involving flatulence. I'm quite sure if I wind up in legal trouble, they'll spin it as proof that I'm a literal nazi.

  9. Honestly, the moment he did that I completely flipped and was like that jury needs to 100% let him off, no matter how guilty he could be, just due to the fact that if those arguments were used in a conviction they would be used fucking everywhere afterwards.

  10. I can't believe he did that, yet said Rosenbaum flipping a porta-potty, setting a fire, etc. wasn't an indicator that he was going to be violent against Rittenhouse

  11. Lawyer lesson 1: your credibility will decline once you attack a man for playing video games.

  12. I knew it was over for the prosecution at that moment. If your argument is 'muh violent vidya gamez' you already lost the argument.

  13. I wish the whole argument about playing violent video games causes people to be more violent would finally die. There have been a few studies that have shown this is not the case.

  14. Whether you were on one side of this verdict or the other, I think we can all come together in agreement that the prosecution in this entire case was a fucking clown car

  15. I put forward that both the prosecution AND defense was terrible. There were a few times where I was sure they thought their roles were reversed.

  16. So, h0sti1e17, is it true you would take out the ladders from swimming pools to watch people drown in The Sims?

  17. If I ever find myself in Kyles shoes I’m fucked, I’ve got Stellaris, Arma 3, and other fun warcrime simulators on my PC

  18. Prosecutor: "Mr. Rittenhouse, is it true that in your last COD match you carried your team mates in a tricky 1 v 4 situation and were able to act as a clutch?

  19. You mean it wasn't over when the prosecution tried to sell the "everyone gets beaten from time to time" line?

  20. "I'd just like to let the jury know his KDA average is 3.0, exactly what he was going for in Kenosha that night. You just can't explain that away."

  21. I kinda doubt they will riot. Protesting an unarmed black man getting shot is going to get a lot more traction than protesting Rittenhouse getting off the hook.

  22. I live in Kenosha like 2 miles from the courthouse. After what happened last year I highly highly doubt anything will happen beyond a few nuts fighting other nuts. Most people around here just want to move on and continue to repair the damage from last year.

  23. I’m surprised the closing argument of “Kyle should have just gotten his ass beat” didn’t compel the jury.

  24. And possibly raped, and murdered, by the guy who doesn't do bad things, ok he tipped over a port a pottie, lit a bunch of things on fire, swung a chain, called people the n word and made death threats to people

  25. The prosecution in this case was so scummy, it single-handedly changed my mind on the death penalty. There are hundreds of Bingers and Kraus out there.

  26. Too much power to put in the hands of normal humans who can make mistakes, much less with the chance of deliberate awfulness.

  27. Look up the case of Michael Morton. That’s the case that changed my mind on the death penalty. The DA said that he should’ve gotten the death penalty even though he knew that he was innocent.

  28. Glad to hear it, dude. That’s been my belief for a long time, mainly because I’ve seen the incompetence up close. As a kid, CPS broke protocol so badly the whole case became a nuclear dumpster fire. They’re all just people and some of them barely manage to keep a job or graduate law school. Human error just makes the risk way too high IMO.

  29. As someone who formerly studied to be in that particular part of the industry, you're wrong about one thing: there are THOUSANDS of people even worse than them.

  30. After they revealed it was legal for him to own the gun it was over. the weapons charge was the only thing with any substance and once that disappeared that was it.

  31. Now that this is done with. When will we start seeing 24/7 coverage on the Ghislanine Maxwell trial hearings?

  32. "Mr. Rittenhouse, do you play Call of Duty? Do you realize you were only 3 kills away from a killstreak and an airstrike on Kenosha? Do you know how much destruction you could've caused?"

  33. I truly don't understand how those prosecutors even got themselves into that position. It was basically a masterclass in incompetence.

  34. Now that the verdict is in, my biggest take away was the conduct of the ADA. The shit he was pulling while the country was watching was pretty absurd. Imagine what kinda shit he is pulling when no one is watching.

  35. I think that is one of the biggest takeaways from this case that everyone can/should agree with. There has been so much pop-culture focus on police reform over the past years, but virtually none of that attention has been directed at the prosecutors and their offices throughout the nation.

  36. That's what scares me about the justice system in this country. Imagine how much of this stuff goes on in trials that aren't televised. This trial and the incompetence/malice of the prosecution solidified why I don't support the death penalty.

  37. -2. Infringe on constitutional rights, get reprimanded for it, then do it again in the same line of questioning.

  38. The first choice they made, how to charge the defendant, was biffed so spectacularly it will be written in law books for a generation.

  39. This whole trial was a complete circus. So much unprofessionalism. Kyle Rittenhouse should have been found guilty.

  40. The Arbery case is completely different, hunting down a clearly unarmed person, and then killing them. Not even close to equivalent.

  41. Did you see the videos of their lawyer arguing that having a black pastor in the courtroom was equivalent to them bringing in the KKK? At one point he suggested that Arbery's mother crying was unfairly influencing the jury.

  42. Prosecutor never should have tried him for murder as it would’ve been insanely hard to prove. If this didn’t have the national attention, they wouldn’t have

  43. Law school professors are going to use this trial as an example of what NOT to do as a prosecutor in every class until the end of time. What a fucking disasterclass

  44. What better way to immortalize yourself, than to be a standard case study in every law textbook?

  45. I can see it now. Edgeworth's smug bow (and Phoenix's crushed face) as the defence witness torpedos his whole case.

  46. I've heard a theory that the prosecutor was trying to force a mistrial at that point. The case was going bad for him, so he'd get a shot at a do-over.

  47. I got Duke University flash back from the prosecutor who lead that case. Withheld evidence, lied, got backing from the media who also lied etc. In the end that lawyer got disbarred so I'm expecting the same treatment from these clowns

  48. To be frank, the way the media has handled this case should be treated as a criminal offence by every station involved. (especially MSNBC)

  49. Just a reminder, prosecution is supposed to seek the truth and give it to the jury fairly and within the constraints and limitations of our justice system.

  50. Both sides of the political aisle will say that this was completely expected but the funny thing is that it would be for completely opposite reasons

  51. Everyone talks about the prosecution bringing up Call of Duty for the defenze argument but in reality the key moment is Gaige stating Kyle did not shoot him until he pointed his handgun towards Kyle

  52. Prosecution: "The defense would like to claim this was self defense. We are going to show you how Kyle ran down and murdered this man"

  53. After 25 hours of deliberation I was leaning toward a hung jury. But am not terribly surprised. I’ve practiced law for over a decade and have been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. This is the most inept prosecution I’ve ever seen.

  54. It’s nice to hear from someone with experience. Would you say that the trial would have gone much differently had the prosecution focused on the charges that were more winnable?

  55. Wisconsin law requires the state to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Rittenhouse did not act in self-defense. "The defendant may intentionally use force which is intended or likely to cause death or great bodily harm only if the defendant reasonably believed that the force used was necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself”. In a trial laws are read to the jury in the jury instructions so the jury knew this. It was an uphill battle for the prosecution, not a surprising result from a legal and practical non-political standpoint. This isn’t even political, politicians just use events as ways to gain support from people by advocating for one side. AGAIN, NON POLITICAL DO NOT GO BALLISTIC. AGAIN, THIS IS NON POLITICAL DO NOT GO BALLISTIC.

  56. as a lawyer living in the US: these reddit arm chair lawyers in this thread make me want to die.

  57. If the media hadn't demagogued the case all to hell the available video would have made this case a pretty open and shut case of self-defense.

  58. Dude everybody talking about how Call of Duty sunk the ship but Jesus Christ the prosecutor spent 25 to 30 minutes on Full Metal Jacket rounds and how their “Made” to pierce through people unlike hollow points that are made to “explode” and only go through a single target. Dude didn’t even really investigate bullet before talking shit, like he got all of his information on bullets from Call of Duty.

  59. Your honour this man played call of duty which directly influenced him quick scoping mr rossenbalm and then proceeding to drop shot mr Hubert and then even worse hard scoping on mr groskreutz

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