Dollar Tree hikes prices 25%. Most items will cost $1.25

  1. My brother and I shopped at Five Below one time because I heard they had cool stuff there. We walked around for maybe ten minutes before he turned to me and said “This is a dollar store adjusted for inflation…”

  2. They should have just given people 25% smaller products and keep the $1 thing going. People will forget how big the fabulouso bottle used to be.

  3. I hear Biden is going to open the strategic reserve of cheap Chinese garbage to help lower the prices back down to $1.

  4. When a dollar store first opened up in my area, and it was amazing, minimum wage was around $5. Even at a conventional grocery store, it wasn't rare to find the cheapest loaf of bread for $0.25,

  5. I remember when I was a kid, they had a lot of really nice stuff, but realized it was basically a $1.50 in today's money. They've been pushing off raising prices way too long to even remotely be the useful store they used to be.

  6. Went to the local one yesterday and they were peeling all the $1 window displays off. I figured the only reason to do that would be to either raise prices or change their designs.

  7. I want to see a dystopian Hollywood film where inflation it nuts and the protagonist is sent on a quest to secure 1,000 gallons of Arizona Iced Tea for his tribe

  8. Someday Arizona iced tea will be cheaper by volume than potable water. Granted, all potable water not used in the production of other beverages will be owned by Nestle.

  9. They’re just going with a symbol for cheap and calling it Discount Retail Center Formerly Known as Dollar Tree.

  10. I mean dollar general and family dollar charge more than a dollar for most stuff. Their name isnt 1 dollar tree, so I think the name is fine

  11. That's not even a joke! That is how they were able to keep prices the same, just making things smaller and smaller. I literally saw an 8 foot role of aluminum foil. The sad thing is that its true when they say "its expensive to be poor". People buy the $1 roll of TP, not realizing they are probably paying 5x the per sheet cost compared to a bulk pack at costco, but they just can't afford to do that

  12. They’ve already shrunk the size of most objects. They no longer carry the large boxes of Scott’s tissues. Now they are selling the square boxes with 85 tissues instead of the 120 plus tissues. If they raise the prices to $1.25 I’m going to transfer my business to another store. Smaller sizes and higher prices no longer makes them as competitive.

  13. That's what they had been doing. I guess at some point the quality and quantities get so low they can't keep doing it.

  14. So there was at the family dollah sto. And I was ah gitti n a pack tinfoil and some yoohoos. And the lady rings me and says, that will be about tree fiddy.

  15. Meanwhile us working in the stores continue to only get barely-above-minimum-wage, no benefits, very low hours, and the people working in corporate are a bunch of robotic sociopaths that treat us like dirt.

  16. And now you will have to deal with irate customers bitching at you about the price change like it was your idea in the first place.

  17. Plus in every store I've been in, they don't hire enough employees so you have a crowd of customers and only two exhausted cashiers.

  18. As a former dollar tree employee, I feel so bad for the current employees. Every Karen and her mother will be bitching to the minimum wage cashiers about this as if they specifically are charging them extra.

  19. Dollar Tree has been fined by OSHA a shit ton as well. Most common reason? Blocking fire escapes because of too much product, and this happens EVERYWHERE.

  20. I run a Canadian dollar store business as an owner. Prices for the cheapest stuff that's 1.00 to sell used to cost .69 cents for the past decade. Now it's even higher. Usually fourty cents to the dollar is a fair markup to cover wages, overhead etc. so all 1.00 items were already so small a margin to begin with.

  21. Poundland in the UK started selling items for over a pound two-three years ago, although most items are still £1.

  22. Not entirely true... I love getting the kitchen utensils there. Yeah they're like 2-3 dollars each, but they last like 6-9 months before my kids melts them down because he still doesn't pay attention cooking. So it's still reasonable!

  23. Dollar general hasnt been a "dollar store" since at least the late 80s whenever they started popping up here.

  24. and you know who’s fault it is? not the fucking employees so leave em alone about it when you go in there. Worked at another dollar store that had its prices go above its branding and god help me with the amount of shit I heard from customers about it directed at my staff. Be kind to the staff!

  25. Items in these stores are no deal. The cheap version of items at major retailers like Walmart tend to be more cost effective than what can be found at dollar stores.

  26. They've been holding off doing it for years now. Inflation is positive so over time the cumulative effect hurts them and they run out of other options, such as shrinking product packaging etc.

  27. Probably very pent up. The moment they said they were going to increase the prices they probably normalized around what they wanted to or needed to be around.

  28. As someone said in another post, adjusted for inflation, when a lot of these dollar stores opened, $1 was equivalent to $2.50 in today's dollars.

  29. Dollar Tree made a 7.79 BILLION dollar profit in 2020. There is no reason to do this besides greed and the nature of capitalism. Some of the poorest communities, by design, rely on these stores.

  30. Excellent observation. Watch and see their next two quarterly earnings reports. They are opportunistically raising their prices because they know they can not because they need to.

  31. Then you weren’t at a dollar tree. Everything is a dollar at dollar tree. Well, obviously until now.

  32. It increases their prices by 25%, revenue increase from the price increase will be below that since they have price-sensitive customers. Still should be good for them, although they held off doing it for a long time.

  33. Now I have to pay $1.25 for that birthday card AND the gas I used to get there was more expensive. Thanks Biden

  34. Time for some rebranding..Reminds me of the time Carl's Jr's had their 6 dollar burger.. was made to parody restaurant burgers but at an affordable cost.. eventually the prices got so high they had to change the name to Thick Burger

  35. In Canada we have Dollarama as our main dollar chain. They've added levels over the years, first $2, then $3 and a few years back the highest being $4. There are fractional amounts in between an items for less than a dollar as well.

  36. Shopping at Dollar Tree is like the lotto - it's a tax on people that are bad at math. It ought to be burned down. Most items they offer are more expensive than box stores (or smaller quantity for same price) etc., or just aren't fit for consumption/use. Fuck this place.

  37. Not to mention the amount of waste they produce. If items on clearance sale don’t sell within a set amount of time, the employees have to throw it away. Nobody is allowed to have it. Even if the item is still on the shelf and a customer wants it, if it rings up a certain way it goes right to the trash.

  38. There's actually a lot of really great stuff in stock there. Mom and i go every month for a decent stock up on freezer stuff and i'm always on the hunt for Blind bags. We've even found stuff like cleaning supplies that would normally cost a lot more at walmart and its our go to spot for some of the staples in our candy jar.

  39. Nothing I hate more than dollar stores where things cost more than a dollar. This store was my favorite, looking like a boycott is in order.

  40. I can see a few cents hike but 25% hike on everything? Looks like greedy bastards using shipping issues and inflation to raise all prices. I guarantee when that crap is resolved they won't lower the prices back down

  41. I mean stuff there has cost a dollar for decades if they were keeping up with inflation it would be the 3 dollar tree

  42. Just got 3 monsters for $5 and 3 packs planter's peanuts for $.99 each. Ohhh my bad, that was Dollar General, not Dollar Tree. As you were .......

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