Ahmaud Arbery verdict: three men found guilty of murdering Black man as he jogged

  1. Yea I remember that, the news came out way later cuz no one was getting charged. Fuck the Georgia government but hell yes to the jury!!! Thank you!!!

  2. Imagine being stupid enough to release the video yourself publicly after the authorities had already went out of their way to not charge you…..

  3. The actual implications of this are incredibly disturbing, These men grew up in an environment that has made them so confident of killing a POC on the flimsiest of pretext that they filmed it assuming they would be hailed as heroes.

  4. Imagine being so blind by racism that you stalk and murder someone because they look different than you

  5. Yeah at the risk of downplaying the tragedy connected to the loss of life, I was actually more pissed about how badly the local authorities fucked up the handling of this case. Knowing people in the department shouldn't be a literal "get away with murder" card.

  6. The only thing the local authorities were inept in was in burying all the evidence. The racism of the local authorities is what's striking. Racism is the only way you would explain helping someone cover up a lynching.

  7. The counts actually went exactly as I thought. They found that Bryan was not a party to the gun aggravated assault because he did not know they had a gun (and did not share the same mental state), but did commit the aggravated assault and false imprisonment with his vehicle so guilty on those counts and felony murder.

  8. The correct verdicts, and I like the fact that the jury clearly really parsed through each charge and didn’t just go down the checklist for “guilty” (which was probably not all proven beyond a reasonable doubt).

  9. Tells you a lot that they thought releasing the video would help calm the community and exonerate them from suspicion. Congratulations, you played yourselves.

  10. What’s crazy is the video wasn’t even leaked. One of them willingly sent it to a local radio station to post on their website and it went viral from there. I think it was the father.

  11. No one watching the case should be surprised. You can't participate in a coordinated effort to chase someone down, essentially corner them and then shoot them when they have no where else to go.

  12. I am happy the judge gave instructions to the jury stating that self defense does not apply to the aggressor.

  13. I was happy that only the son got the malice murder guilty verdict and the third guy was not guilty on some of the other charges. Shows that the jury actually considered each person and all the charges individually and wasn't just trying to return a quick verdict.

  14. Good. About as cut and dry of a case as you can get. They chased him, blocked him and shot him. Now they get to rot in prison.

  15. Not only did they chase him but they testified on the stand that he ran the opposite direction of them MULTIPLE times. At what point in your life have you been afraid of someone running away from you? How the fuck do you defend yourself against someone running away from you? Idiots.

  16. It takes one asshole judge to ruin that it was obvious. Also I had a “friend” say he shouldn’t have been sneaking around someone’s house and pretty much deserved it. Never underestimate the jury can hold those same backward beliefs.

  17. If your own lawyer publicizes the evidence that leads to your arrest and conviction, I think you should be legally allowed to punch your lawyer. Bless that lawyers stupidity.

  18. This is why Georgia recently repealed its citizens arrest law. It's not a good law and it rarely ends well.

  19. Whew. My parents live in Brunswick and we argued about this case a lot. Looking forward to this topic being conspicuously absent from dinner tomorrow.

  20. Just curious— what are their arguments? It’s hard for me to see how anyone can think these guys did nothing wrong.

  21. Both felony murder and malice murder carry a mandatory life sentence in Georgia, so that’s what all of them will get.

  22. Remember when the news first broke and tons of Totally Not Racist users on this site insisted he was carrying a hammer and wearing Timberlands? (You know, the official "scary black man" shoe) Despite there being video of his empty hands and white running shoes.

  23. William Bryan did not want to be tried with the McMichaels. If you don’t want to stand trial with the lynch mob, maybe don’t run with the lynch mob. 😐

  24. “You know how it works, Jake. You ride with the outlaw, you die with the outlaw. Sorry, you crossed the line.”

  25. My only concern is that this will discourage future murderous idiots from releasing videos of their crimes in the future.

  26. Whatever did happen to the officers that sat on the video for months? If they're still on the job then this is only half the ideal outcome.

  27. It really was a black people are inherently dirty argument. Are you really going to exonerate this dirty n-word? It reminded me of the doctor a couple of weeks back who asked a CDC official if black people had more COVID because they didn't wash their hands [as much as white people]. It's the deep down unquestioned racism that you get from your grandparents that they were looking to surface. The to the bone racism that feels tribal, that's about winning and losing some something that you can't even name.

  28. His father cheered when the judge read guilty of malice murder and had to leave the courtroom. The relief that their son's murderers are facing mandatory life in prison must be overwhelming.

  29. Please remember that the only reason justice was served in this case is because of how stupid the defendants and their attorney are.

  30. She also ‘recused’ herself due to the COI by assigning it to another attorney who KNEW the elder fuck-wad.

  31. Wild to think this case was well on its way to being swept under the rug until the guy published a video of the killing thinking it would exonerate him.

  32. They think they are heroes who stopped a criminal. Deep trenched racism or stupidity.. I think both.

  33. If you know, would you be kind enough, in a sentence or two, to explain why there were so many counts of murder? I can understand why there would be a distinction between malice and felony but not between the different felonies.

  34. Yeah but that's not as fun as chasing down a black man with real guns playing cops and robbers. Probably the most fun they had in a while

  35. It is telling that the defense tried to use white people's fear of black men as a defense. They hit two birds with one stone, racism and victim blaming.

  36. The “dirty toenails” comment made by the defense during closing arguments sent me through the roof. I hope she shits her pants in church this Sunday.

  37. To think this almost never saw the light of day. Still a long way to go as a nation. But good to see justice here. Doesn't take away from the fact that Ahmaud should be alive here today.

  38. This is before they go on trial for federal charges in Feb. They'll have to do some Fed pen time as well. They're fucked ... as they should be.

  39. Ahmaud was never supposed to get justice. The cops and da’s told his mom he was killed during a robbery. The first da told the local pd not to do anything and she’s been fired and is about to go to trial for this. It was only until the video was leaked that the someone in the gbi payed attention. I am beyond sick to know how many good ole boys stories there really are

  40. Thank you for this. I get downvotes for saying similar things, like this is really a drop in the bucket living in this system. Doesn't change much.

  41. Great. Glad justice is served. Now go after the cops who did not arrest murderers, and the DA who tried to stop murders from being prosecuted. That should be DOJ territory, I believe.

  42. It terrifies me what wouldve happened if it wasnt recorded, peoples arms still have to be twisted just to see fair justice in this country

  43. Once again.... They would have gotten away with terrorizing and murdering this poor man if it wasn't for a video

  44. Let's not forget that the case was almost swept under the rug. Maybe it isn't a good idea to give District Attorneys as much power as they have today.

  45. It is tragic that Ahmaud had to lose his life for no reason. Thankfully his murderers are idiots and basically put themselves in jail. We still have a long way to go with all the racism that is still endemic in our country.

  46. In a truly just world, this never happens to begin with and Ahmaud Arbery is still with us. But its good to see that the overtly racist ghouls who did what they did will face consequence. There was no plausible deniability here, just evil.

  47. Now If only everyone else in that city that tried to hide this can be prosecuted as well. I find it hard to believe it was just the one prosecutor. They all need to be held accountable

  48. “The case was assigned to three separate local district attorneys, one of whom recommended not bringing charges against the men, before state investigators intervened after release of the footage.”

  49. Thank God justice was served in this case. These men hunted him down and murdered him. Modern day lynching. I'm glad that the citizen's arrest law was also changed in Georgia. We still have a long way to go in this country with race but at least we are making some progress.

  50. Remember, if one of these three hadn't been an absolute moron and video recorded their murder, they would have gotten off scot-free, with another non-investigation into the death of a black man.

  51. If you've been following this case and watching the testimonies it was clear these guys didn't have a legal leg to stand on. Nonetheless it's good to see this turn out this way.

  52. The only things left now are to make sure the DA who tried to bury this case gets convicted and those 3 racists rot in prison for the rest of their lives

  53. Reminder that these men would never have been prosecuted without weeks of protest and national pressure on the corrupt local officials!

  54. This is great. I listened to Travis McMichael’s self-serving testimony last week on direct and was kind of surprised at how polished and prepared he seemed. It was at odds with his arrest photo where he looks like a slack-jawed moth breather. It seemed apparent that he was coached. I wanted to puke when he kept talking about totality of circumstances. I knew he was full of crap. That and his claim that he politely asked Arbury to please talk to him and tell him what was going on.

  55. Gotta love video evidence. Especially when it’s released by the dummies who think it’s going to exonerate them and it ends up convicting them. Getting them arrested in the first place, even!

  56. I loved the attempt at a self defense verdict. Anyone with a brain knows self defense doesn’t count when your the person hunting down the victim. Morons.

  57. "The case was assigned to three separate local district attorneys, one of whom recommended not bringing charges against the men, before state investigators intervened after release of the footage. Charges were brought almost three months after Arbery was murdered."

  58. Yes. Fucking yes. There was no way that they should've returned with anything besides guilty, you don't chase someone with loaded guns and then claim self-defense when you shoot them with said loaded guns, you're literally just trying to twist the term "self-defense" so that you can kill people. Fuck those three.

  59. Important to remember the hoops the family had to jump through to get this justice. The system worked very hard to make sure this never came to pass.

  60. Thank fuck. This should not have been this fucking stressful. I hope they rot in hell, racist fucking scum.

  61. Ran because feared being killed. Only to be chased and killed. And they wonder why he would run, they pretty much proved the point of running. Hope they rot in prison.

  62. Linda Dunikoski is a legend. She wasn't losing this case. And to be frank, I don't think having so many white women on the jury hurt the prosecution in the end.

  63. I had a few cases with her when she was in Fulton. She did crimes against women and children cases then. An extremely competent prosecutor, and as tenacious as they come.

  64. And the original prosecutor was indicted. Apparently she’s friends with one of the defendants. Same defendant did investigations for her, which is even that much more scary. Also, after the defendant shot the victim, he called his friend the prosecutor and her advice was to wash his hands.

  65. Title is misleading. The facts are far worse. They hunted this man down… Karma will come for these sub-human scum and it will not be pretty.

  66. The son was found guilty of malice murder, but the father and the friend were not. The son was convicted on every single charge.

  67. The jury asked to view the video during deliberation, and it’s been speculated that it was to adjudge the the culpability of the father In the moments before Arbery was fatally shot. He was heard yelling something to the effect of, “No Travis, no!” It’s possible that was a key point of deliberation.

  68. This doesn’t come as a surprise this was an obvious murder. Nothing about 3 men chasing an unarmed black man down in truck and shooting him screams self-defense case.

  69. The police did everything they could to not charge these guys and drug their feet through the entire process. These 3 guys murdered Ahmaud Arbery in February and weren't arrested until May, and only after the video was released and the public forced a response.

  70. The video was so fucked up you couldn't believe it unless caught on camera. Looked like a modern day lynching.

  71. Glad they didn't have to deliberate very long because this was so fucking obvious they hunted the guy down to fulfill some twisted justice fantasy.

  72. Man, if this wasn’t recorded these bastards would have gotten away with it. Makes me think of how many times injustice has happened and nobody was there to record it.

  73. Out of all the public cases we’ve seen over the last few years, this one has sickened me and outraged me the most. Terrifying knowing if this wasn’t recorded they probably would’ve gotten off.

  74. Remember they were almost not prosecuted at all until journalists started asking wtf was going on with the prosecutor.

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