Omicron variant now in North America, Canadian officials say

  1. Out of curiosity, as Delta and Omicron are different, could you theoretically catch both at the same time?

  2. I'm not sure but I do know for a fact that you can have another type of coronavirus (not covid) and covid at the same time.

  3. Yes, technically you could have both variants at the same time but the body's mechanism for defense would be essentially the same. It would not be twice as bad - the body would detect it when there was sufficient combined viral load.

  4. There are 4 common colds that are coronaviruses, but they confer some cross immunity and are even implicated in helping with COVID immunity. In ideal circumstances you could certainly catch both Delta and Omicron, it’s how your body responds to recognizing and eliminating them. They differ in mutations but they aren’t completely different viruses.

  5. Kinda like OG Covid. The thought that we could manage to test and isolate patient zero when we had no idea how exactly it spread, didn't have any real way to test for it, especially in a scenario where asymptomatic carriers exist was a complete farce.

  6. If the numbers are right from Amsterdam, then there's no containing it. Everyone tested negative before their flight, then when they landed 10% tested positive - that's insane.

  7. Yeah I was confused by the headline. From the body of the article, it seems like this is the first positive test that's been reported in Canada is what they mean

  8. I love having all these "once-in-a-lifetime" events cascading one after another. It's always exciting to see what absolute fucking bullshit we get to deal with next.

  9. Right? Mid 2019 my life was so good and on track to get better. I was finally going back to school, feeling inspired about my future. I keep thinking its going to end any day now. I live in a tourist city in the south so shit is weird. Our state never did anything but I regularly see people from across the country, sometimes from a different country in the restaurant I work at. Nobody in my family is vaccinated except me, this was supposed to be the first Christmas in years I saw my family.

  10. Good news & bad news for you. Good news is it likely won't be about covid. Bad news is its going to be about ecological collapse worldwide as every nation frantically scrambles to secure food and their borders from massive migrations.

  11. Eh. I was 15 years old when 9/11 happened. People panicked for years. We’re still taking our shoes off at the airport. Then the financial crisis happened. It took years to recover. Now COVID, which will be a few more years before 100% normalcy.

  12. Bro this isn't even the "deadly pandemic" that they've been warning us about. Imagine a pandemic that spread like covid but as deadly as 2008-2009 swine flu. That's the one the experts were warning about, and something we haven't really dealt with since we've been so busy with covid.

  13. Eh ... other people had to go through two World Wars. You can count yourself lucky if a little pandemic is all.

  14. They didn't even have to wait. There are already Republican politicians claiming Omicron is a ruse to rig the midterms. Like, imagine thinking the entire world faked a pandemic to make this one party of this one country look bad.

  15. Someone was saying on Thursday to wait until Monday when everyone is back at work and then for sure it will be found in multiple states.

  16. Yet, everyone will still be asked to return to the office to continue doing a job we could do from home even though there’s a new strain going around that’s arguably worse than Delta. Can’t wait for the news stories of Omicron outbreaks at business offices.

  17. more like traumatized. You're programmed to expect to be shown ads all the time 😭😭😭 and it's sad because it's not even something u can change unless you cut yourself off from internet, radio, and tv forever.

  18. And with everyone flying back after Thanksgiving, it'll definitely be in every nook and cranny by next week.

  19. I’m having a difficult time getting a read on this. Some people are saying it’s a serious situation that puts the whole recovery in jeopardy, other people are saying it’s not as bad as delta and the vaccine works against it.

  20. There’s no way omicron hasn’t passed through JFK airport (one of the busiest airports in America!!) by this point

  21. yeah once they named it it was already all over the world probably. not good but not exactly unexpected

  22. Given what they are saying about symptoms and hospitalisation rates, this can be seen as a good thing. Having the Omicron variant as the most prominent strain is the preferred option if the accounts on symptoms and severity are correct

  23. Yes I’ve heard this too. The idea being if it’s more contagious but less severe, less people will get severely sick or die and the virus will run itself out throughout the world and regress into the common cold.

  24. Wow. Thanks for the glimmer of hope. The headlines make it sound like a really bad thing. I know they don’t know, but I didn’t know anything was saying it could possibly be less severe.

  25. It was first detected on November 11. A little too early to speculate on hospitalizations and severe outcomes. Minimum two weeks from becoming symptomatic to being admitted to hospital for a severe case. The next week or two will tell us more.

  26. I too welcome our new variant overlords. We shall bestow them with our best and brightest unvaccinated individuals to show them our sincere gratitude. All hail Omicron.

  27. Maybe, maybe not. It's early but what I've read so far suggests omicron may be a much milder form of covid. If it's mild and outcompetes delta, that would be good for everyone. That may or may not happen but I'm trying to be optimistic.

  28. Energy stocks will be good for years to come. No matter what happens people are going to need energy. No matter what restrictions exist in place, exceptions will be made for energy workers.

  29. Even if it wasn’t, the travel restrictions are only for non-residents. You can bet any flights of citizens over there are bringing it back with them

  30. If it’s in Ontario, it’s in New York. We just won’t pick it up as fast because our contact tracing in this country is shit.

  31. As soon as it was discovered it should have been assumed its everywhere. I just heard two days ago them saying its not here and there is no reason to be concerned. Too few are taking this seriously and its gonna end up with us being stuck with another perma-virus

  32. No city in the US has ever done a full lockdown during this pandemic. Some partial lockdowns, intermittently. None of the states will work together and most of the country is just acting like we're not still mid-pandemic. We might not have even had a taste of the worst yet.

  33. Act accordingly? What else is there to do? We’re vaccinated and getting boosters. Delta was the big bad scary thing and now it’s 98% of new cases but there hasn’t been a hospital paralyzing wave. This is slowly turning into the flu. Eventually after a few years you’ll get COVID and miss a day of work and that’ll be that.

  34. Omicron North America - For a moment there I thought we were living in Robocop land - Omni Consumer Products is shortened to "OmniCon" instead of "OCP."

  35. I had to switch to wearing glasses permanently due to my left eye not handling contacts anymore. I hate wearing a mask in the winter, I can't see a dang thing when I enter a building! But I can't go without my glasses either. Sigh. People look at me weird when I'm trying to peer through the unfogged parts of my lenses till it clears haha.

  36. Havent had a cold since February 2020, 100% keeping a mask on during winter for the forseeable future. Covid or not that benefit alone is nice

  37. Synthesize the genome, not detect it. It’s been detected for quite a while, but they just got the data in so we can identify it specifically.

  38. Covids first album was great but all these variations are giving them more of a pop vibe, not sure I like the way their music's going

  39. Yeah... not definitively proven yet, but it's spreading all over the planet and is confirmed in Canada. The odds that it's not in the US yet are microscopic.

  40. Stop pretending that it isn't every where already. By the time we discover it, it's already spread beyond containment.

  41. Nobody's pretending anything, they have simply determined that the variant has been identified in North America. It's just objective fact, there is no value attached.

  42. This virus isn’t like Ebola, it will keep evolving forever like the flu, as it’s airborne rather than by body fluids alone. It’s just something to get used to at this point, get a yearly vaccine, or suffer the consequences.

  43. If it keeps mutating to be weaker but alive in spite vaccination, then that's a pretty giant victory nonetheless. "Something to get used to" is not the covid that inhibits lung capacity, taste buds, causes types of ED, and has a decently high mortality rate in the immuno and cardio-compromised well beyond any strain of flu in the modern era. But omicron appears to be moving away from those statlines and into what could be vaguely similar to a flu.

  44. That’s how viruses work, so yeah. Covid is a semi annual thing like the regular flu. Shits never going away

  45. Wuhan had a R0 of 2.7, Delta R0 was 5.8, Omicron looks like it may be between 9 and 11. To put that in perspective Smallpox had a R0 of 6 and Measles of 12. These numbers are subjective to nation, era, public health measures, etc. There is no proof that Omicron has any greater lethality than Delta or Wuhan at this time. It may be suggested to mask up, wash frequently, sanitize, and get the vaccine and boosters if you have not already done so. There are many unknowns but with this level of transmission it would be wise to treat the Omicron strain as though it was right down the street.

  46. Not that it’s comparable but the Spanish flu lasted 4 years and then suddenly stopped. Take hope from that ❤️

  47. This. I’ve already seen claims from SA doctors who helped identify Omicron that they don’t believe it is much more serious than Delta/is mutated enough to sidestep the vaccine. A lot of “ifs” and “maybe’s” going on with the reporting right now. Obviously everyone should proceed with caution, but no need to get all doom and gloom with your mental state just yet.

  48. I've had dreams of an old black lady in Nebraska and the walking dude in Vegas. This is the big one.

  49. These “gripping” headlines are such a problem. Omicron so far produces mild symptoms according to WHO. Media will keep crying wolf and when Covid develops another deadly strain, no one will listen.

  50. I saw a video of a guy going crazy about how he’s medically exempt from wearing a mask then he starts ranting about how he refuses to get a needle with a chip in his arm. Who’s the real virus? U tell me.

  51. Remember that brief glimpse of normalcy in, what was it, April or May? When we had our shots and could go about being a bit less restricted. That lasted until maybe July.

  52. They skipped Xi as well for fear people will associate it with Xi Jingping. But I don’t think they’re even pronounced the same. Plus i heard nu is pronounced nee? Can any greek speakers confirm?

  53. At least this variant sounds cool. If I'm going to catch COVID, at least I can tell people it's the one that sounds like the name of a transformer.

  54. Everything we are hearing is saying that if you're vaxxed and get it, it's mild. Is there a reason we should be stressing out and treating this like it's something worse than Delta?

  55. The issue is that everything is speculation at the moment, so governments are taking a precautionary approach

  56. Probably neither. “Worst we’ve seen” seems to be referring to the mutations. Mild cases so far are anecdotal. Odds are it’s less severe than delta which was less severe than alpha, but since it’s more transmissible, it still results in more cases of severe illness and deaths.

  57. never because each flu strain has its own sub name, like H1N1 is Spanish flu and 2009 swine flu, H5N1 is bird flu, H3N2 is Hong Kong flu, ect. We still ID every new flu strain with a unique id

  58. Doubtful, we’ve had climbing cases for a long time now with decent masking and vaccine numbers early. Certain to be some of the strain but this is more a meta issue.

  59. Based on what evidence? They’re still sequencing specimens. Why hasn’t it been detected if it’s driving a whole wave? Stop spreading misinformation.

  60. Quite the opposite. A decent percentage of the population is vaccinated, many white-collared jobs are work from home, many school districts are wearing masks, and hospitals have significantly more data on how to treat it.

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