Leading breeder of beagles for research slammed by animal welfare inspectors

  1. Well, dogs are used because their hearts are very very similar to ours. Same as pigs. Beagles specifically over other breeds because of size and docility perhaps. But no one is choosing dog studies over mice for size and docile nature - just so we're clear.

  2. Can we stop using bombshell and blasted too? So tired of these overdramatic headlines. Even when someone speaks about an issue they're "breaking their silence".

  3. Seriously I won't read anything with that word in the title because I immediately know it's overblown nothing.

  4. Yes hyperbolic language should always be avoided in headlines even when it's warranted but the content of the article itself is not hyperbole. What the breeder allowed is objectively fucked up and they deserve to be more than verbally 'slammed'. It shouldn't be ignored. (also good luck staying informed if you intend to ignore all poorly worded headlines, even the more respectable outlets pull that crap) The trick is to actually read the article instead of relying on the headline only.

  5. Their response is the EXACT same type of response that i give to clients when they complain about our company but my boss KNOWS they cant do anything or go anywhere else so i have to type up this bullshit "ohhh im sorry you feel that way" email to them every time

  6. This kind of shit used to piss me off royal (it still does.) At one point my job had me speak to a business councelor who was basically trying to teach me to do it. I pointed out the insincerity of the double speak and her own veneer cracked as she got really pissed off and we had "move past" that lesson.

  7. I'm not in research and testing, but I'm certain I'd prefer medication and topicals tested on animals prior to entering clinical trials for humans.

  8. This is why gutting regulations and cutting inspections is a terrible idea. We have laws to protect these animals, they need to be enforced.

  9. I had a friend that had to experiment on cats. All the cats were euthanized afterward despite being healthy and the product being tested some ho hum thing that wouldn't change anyone's life. I think we need to improve the threshold which warrants when testing can require the use of animals. I'm hoping for the day we can grow specific organs to test or functionally brain-dead bodies to test on. Watched a doc about primates in labs and their general treatment it was one of the most terrible things I had witnessed and I say this as a Southern guy that eats meat and hunts.

  10. This is bad, and it can affect more than just the animal's welfare. Any data that comes from these studies can be negatively affected by this cruelty, due to the inclusion of disease, disability and stress into the dog's life. If I remember correctly, beagles are a very good model for heart valve research, but I have problems with dogs used this way. It's hard not to say that they deserve better.

  11. For anyone who doesn’t know - you do NOT fuck around with the USDA, IACUC, or OLAW an their ethical standards.

  12. At first I thought they were talking about Beagles breed to do research, so I imagined a bunch of beagle's running around in lab coats frantically trying to cure cancer.

  13. The problem is the system has weak feedback. Inspections that only happen after persistent complaints and result in (relatively) minor consequences promotes profit making over animal welfare. This is a natural consequence of capitalism without proper regulation.

  14. I understand this is a sensitive topic, but humans conduct research on all sorts of animals. The interest in beagles alone is pretty hypocritical. If this article was about rats, mice, or zebrafish, I doubt there would be this amount of people upset.

  15. None of those have the long duration of memory (or probably lifespan although I don't remember) or the wider range of emotional dynamics of a beagle though.

  16. We raise beagles and most are giant couch potatoes and food beggars, however we have had a few that are pretty high strung. One quality they have all had in common is being stubborn. Give them an inch, they will take a mile.

  17. As a dog owner and animal lover, the idea of using dogs as research tools (or any animal), makes me uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I am not a Peta supporter or anything like that. I just think doing research/product testing on animals is cruel and unethical.

  18. Very much depends on the type of research, what standards the research is held to and the strength and independence of the body that monitors that research.

  19. I'm not an activist either; but after caring for our 3 dogs and fostering other dogs for years, I've learned that dogs totally depend on their humans. As much as any toddler depends on their parents. We have a moral responsibility to treat them humanely.

  20. It makes me uncomfortable too, but there just isn't any good alternative yet. So the best we can do is to regulate what kinds of research/testing it "worth it" and make sure that the animals are given the proper care. Obviously the facility in the article is failing that which is really terrible

  21. I am not a pet-owner. I am all for using animals for research/product testing so long as it's done as humanely as possible.

  22. The point is ethical research doesn't make you profit. So under your beliefs we shouldn't test at all, but then you get situations where pharmaceutical companies basically made humans who buy the product the lab rats.

  23. Good news for you then! Although animal models are one of the best we have, they're still not quite the same as humans and so they're not ideal. There is actually a new model that is being developed that eventually will be better than animal models and animals would be phased out almost entirely!

  24. The other option is direct testing it on humans with the possibility that they might die or get permanently disabled. That sounds more unethical imo

  25. Sorry to tell you this but human life is more valuable than a dog or animal. Unless you’re willing to be the Guinea pig for all this research work you can’t really avoid animal testing and even then testing this stuff on humans in early trials is even more unethical than animal testing.

  26. Then PETA needs to unfuck its signal-to-noise ratio so people actually listen when they have something valid to say.

  27. PETA also collects animals just to put them down, and they scream about everything. Eventually they will scream about something that has an issue by virtue of screaming about everything. Even then it doesn't mean they were right. It just means that they were screaming.

  28. Reading that made me want to go all Liam Neeson and hunt down the people responsible for this. We have 3 dogs, and have fostered many others over the years. I used to think people comparing dogs to children to children were wack jobs. But dogs are totally dependent upon their humans; for food, water, shelter - basically for their very lives and survival.

  29. Torturing dogs for research purposes used to be a despicable heinous monstrous. But since Dr. Fauci does it I guess it's now OK.

  30. We need some ugly animals to test on. Blob fish, those would be good. Llama are cute but kinda dicks so good enough. There are some REALLY fugly bats out there, let's put some lipstick on those.

  31. Hmmm... I'm a redditor so I'm not going to read the article but.. I'll assume the were treated unethical? If not.. is this just outrage on animal testing? What do you want to test stuff on? Humans? Animal testing has it's purpose, sad but necessary.

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