Arizona students seek Kyle Rittenhouse removal from online nursing classes

  1. See what I found interesting is that according to the article, the university is denying that he’s even enrolled?

  2. There's probably 100 Reddit comments about this for every actual student who signed the petition. Much ado about nothing

  3. can't blame them for making the article though, look at all the clicks they're getting from reddits hate boners

  4. Outrage culture, and I’m not talking about the people who want him out of campus. I’m talking about the Redditors who get outraged at everything, like this thread

  5. This is the real shitty part of modernity if you ask me. A very small, otherwise insignificant portion of people vocalize something ridiculous, and social media and the various political spheres blow it up so that they have a suitable target to bludgeon.

  6. Because the media deemed him guilty and they won't hear of any "jury" doing things like finding him "not guilty" as a part of our "justice" system. They want that click money and they don't care how many people they corrupt with their complete fabrication and distortion of even the most basic facts of this kids case.

  7. it really all depends on how the media will treat it. Schools will cave to a lot of things if they think the bad press will harm sales... err... enrollment.

  8. How the fuck is he a racist murderer? Can someone please explain this to me. It sounds like he's called racist just because he's white and had an AR. That is essentially racism in itself...

  9. That's how outrage bait works. Have millions of people react to something and you can find at least a couple doing something that makes people mad. Then blast them everywhere and paint them as the general consensus of the left. Do it over and over and you end up with this alternate reality culture war.

  10. This is part of the problem with social media. Everything is a national story. As for these students, I think they have a right to do what they are doing. Do they have leverage? Probably not. Unless the national attention gets them even more attention and puts pressure on the school to formally address it.

  11. Lol that demands list looks like a ransom note. You're right though, usually you have to have leverage when you make demands. These people's leverage is that it hurts their feelings, which ain't much.

  12. Yes and the media is just trying to cash in on the Rittenhouse train before it finally leaves the station.

  13. Per the article, he's not even in a program; he just took a non-degree course. For ASU, it's not an issue. If they don't want to deal with the headache (likely), they can just deny his application if he applies.

  14. Their “Demands” send me right back to my radical student days in the 70s. Some of the more extreme groups would do this. Before the internet, what actually happened was that they’d have a rally, shout their demands really loudly through a megaphone to about three or four bored students. And then they’d celebrate.

  15. It bothers me that my society knows this issue as: are you happy he won? Welcome to the republican table //or// are you upset he is not guilty? Welcome to the democratic table. It’s a little bit embarrassing

  16. I mean you can be happy he was found innocent as it was the objectively correct verdict. The jury doesnt have any political bias. Everyone who watched the trial would agree.

  17. Hot take even if he was convicted, criminals do have a right to an education. I don’t want a world where we start rationing off who in prison gets an eduction especially in an online forum where no one would be in direct danger. If he starts spouting some right wing craziness or is harassing students yes please expel him. But trying to determine who does and doesn’t “deserve” education leads to a conversation harmful to people beyond Kyle.

  18. Moreover, and as I commented elsewhere, actual prison inmates who unequivocally committed crimes are probably enrolled in that university in correspondence right this moment. There's no argument those students could convincingly make

  19. Exactly. This is just a stupid culture war battle. They're saying that the campus isn't safe with him as a student but he's taking virtual classes so how is he a danger to anyone on campus? I'm a bleeding heart liberal that has lived in Portland my entire life but this take is just dumb.

  20. Here's an even hotter take: Spouting right wing craziness is not an excuse to deprive someone from an education.

  21. Honestly it’s kind of frustrating if he is expelled. How is he supposed to redeem himself of anything when he’s been both found innocent and rejected an education? I’m not gonna get political or anything but if you killed in self defense, win the trial, and are still ostracized on a nation wide level, wouldn’t you turn bitter and cold? If this keeps up I’d not be surprised if he shot himself.

  22. I work in higher education and am glad to see this is the top voted comment. Thank you. I have many thoughts and feelings about Kyle Rittenhouse, most of them poor. But I view his education as a way he can measurably improve his life. I view education as a basic human right, and just because I don't agree with what he did, he has a right to be improving himself with lifelong learning.

  23. It's confusing to me because a somewhat substantial movement within progressive circles is prisoners rights and not treating them like second class citizens. I don't disagree with this movement but these groups seem to distinguish between prisoners who come from poverty and prisoners who might commit crimes like Kyle and who are not necessarily from lower socioeconomic circles. While I appreciate these "groups" of people (if we can so easily slap them into groups) are different, im not sure we can justifiably deny any of them to an education.

  24. This is "cancel culture". And it's very bad. It's harmful to everyone. We need to stop this crap. Besides, it's not like Kyle is going to have A LOT of nursing employment opportunities. Many doors are already going to be closed to him.

  25. The issue isn’t that they don’t want criminals to have a right to education but they want to exclude those they see as their political adversaries from receiving an education

  26. Way to attempt open mindedness. Now may i ask the question, what if someone starts spouting off left wing crap? Well of course, THEY get to stay then.

  27. As an ex-con who turned my life around, thank you. I love you and other like minded people. We get stereotyped and generalized which more often than not leads to recidivism. It’s a vicious cycle that we could end with the approach in your post. But that’s not what keeps the money flowing so here we are…

  28. There really is an illiberal mindset among some of the most politically liberal people. I have a daughter in college who drives me crazy with her sense of entitlement to not being offended. And she is particularly easily offended. More often than not I agree with her sentiments about how people ought to treat one another and the importance of being kind and thoughtful about others’ opinions, histories, and concerns. But she has no compunction whatsoever about making selfish demands in the name of “what’s right”. Over Thanksgiving break she was home from school. Thursday morning (almost afternoon) she woke up, came in to the kitchen where my wife and I were preparing the turkey and went nuts- faux gagging at the smell of the raw bird, chastising the two of us for eating meat, and worked herself into a frenzy demanding that we use different utensils (not merely washed utensils) than she was using to make her tofu somethingorother. It was actually funny.

  29. I don't care who you are, you should never be banned from pursuing an education. These "students" really should be focusing on their own development.

  30. I wonder if these students know that actual inmates are very likely taking correspondance courses from their university right now?

  31. Why do we give voices to idiots. How many of the kids are actually crying about this? 5-10? This is a non story meant to piss you off.

  32. Because it generates clicks. You are here commenting on it. If the article was "Common sense thing happened today in Tulsa" you and I would scroll on by.

  33. Same, I already thought the far left was annoying but the amount of stupidity which came out because of this trial was seriously mindblowing. How the fuck can people be so braindead and partisan that they refuse to acknowledge facts and would rather prop up a pedophile than admit they were wrong in ruining a 17 year old's life? Fuck it, at this point I might just register as an independent because both sides are seriously pissing me off.

  34. I mean, this isn’t even worth reporting on, but the Guardian’s hungry for clicks, so now it’s a “story” because outrage sells better than anything else. In reality, it’s bullshit, will go nowhere, and should be swiftly ignored.

  35. It isn’t enough anymore. You need to be actively ruining the lives of people you politically oppose (even if you are only slightly in disagreement).

  36. Agreed. He wasn’t convicted (not getting into this debate here) so he shouldn’t be prohibited from being able to do every day things, shit head or not. Yes he can be chastised, rejected by private businesses, etc. Plus, as someone below mentioned, even a convicted felon should be able to get an education. An ONLINE class seems like the perfect place for that to happen.

  37. Words are violence these days…… so why wouldn’t everything else be violence as well?! These people are insane, we should stop listening to them or taking them seriously. The Twitter mob is not real life, and these students are probably a tiny minority.

  38. If every school refuses to enroll him, then he'll be forced to make a living on Newsmax or OAN. He'll likely get more extreme and the public will be forced to see his face more.

  39. If a student is enrolled in an online class at ASU they gain access to parking facilities, libraries, sporting events, and online resources used by other students for communication. I’m also not taking a side here but I don’t think it’s absurd for students to speak out of the university is giving access to someone who makes them feel unsafe.

  40. Man, I don't like the guy either, but this kind of stuff is what emboldens the Right and is doomed to fail. Honestly, let this fucking thing die and stop with this yelling at air.

  41. lmao it’s fucking ASU. as a student you’re more likely to get stabbed by a hobo on Miller ave than ever see this dude. tempe is a big big city smh

  42. I lived in the area a long time ago but is Miller ave slang for Mill Ave or was some new avenue created on campus?

  43. Right? Someone from another state taking an online course is making the campus "unsafe" meanwhile they've got a bad homelessness problem that's only getting worse, a bar street basically attached to campus, a high-traffic public road running right through the middle that anyone can drive through or walk along, and at least one gun store that I know of a mile down the road. If these clubs are really that concerned with campus security then they've got some much, much bigger issues to address first.

  44. Meanwhile a frat killed a girl and dumped her in a canal and all they did was revoke their rights to have a frat house on campus. ASU a pillar of the community.

  45. A guy rushing a frat got drunk at a rush event and drowned in a river* what an incredible misstatement of what happened lmao

  46. Same here. After a lot has happened last year I just kind of accepted the version of the events news reported and went on with my life. Nothing much has been happening lately, so I dived into the trial and I was shocked how many utter lies we have been told.

  47. As an adult should. Changing your opinion doesn't make you stupid, not changing your opinion in light of the facts does.

  48. Wow. Thanks for being normal and logical. This is what everyone’s reaction should be. Instead cancel culture likes to pursue ideology above facts.

  49. Same boat here bro. Used to think he was evil until I read up and watched the videos. Kyle is literally just like any other kid, shit situation. Feel awful from him. His life will be completely defined by this moment.

  50. Thats nice but the sad part is the majority of the evidence presented in court was widely known to people who decided to research the facts.

  51. I was in the same boat as you. The media did a real dis service in their reporting on this. A lot of people looked at the courtroom progression of the case and changed their tune.

  52. I’m a socialist and even I think this is some stupid shit. It’s just a few bitch babies making a fuss.

  53. Reminds me of that Chapelle skit "Celebrity Jury Selection" where he says "sometimes adults sleep with children and it doesn't mean anything. I don't think he's guilty."

  54. This might even help his lawsuits as he can objectively point to the negative ways the defamation of his character impacted his life and career.

  55. Whether people agree with the verdict or not, he needs to be allowed to live his life. Otherwise, what's the point of due process?

  56. Seeing as Students for Socialism AsU are calling Kyle a racist murderer in their tweet about their "Keep a Killer off their Campus" rally, I'm gonna take a shot in the dark here their only knowledge of the trial is through Twitter.

  57. Its almost like people don't want to give him any viable option other than resorting to becoming an alt-right celebrity.

  58. If he's smart, he'll legally change his name and have a judge do it under seal, without any of the public notice it usually requires. No one will remember his face in a few years, especially if he puts on some facial hair.

  59. They always have been - difference is now mass media eats this crap up and spews it back out to the public to increase their engagement metrics.

  60. He was acquitted. A jury of his peers heard the facts, saw the video, saw his and others testimony, and unanimously decided to find him not guilty of all crimes he had been charged. Asking for him to removed from online classes, is wrong. The fact that this young man wants to be a nurse - good on him. Let’s let the young man go on with his life.

  61. I'm admittedly not overly familiar with the college nursing curriculum, but it seems like one of those fields where in-person learning may be preferable.

  62. I feel like these stories are fabricated to continue to divide certain people who feel very strongly on One side or the other I feel like there’s definitely a department of the media intentionally set on creating divisive opinions and posting them to the Internet to generate more clicks and get more people talking about outrage other people are feeling because eventually you’re going to be on side a or B or have no opinion on it but still be talking about it further generating more clicks. I feel like this Rittenhouse guy is probably going to get famous among right wingers as the character he represents and infamous among the left because of the hatred he represents. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started to be a reoccurring persona on Fox News or the Ben Shapiro show to comment on future divisive events. I get real events happen as well but some shit just seems generated

  63. You can hate Kyle all you want, but this attitude from students stands as an example for what is currently wrong in academics. Students and professors are no longer capable of dealing with the inconvenient reality. They demand people and topics they not like be removed so they can have their safe spaces. Get a grip! Kyle was found to be innocent. He may be a prick or maybe he's a good guy, we don't know him. Demanding to have him removed, especially from an online class, is absolutely ridiculous.

  64. Remember when the idea behind college was specifically to get exposure to thoughts and ideas different than your own? To debate these viewpoints with other people, both to gain an understanding of their point of view and to solidify your own?

  65. I do a lot of volunteering with a books to prisoners program and get this attitude sometimes. Everyone says they're for rehabilitation until it comes to spending more than ten cents on prison libraries or educational programs, or helping them enroll in college classes (whether in prison or after release). Apparently rehabilitation actually means that you should either FOAD or spend your life digging ditches and never try for anything else. Rittenhouse is guilty of being a giant dumbass who wanted to be a hero and got more than he bargained for, and that's it. He's also quite young. Let him study some useful subject and live a normal life and there's at least a chance that ten years from now he'll be a lot more mature and have changed a lot. Shunning him from every normal activity may feel nice in the short term but long term it's a shit thing to do, not just to him but to anyone who's been in priskn or become notorious.

  66. Because they've learned that they can wield real power by acting like soccer players and taking a dive. The more they exaggerate their anguish, the more the school is forced to deal with their drama and cave to their demands.

  67. Because politics have destroyed this country. Their entire identity is their political affiliation, same goes with the right. When you base your entire personality and identity on your political stance, you are constantly trying to make statements to show how good of a soldier you are.

  68. People are all about criminal reform and forgiveness until the literal first second it would cost them anything.

  69. Because these people believe most people in prison are innocent, but ironically Kyle who was actually found innocent, is guilty to them

  70. No matter what you all think of this guy or our justice system or guns or anything else, he was found not guilty.

  71. As a nurse I won’t stand by and watch a fellow American make the worst decision of their life. He should just do computer science

  72. Legit answer—this is just a progression from a build up of political tension on the campus here. There’s a reason only one of the “demands” the clubs gave even mentions Rittenhouse and the rest are just generally about the university

  73. I don't agree with fighting anyone's education but fighting someone's online classes is seriously dumb shit. It's not like you have to hang out with guy.

  74. Gotta say, Reddit’s reasonable response to this case is shocking. I’m as left as Bernie and I find this place can be an echo chamber at times. Not for this. Refreshing.

  75. If we're looking at this from logical standpoint Kyle has not been convicted of any crimes. What basis for they have

  76. “Oh I hate the choice of people who are also taking the course with me. A course that I’m privileged to take, something that half of the world’s population lacks either the resources or the access to. In fact, a big chunk of the world’s population would kill to have a good internet connection so that they learn something on their own, cos they’re unfortunately not having the financial means to get into a big university in a developed country. But I protest against the inclusion of someone I don’t like in an online class, cos I’ll have to see his face on my laptop.”

  77. Yes let’s blacklist the man from studying for gainful employment that will surely ensure that the remainder of his life is peaceful and uneventful.

  78. After seeing the Reddit thread on the verdict it really came down to your media bubble. If you watch MSNBC or CNN you though this kid was a racist murderer from day one.

  79. It would be interesting to ask people who have a problem with Rittenhouse being enrolled at ASU, would have a problem with the person he killed who raped young children attending the school if they were still alive.

  80. These groups aren’t really worried about their safety, they’re looking for clickbait attention and they’ve gotten it. If their campus is already so unsafe, why do they attend? ASU’s reputation is the big loser here

  81. This doesn't even make sense, denying someone an education if they've served their sentence is already fucked up. Denying someone an education for being found not guilty is even more stupid.

  82. Yeah, as expected - his problems are not gone with jury declaring him innocent. His life is not coming back to normal anytime soon.

  83. Y'all freaking nuts there over the pond. He's no hero, but he's also not guilty. That situation would have been declared self-defense pretty much everywhere in the world, my country included. Do I disagree with an underage person having a gun ? Yea. Do I think it would have been better for him to stay home ? Sure. Was he was attacked by a maniac after being threatened by death ? Even after trying to run away ? There is video evidence that proved it at court.

  84. He was trying to protect a minority-owned business, and he shot scumbags who were most likely there to start fires and tarnish the noble reputation of BLM.

  85. Tell me you didn't watch a single minute of the trial without telling me you didn't watch a single minute of the trial...

  86. Even if he was proven guilty, schools can't discriminate based on criminal history, right? And he's attending online, who cares? But bullying a student for political agendas is probably against school rules and these kids should be reprimanded.

  87. He was not a vigilante. The reason his not guilty verdict was treated with dismay is because news outlets like this one have been misleading the public. They are stirring up the racial divide in this country, as are communist groups like the one calling for his removal from school

  88. Come on… Wouldn’t it be nice if this kid actually brought something decent to the world? He was acquitted… There’s no reason to prevent him from getting an education.

  89. "Boo hoo, we didn't like the verdict of a clear cut self defense case and now we are gonna cancel an innocent man from being in ONLINE classes."

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