Judge Rejects “Divine” Authority Claim Of Ex-‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Actor & Accused Rioter As “Gobbledygook”

  1. I do love how he says he isn't subject to US Law, until the judge casually mentions those people tend to not he released pre-trial, then chats his lawyers where they no doubt confirm and then he's all "alright, ill follow your rules...". True convictions clearly.

  2. Lol. And certainly I agree with the judge. "The judge did not disguise her impatience with Beeks, snapping at one point, “I have no idea what you’re saying".

  3. Religion is a powerful thing. People think their special, have unnatural confidence which others have a hard time questioning, and even though they may be wrong, most people are unwilling to contest it as passionately as it is pushed.

  4. So spews SovCit bullshit, gets told that SovCits don’t get pre-trial release… pauses for dramatic effect… consults lawyer that SovCit doesn’t believe in… Shuts the fuck up… still gets pre-trial release.

  5. I love that the judge threatened to jail him until his trial, unless he shut up. Seeing as he agreed to GPS monitoring and a curfew, he must not have been making a “special divine appearance,” after all. What a maroon.

  6. So the guy who played Judas turned out to be a traitor? Jesus fucking Christ, the jokes are writing themselves.

  7. This is why I love courts of law. All the nonsensical political bullshit is mostly washed away and actions matter more than words, ironically, as words describe the actions.

  8. Every time I look at you I don't understand, why you let the things you did get so out of hand.

  9. What are the chances this nut bar actually abides to these pretrial release conditions that he agreed to only after his lawyer stepped in?

  10. "I don't drop character till i do a dvd commentary 20 years 5 years house arrest stand in a corner for 10 minutes and apologize for trying to overthrow the country"

  11. That's an easy one, actually. Jesus effectively prophized to his face that he would fulfill his role in god's plan by betraying him for some money he didn't even want. Guy was loyal until he was told he would act with disloyalty.

  12. How do you think you are going to get off, when the guy you are idolizing or representing actually WAS mocked and crucified?

  13. Some delusional bigot somewhere thinks this is an attack on Christianity. If they don’t, the GQP will start spreading that message.

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