Ikea is offering a tiny apartment in Tokyo for less than $1 per month

  1. For a young person that has a job in the Shinjuku area, that's actually a pretty good apartment. It's actually, taking the loft into account, bigger than two different apartments I had in Japan.

  2. A friend of mine who lives in the Tokyo metro area, he lives in a super small place. He says he never has people over and he and his friends mainly go out if they are going to hang out. So it isn't like people are entertaining in their apartments either.

  3. Ikea is offering A SINGLE apartment in Tokyo for ONE person. This is a crappy promotion made to get Ikea's name into the news and on Reddit.

  4. My dorm in France was 9m2 for 200 € a month and it felt like a damn palace compared to dorms in the US. The same room would have been at least a double and cost several times more. 9m2 isn’t bad!

  5. I have never been in the prison cell. This is a horrible reference imho. It means nothing to me that this is a little over twice the size of a prison cell.

  6. I’ve had IKEA furniture for well over 20 years. Yes it maybe a little bit lower grade than something that costs 10x as much. However if you don’t move from house to house, assemble it correctly, and don’t exceed average weight.. I think it holds up just fine. Out of over twenty large items that I have bought, not one of them had failed prematurely.

  7. i have a friend that used to live in an apartment exactly like this in Osaka. for one person its perfect. had a little washer and dryer that he controlled with his cell phone too.

  8. not too long after Kanye said he talked with Ikea about housing and homelessness, and how some people choose to be homeless. This would be a great living space for those types of people. Just a safe space to sleep and do necessities

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