Why Dollar Tree is ditching $1 forever

  1. So they are ditching the $1 but not the name? Now it should be called "Waste of money for only 5 dollars"

  2. My fiance works at Dollar Tree and says it's actually pretty alright by chain retail standards. But I'm sure it's store-to-store.

  3. Is this supposed to be weird? "Dollar" stores in Canada started charging more than a dollar in the early 90's. They're now basically $4 and under stores and you can get decent cleaning products and other basic home goods. I can't imagine the kind of crap Dollar Tree must have been selling if it was a dollar in 2021.

  4. Even in the US, dollar stores have stocked a huge quantity of more-than-$1 stuff for years now. I remember buying a pack of batteries for my car key fob at Dollar Tree in the US and it was at least $3 - actually more expensive than Amazon but I needed them ASAP.

  5. Hate to be those clerks those first few days after the switch. I'm sure they'll be getting a lot of s**t.

  6. I don't get all the dollar tree hate in this thread. I've gotten so many useful little items there, that were equal in quality to what other stores charged way more than a dollar for. Long as I shop carefully and look close before buying, shopping there is great. Have saved many hundreds of dollars there, maybe more.

  7. I hate Trump. But Dollar Tree has been trying to do this for decades, and even followed through in the past only to go back on it because of customer backlash.

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