U.S. FTC orders Walmart, Amazon to provide information in supply chain probe

  1. The goals of the study will be to determine if supply chain problems have led to particular bottlenecks, anti-competitive practices or higher prices, the agency said in a statement.

  2. My reading leads me to believe that the supply bottleneck has more to do with certain parties not moving empty containers back to where they are needed.

  3. Yeah I was just talking with a guy about this. It's the companies like Walmart who are not moving shipping containers that are creating a portion of the bottle neck. Those are the certain parties.

  4. Walmart seems to be the only store able to get their hands on Xbox Series X consoles, and they're selling them for a 200% markup. Of course there's fuckery about...or maybe it's a lack of enforcing regulations.

  5. Walmart is selling them at MSRP. If you're talking about the swath of consoles on walmart.com selling them for a markup, those are 3rd party sellers that are scalping them. You can see it says "sold and shipped by" and then the name of the company.

  6. https://www.newsnationnow.com/business/supply-crisis-drives-walmart-and-rivals-to-hire-their-own-ships/

  7. I am sure there are many items that are getting in short supply. I feed about 20 feral cats. Plus, give them birth control. I am waiting to hear if Amazon can find some of my order of wet and dry cat food. The stores here are mostly out of canned cat food.

  8. A person earlier was commenting on empty shipping containers being left on docks, this as you know stops full containers from being delivered, as one of the culprit for shortages and inflation.

  9. It took my pharmacy a week to fill an insulin order waiting on product to come in. There's a supply chain issue that makes you sit up and take notice.

  10. Yeah, the FTC like the SEC has failed us as we failed to be more engaged, but this only means we should encourage these investigation through engagement with our local and state politicians.

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