S.C. woman gets $10 million in Walmart lawsuit after stepping on rusty nail, losing most of leg

  1. Just a heads up to everyone talking about tetanus: the article makes no mention of it. While getting a tetanus booster routinely and in cases of penetrating trauma are definitely good ideas, it probably wasn't what led to her losing her leg. The feared consequences of tetanus are mostly neurological. This was probably (based on the very limited information given by the article) a necrotizing soft tissue infection caused by a different bacteria. There aren't really any immunizations to prevent these kind of infections and they can spread INCREDIBLY quickly. Look up necrotizing fasciitis and gas gangrene. These infections can easily be fatal, so losing a limb is often a best-case scenario when the infections are eventually detected.

  2. Another possibility is that she has diabetes and the foot wound never healed, causing a slower sort of infection that still lead to amputation. We really don't know the root cause of her amputation (other than the nail).

  3. My sister is a nurse. She told me a story one of removing an infected gallbladder or an appendix from a patient. It accidentally touched the walls of the body when removing it. A day after surgery they are checking the wound every 30 minutes or so and were regularly replacing the bandages. All of the sudden, not 15 minutes after last checked, she asks for the nurse to take a look at it. Necrotized fasciitis. Black and discolored rapidly eating away at her abdomen. They rush her to surgery. She codes in the elevator on the way. It happened that fast.

  4. Just to piggyback on this, an infection due to a puncture wound through a shoe is not uncommon and requires antibiotic coverage. I have no idea what the person did after stepping on this nail, but if she did not go see a physician, she screwed up just as much as Walmart did.

  5. All I'm gonna say is that I, personally, don't use MY legs much, so having to sacrifice one to stick it to the fucks at Wally's would bring me great happiness.

  6. Sad that this lawyer only pulled out $10 million. She should have gotten a large firm and probably would have gotten more money. $10 million does not go far enough to help this individual for the rest of their life having to deal with this injury.

  7. Ive been to walmart a lot and ive never seen any nails on the floor. But if I did step on a rusty nail, that went through my shoe, I would certainly go get a tetanus shot

  8. Piggybacking on this comment to say a plantar surface puncture wound through a shoe also requires antibiotic coverage with ciprofloxacin in addition to a probable tetanus shot depending on what punctured the foot and last booster with boostrix

  9. “ Jones visited the hospital and had to have a hole cut in her foot to treat the wound. This treatment eventually led to multiple surgical amputations, resulting in her losing her right leg up to just above her knee.”

  10. As an attorney, I must confess that I thought this lawsuit would have cost Walmart an arm AND a leg, so my legal opinion is that it was a favorable settlement.

  11. I worked maintenance at Walmart for a decent while. Safety sweeps were a very real thing, and came with a horrific fucking radio jingle that played once an hour.

  12. Jesus. You know, my spouse and I have a silly inside joke about who is the most vaccinated and a few weeks ago when he got a flu shot he also bragged about a tetanus booster.

  13. The pallets used in supermarkets are trash. They fall apart all the time, possibly leaving splinters of wood or even nails. Probably wouldn't be hard to miss a brown, rusty nail on a brown floor.

  14. I came here because my doc recommended I get a tetanus booster after 10 years now since the last one. I was able to get it with my fly shot, walk in.

  15. this has made me curious too. I know I had a tetanus booster at some point in my teens, but I'm 40 now. However, I've cut myself quite a few times doing stuff around the stables we have and it's usually on rusty metal. I make mental notes of it in case something starts to spread.

  16. While Walmart should be held liable if they weren't adhering to policies, are they really at fault for everything that followed? Seems like there's a lot of things someone can do for their own health between nail puncture and infection requiring amputation. Is there a lot of context missing here?

  17. I don’t think most people can accurately estimate how much losing your leg will cost over your lifetime. That’s why damages estimations are a thing. Not something you can eyeball. But definitely in the millions over her lifetime for all the costs

  18. since wal mart doesn't really pay their workers nor provide for benefits...10 mil. is chump change for them...i wish it was 10 x's that.

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