Oxford High School on lockdown due to active shooting situation, reports of multiple victims

  1. So three have died? Regardless this could have been prevented like so many other shootings but it’ll never happen

  2. The 15 year old sophomore is detained without incident after. This happened right near my mom’s house and said how crazy it is out there. That’s a small nice Detroit suburb for the non Michiganders. Upscale high income meets farmer area. So you know the demographics.

  3. Oxford, Michigan, for those who can't/don't want to click the link. (there's a lot of places in the US named Oxford after the one in the UK).

  4. People not posting location does my head in. Especially when it's something serious like this. You know people are going to be worried.

  5. Yes thank you I've lived in two states with an Oxford high school that was my first thought. The answer - it was neither.

  6. School shooting should have given it away that this was in the U.S.. Get ready for #prayforoxford. That usually fixes everything.

  7. Funnily enough, when I read the words "Oxford" and "school shooting" in the same sentence, my first thought was, "there must be an Oxford in America."

  8. Usually news like this hits the front page immediately. I had to find out from the public freak out subreddit.

  9. I feel like reddit has done something to their algorithm. I rarely get top news and events in my feed anymore. Reddit is no longer the site that I get the first breaking news of anything.

  10. I'm a Brit so forgive my ignorance here - so on top of being shot or injured and potentially mentally ruined for life with PTSD and flat out fear of being outside etc, don't these kids then get a fat, ridiculous bill charged to them for the surgery they got?

  11. Local news has said the officer is always there. This is common in the larger high schools in south east Michigan. My daughters middle and high school have an officer on site every day.

  12. I go to the school one county north and there is always an armed officer there as well. It’s common here for some reason. This is the first real incident I’ve heard of in the area. We’ve had threats at my school before and tons of fist fights but never anything like this.

  13. So I actually go to this school. At first I heard a gunshot and my teacher was able to lockdown super quick, and since I was in the middle of the school, it took about a half an hour to evacuate, and I’m still trying to get out of our secondary locations parking lot. Apparently the shooter was a 9th grader and injured 6 people. I’ve also heard that one person was shot in the head and likely died.

  14. I'm also a student who goes to this school. I go for half the day, came in just before it happened. Instead of going to a class, I was an idiot who dead sprinted it out the door and just ran as far as I could. Heard shots near me as I ran, before I got out. I feel the same way about you with it feeling surreal, and I'm just not sure how to react. Terrifying.

  15. Y’all are so young, it’s so hard for me to read things like this. I am so glad you are okay, I hope the wounded pull through and I hope the family and friends of those who didn’t make it get the help they will need.

  16. It may not hit you right away, but it will. When it does, don't be afraid to talk to those around you, share your thoughts and feelings, don't keep it all bottled up inside. It is perfectly normal to feel traumatized and afraid after a traumatizing experience.

  17. I hope you see this. When you get home, play tetris or a similar puzzle game like bejewelled or a word game. There have been some studies on how doing puzzles will help you cope with the trauma. You may not have witnessed what happened, but this is still trauma. Tell your friends to do the same. Love from Sterling Heights.

  18. Graduated back in 2012. OHS has had a surreal amount of death around it. This isn't even the first time 3 students were killed in one day. The first time it happened, 3 girls got into a fatal car accident on the way to school when their car hit a patch of ice.

  19. Firstly, I'm so sorry you had to witness this and I am glad you are ok. Counseling is def something you should seek out because even if you think you're okay, you might not be. Trauma is insidious like that.

  20. I’m a mom close by in Rochester and I just want to say I’m so sorry you had to go through this. None of you should ever have to go through this. Please, please talk to someone once you feel you can process today and let your parents hug you a little tighter tonight. I’m just speechless.

  21. A very dear friend is a teacher there and only worked a ½ day. While relieved she's safe, she's feeling a tremendous amount of guilt.

  22. Hey im in the same boat i was there when it happend as well, was terrafying, still not sure how to feel it felt almost unreal, i feel bad for all the people who lost someone or have someone injured. Never thiught it would be our school, its always been a really peacful town.

  23. I am really glad you're ok. This may hit you harder later, so don't be afraid to talk about it with someone you trust.

  24. Can I recommend unplugging from the internet for the night. It will do you no good to be here right now. Be with your family and don't be afraid to take the time to process things.

  25. Medical helicopters continue to remain parked. Word is some wounded have been transported to McLaren hospital in Pontiac via ambulance. Hospital is currently on lockdown no one is allowed in. Some foot traffic leaving hospital. FBI at the hospital.

  26. Friend who went there told me that last week the shooters severed a deer head in the school courtyard and threatened to shoot up the school. They were only suspended…

  27. https://oxfordleader.com/deer-head-found-in-high-school-courtyard-part-of-vandalism-incident/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=deer-head-found-in-high-school-courtyard-part-of-vandalism-incident

  28. How come all of these fucking incidents for the past half decade have literally had the shooters saying as loud as they can "Hey I will probably be shooting up a school" and absolutely nothing is done to prevent it?

  29. Makes me wonder WTF the parents were doing about this. Your kid does something like this and threatens to shoot up the school, you'd better sure as shit lock up your weapons and ammo.

  30. People like you, those who jump to conclusion based on hearsay and then go ignorantly commenting online (as shown by your edit), are every bit as much a part of the problem as every other media source.

  31. The police on scene have said that this incident and the shooting today are not related, as far as they are currently aware.

  32. I think it would be wise to edit the comment with the appropriate information. As of around 5 PM, it is believed by LEO that the two incidents are not related to the same person. It would be good to not spread false information.

  33. It was just yesterday that Twitter post suggesting we use numbers instead of names to identify mass shooters that got onto the front page.

  34. I graduated there, brother still goes there. Have friends that work there. Friends were evacuated, brother is safe but still ongoing.

  35. Radio said in custody. HAVENT heard from brother since then. Also assuming he’s texting about 40 people all at the same time though so fingers crossed

  36. This is my alma mater, and I have family who were in there today. From what I’ve heard, there has been a streak of insane shit leading up to this (like the deer head incident). I don’t know that they are connected, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were.

  37. Mutilating animals is the hallmark of a serial killer or at least a mentally disturbed individual. It's bizarre that the school just released a "everything is fine" statement.

  38. I agree, I think it’s way more concerning. Oxford isn’t a big school, right? Leaving a dear head is psychotic behavior, so having 2 psychos showing at that school is very concerning

  39. Same my alma mater but we all knew this would happen eventually though whether for the same reason or not as this one did I cant say. Bullying was always atrocious at Oxford for several.

  40. What’s crazy is I saw a different series of text messages last night before the news came out that the gun was bought on 26NOV. That series of texts talked about the different things and threats. There was something on 11NOV, and the person mentioned that there were rumors that the school would be shot up on the following Friday (implying 26NOV…the day the gun was bought).

  41. Here is radio scanner traffic of the incident I put together. Descriptions of the wounded have been removed:

  42. These are always shocking. Even more shocking when it’s the school you went to filled with the teachers you grew up with. I graduated from ohs in 2009. There were disturbed incidents then too. Nothing was ever done. People in this community will say how can this have happened

  43. Nearly every major act of terror committed in this country has seen the perpetrator have previous contact with law enforcement and/or juvenile authorities and then not being taken seriously despite their obviously violent tendencies.

  44. Back in 2006, my cousin was a student at Oxford HS and they found out he was building explosive devices in his parents’ basement. A few weeks earlier he had stolen some things from the HS maintenance shed near his house. He ended up going to juvy and has since really turned his life around. When I heard of today’s tragedy at his old HS, it reminded me of all of that.

  45. My parents went there and graduated in the 90s, but they changed buildings since then. Super sad news and super frustrating that the school did nothing.

  46. Sadly, it will be more thoughts and prayers and a few days of “we need gun control and mental health care” and then it will all be forgotten until the next event. No one learns from events like these except for the families who learn what it’s like to bury a child.

  47. Graduated in ‘08 and I definitely remember some terribly stupid things happening my last few years. Bomb threats, false gun sightings, a kid broke into the library thru the skylight.

  48. So the dad bought the gun four days before this, and the kid has been threatening to do something like this enough that students were expecting it and some didn't go to school that day... Just throwing it out there, if your kid has been making threats about shooting up their school, maybe don't buy a gun. I'd say at least don't leave it unsecured, but honestly if your kid is making threats like that, you shouldn't even take the risk to get one

  49. Glad your niece is alright, at least physically. I would imagine the school will offer counseling and I hope she takes them up on it.

  50. If you're able to contact her, tell her sit down and play tetris or a similar puzzle game. A word game would work as well. There have been studies about it helping with trauma. She may not have witnessed what happened, but it's still trauma. Best wishes.

  51. theres a video of in a classroom barricaded you hear him try to act like a sherif and tells them its ok and open the door, keeps talking until he says, bro just open the door and check my badge. then all the kids know its fake and run outthe window and find a real cop soon.

  52. I saw that video earlier today. I graduated a couple years ago but we were taught to never open the door because actual cops would have keys to open them themselves.

  53. Hits very close to home as I was a former Lake Orion High School student (for those not in Michigan, they were the next town over and big rivals). My BIL was just doing HVAC work at Oxford High last week. Absolutely hate seeing this news. Tragic.

  54. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/oxford-high-school-locked-down-due-to-active-emergency-oakland-county-sheriff-on-scene

  55. On the other hand, I don't think exercising constitutional rights is going to save him at all. Sure LE might not be able to prove a motive from him, but he's still going to be locked up for life.

  56. Apparently his parents showed up to the police station and told him not to talk and that he wasn't going to talk to anyone but an attorney and left. Reporter stressed that they aren't cooperating SO FAR... Police chief just mentioned this during his interview

  57. my little cousin is 14 and was in the same hallway as the shooter. managed to run away fast enough through a door. he just started sprinting the second the shots started. i’m just in shock. i held him when he was born and he was 100 feet from dying today. my heart goes out to everyone. trust me, i’m with you. i’m just so… in shock. you never think it’s going to happen to you or the ones you love until it does.

  58. https://oxfordhigh.oxfordschools.org/parents___students/building_communications/november_12__concerns_and_rumors

  59. Scary! I read a few news articles where a 12th grader stayed home (as did all of his friends) because he had a gut feeling something would happen, but no other details. Why did your friends/students there think something would happen with him yesterday? Did he make threats and/or did something happen last week? I hope your friends are all okay!

  60. How many more kids have to die, before something is done. Start charging parents and maybe they will start locking their guns up.

  61. I'm starting to think that besides guns and mental health, the media is also an issue. It's no coincidence that school shootings have gone up since the internet era.

  62. Absolutely, and in so many different ways. The 24 hour news cycle, the near-glorification of murderers, hyper-specific social media communities, cyberbullying, anonymity - this all definitely plays a part in the rise of violence and extremism

  63. I’ve been saying this for years. Firearms haven’t changed much since the 1930s (obviously new model guns exist etc... but the overall functionality/lethality hasn’t dramatically increased in essentially half a century). You can however draw a direct line comparing the rise of the Internet, social media, 24/7 news etc....with the rise in school shootings. To say this isn’t a cultural issue more than anything is being dishonest imo.

  64. How can it be called an "unimaginable tragedy" when they have children rehearsing active shooter incidents as part of their regular curriculum? When an estimated 3,000,000 students are exposed to school shootings every year? When this is the 28th such event in 2021 alone?

  65. My five year old nephew told me one day that they had an active shooter scenario drill, and my heart broke on the spot. A five year old SHOULD NOT even know what an active shooter is, let alone report on a drill like he was telling me what he had for lunch that day.

  66. I don't even know what to say anymore. Nothing said matters because nothing will be done about this. This shooting will be forgotten when the next school shooting happens and then lost in the growing pile of shootings.

  67. “A child not embraced by their village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” We’ve known this since we were tribal. We’ll never change unfortunately enough.

  68. Imagine having Thanksgiving dinner. Talking about how you’re thankful for your friends and family. Just to go back to school the next week and have a friend/relative get shot. It’s so fucked up that shit like this happens

  69. Does anyone else miss not seeing schools being shot up what feels like every week when we had online education?

  70. all the comments are the normal comments that are so familiar because this keeps happening over and, over and, over again.

  71. This is my hometown. OHS is the only high school. Im devastated. Luckily my friends have either graduated already, or their younger siblings are okay. Waiting on updates.

  72. I used to live in Colorado and had gone to the theater that the James Holmes shooting took place in many times. I had already moved out of Colorado when the shooting happened, but it was definitely a strange feeling when it happens at a place that you have a personal connection to even if you weren't there when it happened.

  73. He posted it on his Instagram 4 days before the shooting. Was a SIG 9mm. The way he was talking it seemed like somebody had bought it for him, but that is just an assumption.

  74. If you ask most responsible gun owners they would say that they should be charged. As a gun owner, and someone who lives not far away if it was the parents gun. They should be responsible.

  75. Schools used to have shooting ranges, gun classes, even live-fire shooting sports. There was a time when you couldn't walk past a row of student vehicles during deer season without seeing rifles in the back of pickups. Even when street crime was quite high (60s/70s) students weren't shooting each other. What changed?

  76. I'd be willing to guess it's the increasing lack of community in America. It's very easy for a person in this country (and really in the entire world) to slip through the cracks, unknown to anyone. Such vague loneliness and apathy makes it a lot easier for someone disturbed to consider something like this. Combine that with the slew of other issues and you have this.

  77. Columbine, media contagion effect, copycats, overall degrading quality of life, financial insecurity, rising political instability, etc.

  78. Between 1950 and 1960 there where 38 school shootings in the United States. There was also a lot during 1970 and 1980. The records show them happening all the way back to 1840.

  79. In the early 20th century there were more assassinations, in the late 20th century, more serial killers, and now in the 21st century it is school shootings. I have a theory that it's the same core desire played out in a new way. Perhaps a combo of fame + revenge, and in general looking for the most shocking way to get attention. Honestly I expect in 50 years to see some other manifestation of this...

  80. The internet puts mental illness right in your home, spoken in a way a child has no understanding of how to handle. Parents both work, children are unsupervised. Community in America has vanished.

  81. AG teacher at my high school said they used to bring in rifles/guns, show students how to clean them, bring a deer in and show how to clean it and everything else you mentioned.

  82. This sucks. I'm a school shooting survivor and I know that each and every one of the students there will be affected by this for the rest of their lives. You try to push it out of your mind and a lot of days you can, but it hurts that every other week there's another one to remind you. Whether the solution is fun reform, better mental health care, or something else entirely, I just wish my country would step up and try something.

  83. From some of the other commenters here; he was a well know psychopath. Seems the school knew him to be a danger and passed the buck on dealing with it.

  84. My kid goes to a school with roughly 2000 students. Recently, there was an incident where a student was arrested at his school for bringing a loaded gun to school and making threats.

  85. https://oxfordhigh.oxfordschools.org/parents___students/building_communications/november_12__concerns_and_rumors

  86. I was just reading an article the other day about how the U.S has countless school shootings each year compared to other countries. It's crazy the reality of it all.

  87. We as a country made a choice and a clear statement about where our priorities were after sandy hook happened and we did nothing. That was the perfect storm that should have kicked our asses into high gear and nothing happened. We gotta live with that now. Cause if a bunch of elementary school kids being gunned down wasn't enough idk what will be

  88. It's weird that this tragedy happened in my home state, only 30 minutes away, yet I feel pretty numb to it.

  89. Originally from the Flint area and used to listen to ABC12 each morning. Hearing about gun deaths almost daily numbed it right up.

  90. Speculation: I read this and thought, has to be revenge/bullying shooter. Plus the parents told the teen to STFU to police when they searched his home. Father apparently bought the pistol just last Friday. And the rumors of students staying home that day.

  91. There is an simple solution to prevent these kind of situations from happening, but since Americans do not have the will to change the status quo then you reap as you sow. Gun control works, just look at Australia and their success with reducing murders and eliminating mass shootings.

  92. Shootings are going to keep happening. A shocking amount of teenagers are struggling with mental health and depression. As long as you have thousands of them in a building together every day with easy gun access in many homes, this will not stop.

  93. GOP: it’s too soon to talk about common sense gun laws. How could you bring this topic at such a sensitive moment?

  94. My mom’s friend is the father of the 16 year old boy who was killed. He apparently died trying to disarm the gunman💔

  95. I’ve been to Oxford, (the city not the actual school) before in Oakland, it’s not too far from my College. It’s generally a very safe city, like the population is only a couple thousand, it’s a fairly rural area with the crime rates very low. You would never expect something like this to happen in an area like this that’s for sure. Just kinda goes to show that these events, although awful, can really happen just about anywhere.

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