Ghislaine Maxwell trial: Prince Andrew named among high-profile men who used Jeffrey Epstein's private jet

  1. The pilot also confirmed that UK royal Prince Andrew - who was friends with Epstein - travelled on the American financier's jet.

  2. Epstein offered free jet rides to powerful people. Some so they can do international charity work and some were to pedophile Island. It's going to be very important to point out who went where. There should be manifests that show that.

  3. It’s funny how Qanon people ignore Trump’s friendship with Epstein while accusing everyone of being pedophiles

  4. Didn't Matt Groening fly on the plane with Epstein and got a foot massage from a girl (Virginia Roberts?)? That one has stuck with me.

  5. (Prior to the meat of my comment, I want to state I expect all of the names listed above probably were involved in the sexual abuse of others, because I don't want people to assume I'm trying to defend any of them)

  6. Lots of people took trips on that plane, some creepy, some not. I remember seeing a log of everyone who'd flown on that jet and there were some predators on there, but a lot of famous people who I refuse to believe are. Epstein liked hanging out with famous people, and he liked molesting children. Sometimes those interests overlapped, and sometimes they were exclusive.

  7. Wasn't there a world class violinist in there as well? Him and Chris Tucker are definitely surprising ones, the rest are par for the sexual assault course. Hopefully there are more witnesses with more juicier information that can really put these clowns away.

  8. Trump may be what his is, but he did have Epstein kicked out of Trump Tower. But I’m interested about his flight anyways. We need to know the truth. Good and bad.

  9. Trump flew from Palm Beach to Newark. Not to the private island, just to be clear. Unlike the rest of those you listed

  10. That’s only one pilot. Gulfstream Girl needs to be sitting on that stand as well. She was very active in flying him around and basically became an influencer doing it.

  11. I had no idea that’s who she flew around! I remember watching some of her videos forever ago when I just started flying. Did not expect to see her mentioned in this thread. Pretty wild.

  12. Her defense appears to be "I merely recruited high school girls to give him massages, alone, and there was no reason for anyone, especially me, to think anything untoward was happening..."

  13. Isnt it the same defense used by the recruiters in 2008? It worked for them then, and even got a netflix special being labelled as victims.

  14. I wouldnt but then again i cant afford to just buy a sex slave like most rich people can so i dont have that context. Shit like that changes your morals. Its why we find so many pedophiles and general evil among the wealthy, when you can legally have anything in the world your tastes become twisted to what you *shouldnt * have.

  15. Lol network go down. That’s not happening. She’d already be dead if there was even the slim chance of any high profile names going down. Prince Andrew was already on his way down pre trial. Clint and trump won’t be touched. She’s going to take whatever slap on the wrist she gets; appeal and avoid any additional jail time. Get that time served then disappear into whatever gated community or island she can afford. Nothing ever happens to these people. Too much power, money and influence. There’s always other Epstein. If the government wanted it stopped, it would be stopped. Snowden showed that the NSA listens to all our calls, reads texts and emails. I mean Aston Kutcher has done more to stop the sex slave trade than our govt.

  16. what kind of bullshit evidence is this. We all fucking know he did, there's pictures of him boarding it, sitting in it and getting off.

  17. There's a difference (legally) between us "knowing it" and it being on record in a courtroom during a trial. Might not be a revelation to anyone but it still all needs to come out during the trial and be said under oath.

  18. You know what they say, “If you have to ask…”. You don’t accidentally get on a known pedophiles and sex trafficker’s child sex plane after he’s outed, at least not for wholesome reasons. That’s so easy to avoid, most people have. Especially if you’re rich. Then it becomes a “No thanks, Jeffrey, I appreciate the offer, but Imma just take MY jet to this completely normal vacation, because I don’t mind if they recognize it.”

  19. These names have been out there for a long time? Even pictures are out there of all of them on the plane? It would be nice to hear some new names for a change.

  20. Names AND actual evidence. People are heavily jumping on the guilty by association bandwagon, which don’t get me wrong, I’m suspicious of all of them, but let’s try and keep it legit. Unfortunately, who knows if that will ever happen.

  21. Apparently the only new names are RFK Jr. and John Glenn.. and Trump if you've had your head buried in the MAGA sands for the last several years.

  22. Former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton also took trips on Epstein's jet, along with Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and two US senators, the court heard.

  23. Just to play slight devils advocate on this one early in the trial, it is rumored that more than a few people actually went to this island without knowing anything that was going on there

  24. I would believe that they arrived there not fully understanding what was going on, but if someone says they left the island having no idea what was happening still, I wouldn't be able to believe them.

  25. You are absolutely right. I worked fundraising in NYC at the time, Epstein would lend out his island to NGO's to hold fundraisers 99% of the year, and he would always fly their important funders on his private jet to the island.

  26. The rich and the powerful is an insiders club, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton were friends. Fucking ignorance after all this time is also not an acceptable excuse. I know if I accidentally took a ride from a known pedophile I'd want to expose him to the public! Yet none of these assholes did, that being Trump, Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey. Bill fucking Gates. Yeah I don't buy it for a minute.

  27. Here's the thing. The Royal Family will never allow him to be extradited to go to trial in the US. So it really doesn't matter.

  28. The way Royals have been covering for this bitch, should alone justify getting the guillotine out for the entire British royal family.

  29. Unlikely, since there is almost no way to prove that he knew she was trafficked (as required for it to be illegal at the time), and she was only underage for the British Virgin Islands, and they'd have to prove that he actually had sex with her there, which runs into the se problem of it being her word against his with no other evidence.

  30. So far his crime is being on a plane. I'd love to see him on trial, his interview made him come across guilty as hell, but you need proof to 'nail his ass'. So far there are some accusations that are very difficult to prove and that's it.

  31. Anyone else feel like this is the scene in Harry Potter where Karkaroff is naming former death eaters?

  32. The jet didn't just go to Sex Crime Island: One way to conceal wrongdoing (and ingratiate oneself into celebrity society) is to also do relatively innocuous things with your resources.

  33. He was caught on the plane with Jackie Chan, they were just two buddy cops trying to break up Epstein's criminal syndicate.

  34. Considering former president of the United States Donald Trump and the MAGA cult denied for years he was ever on the plane, I kinda feel like the lede is getting buried on this one.

  35. It’s quite hilarious the amount of insane theories they will defend and believe, but then they will dismiss stuff that frankly is unsurprising and makes sense so quickly when it doesn’t fit the narrative they want.

  36. I don’t remember the denying, I thought their claim was always he was only ever on it to fly to Florida or something?

  37. The new narrative is that sex trafficking minors really isn't as bad as it sounds once you actually look into it and its just the media trying to play nasty to him.

  38. "Jeffrey Epstein manipulated the world around him and the people around him, including Ghislaine,"

  39. This is what grooming is for. Notice how, in each of the four accuser’s cases, discussion about family friend and school comes shopping trips and the like. Posing as a friend while acquiring blackmail information is useful.


  41. Why when conservatism has embraced pedophilia for decades? Just look at their churches, their police officers and well most of the extremist culture of conservativism. Rape is about power, and the basic idiot conservative only cares about power, even when they don't even realize it.

  42. Based on my conservative Facebook friend, the emphasis is on spreading the story that the mainstream media is purposefully burying this to protect their beloved pedos. Helps build the conspiracy plot.

  43. Sadly that would mean admitting that pedos exist let alone rings and very few people want to do that. It's easier to just focus on the very small amount who actually get caught openly and be like 'Yep they're a very rare breed'. Really wish people would actually get involved though.

  44. Still remember seeing a doc from one of his accusers talking about how he raped her because “she looks like my daughter” along with the “mr trump doesn’t let anyone touch his penis unless they wear a glove” part

  45. Why do media outlets always act like it's some bombshell that powerful, wealthy dudes like fucking underage girls? We all know about it, just like the cocaine, the professional hits, the insider trading, the blatant tax evasion.... If you have enough money in this country, nothing's illegal.

  46. It took me about 10 minutes of scrolling before finally finding this article on the US News sub. This should be one of the top articles right now. People are being WAY to quiet about this. Don’t let them sweep this trial under the rug.

  47. Because it’s not really news at this point until something he’s comes out. If she starts dropping more bombshells it’ll trend higher.

  48. It was in every major US paper and news channel today. Don’t blame your inability to get news from normal sources on some conspiracy theory.

  49. They will. No1 wants to get out of their little bubble that pedophilia doesn't or barely happens. I won't lie if I had the means I'd fucking make a tik-tok video about this crap and see if THAT gets people to actually do something; I've got 0 reputation to lose anyway by talking about something so controversial (about how people just choose to ignore it so they can live in their bubbles)

  50. Yes, because there is an accusation but no actual evidence that he committed a crime. If he is guilty then lock him up, but being a creep isn't a crime, nor is being in (decent) photos with women, underage or otherwise.

  51. I was excited about this because I thought that it would mean that FINALLY people would start taking the blinders off of their eyes and actually look into how frequent child abuse is and how it's often those respected in their community. It would help improve society a lot (way less child trauma which means more emotionally/psychologically stable adults which means less cycle of abuse, less therapy needed, and a lot of other positive things I can't foresee).

  52. How come this trial gets art but I got video of everything the prosecution and defense lawyers drank every morning with Rittenhouse?

  53. Probably a lot of rich people. Probably not all for child rape all the time though. All kinds of meetings happen on private jets. He was a rich dude who financed a fuckload of stuff for people.

  54. So we can listen to a song about Cardi B’s vagina and how good and wet it is. Yet, when it comes to this trial cameras are kept out of the court room because testimony may be explicit and offensive.

  55. I would imagine that there may also be abuse victims who could possibly provide testimony and would prefer to remain out of the public eye.

  56. While it’s certainly big to see these high profile names come out, my concern is that we will once again see that there are two justice systems that exist…but I could always be proven wrong 🤷🏼‍♂️

  57. Seen his interview? What a shambles. He buckled after every question, couldn't come up with any reasonable, logical answers for his presence at Jeff's house, parties, island.. nothing. He's as guilty as they come. Given he's royal, he'll get away Scott-free. Fact.

  58. I am sick of the hints and suggestions, reveal who actually did commit crimes or rot in prison. Flying on a jet is not enough, when the bitch absolutely knows who has done some shit.

  59. Aren’t there flight records showing all this? I didn’t think this would be that ground breaking a statement.

  60. Because crazy people made up conspiracy theories to deal with their inability to deal with the fact that there are a lot of things we don't know about his death (lack of hard facts is a usual precursor to conspiracy theories). Now that it seems like, at least this part of, their conspiracy isn't panning out like they hoped (Ghislaine being killed), they would have to admit that they have no basis for the rest of it, and admitting that they're wrong is never going to happen.

  61. Folks, just a reminder that being on the jet is not the same as committing the same crimes as Epstein. Chris Tucker is on that list and I can't really see him doing that.

  62. Oh yeah are you bros with Chris Tucker? You know a lot of details about his private life that rule out any foul play?

  63. What do you think he would be doing on that jet? You don't just chill with Epstein because you like his personality or something. The dude is a huge creep publicly and privately.

  64. I can see a lot of high profile big wigs innocently being ensnared in Epstein's orbit...but Bill Clinton flew on Epsteins private plane at least 26 times and was seen on the island by groundskeepers. And Bill Gates seemed to have much more of a quid pro quo comprehensive relationship than previously reported. Something you definitely won't hear about from MSNBCNN or the twitter blue checks.

  65. Is that all it takes for you to be convinced that someone is part of a pedophile ring? I’m not saying they are or aren’t, but that’s some weak evidence. At least with prince Andrew there are victims. Has anyone come forward and accused Clinton or Gates?

  66. Has Reddit accepted bill Gates' dealings with Epstein and all their visits together over a course of years? Or is Reddit still jerking him off and pretending he's some saintly billionaire?

  67. All of these influential pervs all deserve to be locked up and raped just like their victims, just because they had rooms full of money they get away with it.

  68. Sorry to ask, but what exactly about Epstein’s plane is bad? Do they do bad things on the plane? Or does it take everyone to a place where they do bad stuff? Does the plane only go to that certain place? Because if it doesn’t I don’t think it makes sense all these people are in trouble, unless there’s more to it I do not know of. All I know is Epstein has been under fire, for I believe sex trafficking and pedophilia, an island where they do these things? I don’t know if that plane only goes to that island, or if it’s just general use for any friends of his.

  69. The prosecution will be trying to suggest a pattern of events, namely that the plane was used to ferry trafficking victims and rich powerful rapists to the island again and again.

  70. I doubt this happened and everyone named should be investigated but if I wanted leverage on otherwise good people I’d invite them on a plane used to cater to pedophiles desires without them knowing it’s real use until we’re in the air. Then I’d tell them. And tell them their name is now on the list and they’d better protect me or it will end up in the news alongside the names of actual pedophiles.

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