Unvaccinated travellers barred from planes and trains as of today

  1. Not all the unvaccinated. Remember there’s a huge group of us dealing with chemotherapy and other medical issues that prevent us from finally being able to get the vaccine as much as we may want it.

  2. yep some people get really 'irrational' when their basic freedoms are taken away. How dare they! I love feeling smug living in an echo chamber, it does wonders for the ego.

  3. Really? People with heart conditions, who've not yet been approved by their cv are irrational? Let me tell my wife she's irrational. That'll go over well for me.

  4. I know an antivaxxer from Los Angeles who has been very excited for a big budget ski trip to Canada scheduled next month.

  5. I was really hoping it was for the US but saw the .ca and knew it wasn’t. I’m still holding out hope they’ll implement something similar here. I don’t need to see my anti-vaxx in laws nor do I want to.

  6. Maybe Canadians have more trust in their healthcare system because it actually takes care of them instead of extorting them for money. I'm not surprised people in the US are skeptical of vaccines when their entire lives they've experienced the most monstrous healthcare grift in the entire world.

  7. Fudge. I thought it was for the US too. Sad times. Ah well. 3rd or 4th wave coming, I lost count. My arm is going to be so sore on my next booster shot.

  8. As a Canadian who chose to get vaccinated: I think it's unnecessary up here. 90% of the eligible population got the first dose (that number is lower since they recently changed the eligibility to kids now)

  9. I don’t know when Bidens new thing will go into affect or if it will at all but I suspect it will boost vaccination rates

  10. Eh I sorta fill that role as security. I just tell them sorry, but you can't enter until you can provide proof of vaccination or a 72 hour negative test. You would be surprised how after, what a year or so of reopening and snide remarks from anti-maskers how little I care about their insults.

  11. I will never understand why this wasn't a thing, everywhere, from the very beginning of widespread vaccination access. (I mean, I get it, because too many people are dumb and vote, but I don't get it)

  12. For what it's worth, the headline makes it sound like there were no policies in place at all before. It'd be more accurate if the headline read "negative Covid tests are no longer sufficient for someone to get on a plane or train in Canada, starting today - proof of vaccine is now the only accepted option."

  13. Canadian here, my dumbass antivaxx Landlord saw this coming and left for vacation with his family to somewhere on Friday. Planning to go for 6-8weeks on the drop of a hat. They were in a rush to beat this announcement. Any chance they'll be stuck out of country?

  14. Seems like there's a significant chance they'll be stuck out of the country...or they'd have to drive/bus back.

  15. You should be worried about that cat. I echo some one else’s sentiment to call an organization that can do something about neglected pets. I’d be very curious how they even provide 6 weeks of water and food for the cat and know it will last 6 weeks. Never mind the litter box in that time.

  16. For the most part, countries can't permanently deny entry of their own citizens (called the right of return, though it may extend to non-citizens in some cases). Specific to Canada, the first line in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms says:

  17. Can someone explain why a negative test, proof that you aren't spreading the virus which is the justification for these measures in the first place, isn't enough anymore? You vaccination status is just your vaccination status, it doesn't prove you aren't infected and will result in the continued spread, so why the different treatment for the two?

  18. As a Canadian I'm happy. The vast majority have done our part throughout this whole thing and it's not fair to put us at risk. The anti-vaxx crowd has been allowed to make their decision as they wished, we're not mandating, but for once we're not making the majority suffer for the very vocal and very small minority.

  19. This has always been my view since it became obvious that even those who are vaccinated can still catch and transmit Covid, albeit that the effects are likely to be less and transmission seems to be reduced. I feel that vaccinations have made people more complacent.

  20. Can usa start this policy too please? Im tired of having to get a new vaccine every month because cleetus n his cousin wife decided to let covid mcgangbang their 12 inbred kids spitting out new mutations every week.

  21. Yea I feel the same way. I am very pro-vax myself but its almost cringe to read threads like this. I like Reddit for the conversations it can spark. I don't want to hear things I already know. I want to hear the counterpoints so I can see what the other side is feeling and understand them more. I know its rare but healthy conversations do happen on this site and they have helped me talk about these things with a better understanding IRL.

  22. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t spread it. It would make much more sense to do a rapid Covid test for EVERYONE trying to travel if you actually cared about stopping the spread.

  23. You need a negative PCR taken within 72 or IDNOW 24h rapid to enter Canada, as well as be fully vaccinated, plus the chance of being given a random rapid when you cross the border.

  24. People who are vaccinated are still far less likely to catch the disease and if they do it's significantly less severe and shorter. In other words the risk of infection and serious infection is low enough that this is warranted.

  25. We don't even have negative test requirements for domestic travel which would be even simpler and the logical first step. I'd love to see a vaccination requirement as well but I'm not hopeful.

  26. Haha, really? You really think this will convince people to get it? Not just drive more and work around it?

  27. Hope you guys are ready for the next round of lockdowns and the fourth vaccine shot! Everybody is so stupid.

  28. Have fun sitting next to someone who got a single dose of the J&J 9 months ago and has been living it up and raw dogging life like it’s 2019 ever since. Have fun pretending stripping privileges from people with legitimate concerns over an experimental vaccine is helping you stay safe at all.

  29. With that logic I assume he is vaccinated. If he is vaccinated what's the concern? Perhaps he can still get the disease from a non-vaccinated person, or a vaccinated person while on the plane. But he should have a better chance at mild symptoms right?

  30. Reddit is a massive echo chamber… the idea that you’ve stripped rights away from people who choose to not get “vaccinated” against a virus that somehow still can be spread and contracted amongst “vaccinated” is beyond insane.

  31. Please quote the part in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom where it is a right to fly or take a train. Thanks in advance.

  32. If our grandparents were people like you we’d never have eradicated Polio. What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you that selfish and spoiled and cowardly? Do what needs to be done to eradicate this disease. Lives are being lost.

  33. You guys have some serious issues, wow. The vaccine is so godlike yet you’re so afraid of unvaccinated people, crazy

  34. I fly often and the airlines are constantly expressing the fact that covid transmission on airplanes is virtually zero. As a matter of fact, once in a while I used to catch colds etc flying, but now that everybody is wearing masks, I have not been sick. This travel ban is not science.

  35. So, you are aware that COVID spread among the vaccinated is much much lower than that of those unvaccinated. It's a win because in planes and trains, you're locked into a steel tube, breathing recycled air... so by eliminating those who are unvaccinated, that means the possibility of COVID being spread while on public transportation (like this) will effectively be at zero.

  36. A vaccine is like owning a gun to protect your home. It can be a good thing to have one, but it doesn't mean you won't experience a problem when someone smashes into your house at 2 AM on a work night. Nobody has time or the energy for that shit. The gun is an effective way of protecting yourself but you rather not be surrounded by people who want to put your aim to the test.

  37. So it’s not about actual health/safety it’s just a tool for coercion? Are we fighting a virus or fighting a political war, which is it?

  38. We flew over thanksgiving weekend, and I hadn’t flown in almost 8 years. I packed all of our vaccine cards in my bag and had them at the ready thinking this was already a requirement. I’m glad it will be.

  39. The vaccine radically slows the spread so this makes sense. The MRNA vaccines even with Delta reduce the chance of testing positive by about 70%. Even if a vaccinated does test positive they are contagious for only a day or two compared to the 5 or 6 days of the vaccinated.

  40. Oh look, a recent low karma account that is anti-vax. What a surprise. Sadly, you probably aren't even the dumbest person in your group of friends.

  41. Pretty much guarantees Canada can't blame an unvaccinated person for bringing the Omicron variant into Canada.

  42. No shit Sherlock no vaccine grants 100% immunity but it stops you from catching it, more easily spreading it and possibly dying or letting it live long enough inside of you to mutate into something worse. Amazing how the do some research crowd hasn't done any, couldn't define it, and only uses books to crush bugs.

  43. I’m just observing this thread, and not against you, just as light heartedly as possible wanna say this is the longest post about whining, and involves some extremely cynical whining, not to argue just found it ironic.

  44. Not a fan of this one. There's plenty of countries that accept unvaccinated travelers. The government shouldn't be getting in the way of them being able to get a negative test to travel to a place they'd be allowed entry to.

  45. Lol. If there is anything to take away from the comment thread here, it's that beneath the skin of Canadian friendliness and inclusion lies a classist judgement and desire for domestic segregation.

  46. Nah its just been YEARS of this pandemic and it's about time for you fucking babies to take your medicine. We're all fed up with society's morons holding back our entire country.

  47. Canadians are bland and sanctimonious. Hank Hill nailed it. But hell of a lot smarter government than south of the border here.

  48. How does Canada define vaccinated? Because if it’s two shots an a booster, there’s a bout to be a large demographic of people who think they can just stop at two shots and go “I dID mY paRT anTIvax PleB, I’m NoT RISkinG tWo DAys OF wOrK , I doNT wANt boOsted” who are about to find out they very well indeed are anti-vax and unvaccinated.

  49. What kind of proof do you get in Canada? I would hate to have to carry around my card here (US) simply because it'd be really easy to lose or damage.

  50. 2D bar code, you can apply and get one as the government keeps a record of vaccinated people. You can just use a phone app and get it in a few minutes. Real easy. Or print it out and keep it on you.

  51. They'll fly a gold fringe flag and enforce it under maritime law. I'm sure you can get around it by declaring yourself a sovereign traveler king though.

  52. You have the right to travel by your means. Planes, trains, etc are not part of this as they are not required to let you travel. Just as you can "refuse joinder" they can refuse you.

  53. The USA needs to do this. We need to keep this variant on the ground and not spread globally. If the USA had done this immediately, when we had the first word of this virus in China, borders should’ve been shut down immediately. Instead he goes “it’s no big deal. It’s contained and we’re not worried about it.” He didn’t say that exactly but just a bit.

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