Anti-vaccine Christian broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies at 64 after contracting Covid

  1. When do religious beliefs deviate from being normal into the realm of psychosis? If a man says he is hearing voices, we send him to a doctor, but if a religious leader says he is hearing things from god, people put him in a position of power and leadership. At that point, do his followers also all have serious psychosis also?

  2. I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time — when the United States is a service and information economy; when nearly all the manufacturing industries have slipped away to other countries; when awesome technological powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one representing the public interest can even grasp the issues; when the people have lost the ability to set their own agendas or knowledgeably question those in authority; when, clutching our crystals and nervously consulting our horoscopes, our critical faculties in decline, unable to distinguish between what feels good and what’s true, we slide, almost without noticing, back into superstition and darkness… -Sagan

  3. Except back then they were pretty explicit that they meant Jews. Now they blame Asians (of any nationality) and Mexicans (you know, the millions of unvaccinated ones being allowed over our open borders /s).

  4. You sound surprised that people who built an entire belief system around a ~2000 year-old book still believe things from 5-600 years ago.

  5. Couldn't God also protect him from any possible mask or vaccine side effects for loving (protecting) his neighbors from a global pandemic? Which is a selfless act -- which is a selfish act?

  6. Their own way. They wanted their own way. If there is some transitive property of God-ness that has given us the solution to combatting this virus through collective effort, then the anti-vax movement is full of a peculiar sort of idolatrous adherents.

  7. “Jonathan Lamb described his father's Covid infection as "a spiritual attack from the enemy" to "take down" Marcus Lamb.”

  8. The spiritual attack went after his pride. In this failing he refused a God given vaccine that would have saved his life.

  9. And here we see Jonathan Lamb stepping onto the podium for 1st place, proud winner of the gold medal in mental gymnastics. 🥇

  10. When you can cherry pick any story in religion to justify how you want to view the reality around you the sky is the limit. If I use that method I'd say God is punishing him for the many affair's he's had during his marriage, god is big on plagues you know.

  11. My parents listened to these cultists. Both of them almost died. They still won't get vaccinated. I'm dreading the news of every new variant.

  12. My dad is just like this. He was in the hospital with pneumonia due to COVID. He keeps trying to downplay it after he recovered, but he still can't walk for long periods because his lungs are fucked up. I gave up trying to convince him. He jus says he doesn't want to "end up a statistic" to the vaccine, because of bullshit misinformation about the side effects. I'm not sad these charlatans are dying of COVID.

  13. Unfortunately as you and I both know, they also leave behind loves ones who tried again and again to talk sense into them, only to be ignored at best. These are loved ones who had to come to terms and make peace with the situation and begin the grieving process early, because it doesn't hurt any less when they die. But we've come to realize that this isn't our fault. We tried. But they are grown ass adults who are ultimately responsible for their own choices, and you can't get the vaccine on their behalf.

  14. It really is just being stupid at this point. There are so many excuses made for people like this. As kids we were told not to watch too much TV because it rots your brain, will it seems like that's true for certain channels.

  15. My parents haven't caught it (thankfully) but won't get vaccinated because some right wing douchebags decided to spread a bunch of FUD about it for political reasons. I wish I knew what to do. I don't want to be saying "Now it's too late" you know?

  16. This is so true. My mother is so very much looking forward to her life after her life on earth, that’s she’s willing to destroy every relationship that she has because of her twisted sense of religious superiority.

  17. This huckster didn’t suffer til the end, unlike many of the people he’s been selling a bag of goods to for decades. Fuck him.

  18. Well thats why the religions were set up as they were...the ministers, popes, cleris needed somebody that doesnt care about basically being enslaved by them in this world, as long as they got promised great afterlife after that

  19. We should be actually praising him for sticking to his stupid conviction and going home to die by the hand of the Lord. Instead of staying in the hospital eating up resources that should be prioritized to people who believe in science and medical treatment. Unfortunately, for most ignorant people, they choose to stay in the hospital and not only eat up resources, but question every action by the nurses and doctors to level of unbearable frustration for the care team.

  20. One of many reasons I stopped going to church. I still have my own beliefs, but they don’t fit with anything I’ve found. Christians essentially believe God the father gave us all of this, so imagine if your father gave you a present and you just pissed on it because you believed he had a better one in his back pocket. That’s what I think of most Christians and religions in general

  21. I was down in a rural southern area for Thanksgiving. I never once saw Fox News on a TV. It was all OANN and Newsmax. Conservatives are starting to lump Fox in with CNN and MSNBC as being too liberal.

  22. Fox was requiring vaccination for continued employment in their physical studios. Every single person you see on Fox is vaccinated even if they are fear mongering about it.

  23. The big national politicians and talking heads are usually smart enough to know what’s actually up. It’s the smaller, local, “grassroots” type of leaders who genuinely buy into the bullshit and are the True Believers. It’s like an MLM of sorts.

  24. You know god works in myterious ways and we all play a part in his divine plan. Unfortunately for Marcus Lamb his roll was to serve as an example to his community, so that by his sacrifice others may yet be saved..... by ya know the fucking vaccine.

  25. In Canada we have a place called Harveys and you can order frings which is a carton of both regular fries and onion rings! Never need to compromise!

  26. Is it really a "fix" when these people infect a bunch of others before they take themselves out? It's a bit hyperbolic, but I can't help thinking that they're just a bunch of psychos going on a final murder spree before shooting themselves in the head.

  27. Ex Daystar employee here. Fuck the Lambs. Corrupt PoS, the entire family. They happily steal from the mentally ill and senile. They force data entry people to handle “prayer line overfill” which is basically just a bunch of depressed people who talk about committing suicide, they then try to convince the person that donating to Daystar will make god happy who in return will reward them and make them happy. They lived near me and I went to school with their daughter. They had a $5m mansion and private jet.

  28. This happened to one of my friend's mom in August. She refused the vaccine based on kookadoo religious and political beliefs and lost her life in a week. Her daughters and teen grandchildren were all vaccinated and completely distraught. My friend is posting constantly about how if her mom had just been vaccinated she would still be here. It's awful and selfish of someone to cause their family that much trauma.

  29. Since 2005. He's been one of the most vocal anti-vaxxers since then, and is responsible for a huge amount of misinformation online. Instagram has banned him.

  30. He has been antivax for decades. He has gotten a pass since he is a Kennedy. Which is total bullshit. He has been spreading garbage science for years. Im sure some deaths are on his hands.

  31. It runs in the family. Even JFK thought there was a conspiracy against the American people, he thought secret societies in America was a problem. Thankfully someone stopped his anti science narrative before it got too late.

  32. For religious folks out there, could this not be seen as a sign from God? One of his most fervent believers, sacrificed to show the dangers of this illness. I’m not being sarcastic either. It seems like a legit way to read the situation. Kind of a “wake up folks, this thing is real, take care of yourselves” kinda sign.

  33. No. That’s their hypocrisy. If h got better then “they prayed his lungs would clear and his oxygen levels went up”. However if he died which he happened, it’s because of a spiritual enemy, not logic that god killed him.

  34. There's a cop where I live that was in the hospital (anti-vaxxer, overweight, underlying health issues) and they had a prayer rally to protest the hospital not giving ivermectin.

  35. I will never understand why so many christians, who will say that their god only helps those who help themselves, are so easily swayed from actually helping themselves.

  36. Religiousity and intelligence are negatively correlated. The people who are the "most" Christian are literally the dumbest members of society, on average.

  37. When he gets to the Pearly Gates, the first thing he will say is, "Why didn't you answer my Prayers?" in an accusing tone of voice. The Lord will reply, "I sent you a free vaccine, and suggested you wear a mask and socially distance. Do you always have to have it your way, or will you finally do it my way once?"

  38. what these idiots know about their own religion, i could juggle. Matthew 4:5-7-- "Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. 6 “If you are the Son of God,” he said, “throw yourself down. For it is written:

  39. I'm sure it would be straight to hell for this guy - he was a nasty piece of work, would be more like "why are all these angles shoving pitchforks up my butt?"

  40. He bought his ticket and cashed it in. It's hard to feel sympathy when he was gambling with so many others' lives. It's like he couldn't care less.

  41. I used to watch Joni and Marcus, and they are probably indirectly responsible for plenty of covid thefts and well as robbing grandmothers on their tithe for decades. Good riddance.

  42. I'm not sad. You love to see the world become a less-stupid place, one infinitesimal bit at a time.

  43. “Jonathan Lamb described his father's Covid infection as "a spiritual attack from the enemy" to "take down" Marcus Lamb.” What a poor excuse for a Christian to call Divine Providence an attack from satan (literally means ‘adversary’). Jonathan obviously doesn’t know his Scripture, which clearly ascribes all misfortune and illness as ultimately being allowed by God to test and instruct fallen humanity. When the adversary seeks to test God’s servant Job he has to ask permission to be allowed. The angel of death can do nothing without God’s blessing. Apparently Marcus taught some simpleton’s version of religion where bad things never happen to good people. Weak.

  44. Here I thought that everything happens for a reason because it's all apart of God's plan, I guess that changes when you need things to fit your narrative.

  45. Let me enlighten you. They'll claim he died of something else and the doctors say it was COVID because money. It's all a hoax to them.

  46. Did anyone actually read the article? His son said he was given covid as a "spiritual attack from the opposition to try to take him down." Who the fuck believes these nutjobs?!!!

  47. This piece of shit had a platform and he used it to spread misinformation. Fuck this asshole. Who knows how many people he helped put in the ground. That number is not zero.

  48. One thing I think we overlook is the way rural people respond to vicissitudes and problems of life differently than city people do. They tend to think of many problems that city people seek a solution to, in science generally, as insoluble. They say things like, “I trust God to get me through this.” I, a city person, do not think like that, but I know people a hundred miles inland from me do. It’s the culture of Flyover Country, to avoid seeking solutions, relying instead on things like ‘character’ and ‘endurance’. It’s part of the cultural divide between urban and rural that is being exploited by the political right, who we notice have no solutions to anything because the whole point is simply to ‘stand your ground’ in the face of inevitable cultural change. Covid provides an especially blatant example of the rural American inability to adapt, and it is costing them hugely.

  49. In other news “god smites another heathen for not listening to “gods plan” to protect our earth as if it were the realms of Gondor.”

  50. The rise of "evangelical" is the largest problem. The leaders have found a market for their bs and are working to make it permanent via getting political. Read up on Focus on the Family and James Dobson and if you dare, the USAF.

  51. Wolf in sheep’s clothing gets eaten by invisible microscopic wolves. Cloud without water gets blown away by the WIND OF GAWD

  52. Vaccine misinformation was the least of this guy's sins. His entire "ministry" was misinformation.

  53. I am not a religious person. But if there is God, Heaven and Hell, I imagine people like him go straight down to hell. Right down to the basement.

  54. With an audience so large, there's no doubt: His anti-vax bullshit brainwashed and directly killed many other people before it killed him.

  55. The Omicron variant will sweep through these unvaccinated morons, thinning their ranks even more.

  56. Practicing what you preach allows you to reject modern medicine and die like a medieval peasant. I didn’t see this scene in “idiocracy”.

  57. He was offered Ivermectin(horse vaccine). He was waiting for lamb vaccine. Trump pulled the wool over his eyes.

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