Ghislaine Maxwell: Epstein pilot testifies he flew Prince Andrew

  1. The pilot also confirmed that UK royal Prince Andrew - who was friends with Epstein - travelled on the American financier's jet.

  2. I wouldn't assume that anybody who knew or flew in Epstein's private jet is a pedophile. There would be legitimate reasons for even somebody as unpleasant as Trump to hitch a ride on Epstein's jet, or there could be dubious reasons without them having to do with pedophilia; such as an attempts to influence a political process.

  3. So they have records of Bill Clinton and Chris Tucker but what I want to know is where was Bono?? These 3 used to roll together a lot.

  4. But do we know when? This is the important part. Andrew admits he was friends with Epstein but stopped contacts once he was arrested for six crimes.

  5. Well there's nothing illegal about flying on someone's plane. He has not been charged with any actual crimes yet. Not impossible that he will be in the future though.

  6. I hope that too. Is it ok if I hope they first get the one pedophile attempting to cause a civil war over his fragile pedophilic loser ego though?

  7. Even if they do nothing will happen. They will show a dancing dog on TV and the masses will be distracted.

  8. Sadly the courts are going to need more than "He was on a plane". Rich people hang out with rich people. I'm not saying their not guilty or guilty, I'm just saying that they need more than flying on a plane to prove guilt.

  9. Hopefully this is just the first step, like the foundation. These guys were friends with Epstein, here they are on his plane, here's where the plane went. Continue building with more and more evidence from there.

  10. All of the "they were on his plane" and "they were on his island" things are pretty useless. The guy was an extremely prominent financier. Everyone from Bill Gates to Stephen freaking Hawking was on his plane or his island.

  11. Legally, what is the actual significance of whether or not any of these idiots (didn't know he was a child diddler?, awed by the elegance of the setting? the glamour of the people around them?) actually flew on the Lolita Express (was it called that at the time even jokingly?)

  12. There isn’t any. People on reddit are bored of their lives and jealous of others so they’re quick to assume the worst of anyone who has achieved success.

  13. "I’ve known Jeff for 15 years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life." - Donald J Trump, former and disgraced US President

  14. I love how everyone still talks about this dude constantly. This dude was President for four years but will live in your head for the rest of your life.

  15. Let's also not forget who was in charge of the executive branch, (Trump) which includes the Bureau of Prisons, when Epstein didn't kill himself. Also remember BoP thugs working as his gestapo during last summer's BLM protests in Washington, DC - many of them showing no identity on their uniforms and not all of them ever fully identified.

  16. Public conspiracy, yeah. Rich people hang out together. Not that I don’t believe the rumors, Trump and Clinton are greasy enough that I’d buy it.

  17. Nothing new? Andrew already admitted flying in Epstein's private jet in the (in)famous BBC Newsnight interview.

  18. So what? It's a matter of public record that they were friends, isn't it normal that he might travel on his jet? I don't have a jet, but if I did I'm sure my friends would take a few trips in it.

  19. There are thousands of people who flew on his plane or went to his island, the vast majority of who didn't do anything sketchy at all. Networking was like 90% of his job. Someone being around him doesn't mean they were there for nefarious reasons. 99 times out of 100 it just means they were trying to get financing for something.

  20. There is something in me that hopes that everyone of these Scumbags who ever went on a plane with Epstein lands behind bars.

  21. The vast majority of people who went on his plane/island/house/etc weren't doing anything shady or scummy. The guy was an extremely prominent financier. There are boatloads of reasons for people to be around him that have nothing to do with women.

  22. Hitler's driver and Bin Laden's driver were imprisoned for life just for driving them around. This pilot made enough money more than a mere "driver" that he gets to walk free?

  23. This child abuse program is no doubt still functioning, these sick fucks will continue their perverted activities. Guns and bullets were invented for this situation

  24. Over the next few week I bet you will see racism, shooting, car ramming, Russia, New variant stories run wall to wall. Gotta cover up the real nasty shit goin down right now.

  25. God no, Murdoch will love every minute of burning Maxwell's kid. He doesn't give a shit how powerful people think they are, the guy is a real life bond villain.

  26. Why does the headline only point out Prince Andrew. As other posters have noted, other names were dropped, including Clinton and Trump.

  27. WAIT! We were told that this trial would not be covered by the mainstream media and that Price Andrew would not be discussed. Did the cult and their propaganda mouthpieces lie to us? Again?

  28. I'm laughing hysterically because I read the title quickly and I read it as saying "Epstein pilot testifies he blew Prince Andrew." I kept reading the article, waiting for this juicy revelation, thinking the whole time "man, they're really burying the lead on this one."

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