Supreme Court to hear arguments in major abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade

  1. My prediction is that the Supreme Court will rule that abortion should remain legal, but that states can place whatever limitations they want on the procedure. This will lead to red states following Texas' lead and banning abortion after 6 weeks. Since most women don't realize they are pregnant until around that time, abortion would be technically available but practically not available for most women. (Especially if they can't afford to go to a blue state for a "vacation.")

  2. Many of those same states already have laws that roe prevents action on, so they may be able to just enforce them.

  3. Old enough to remember when Clarence Thomas said he didn't have an opinion on Roe v Wade during his confirmation hearing.

  4. It's called the Ginsburg rule. Just reply with some version of "I don't know" or with enough vagueness that you can't be held to perjury for every question they ask, because they can't force you to give an opinion on past rulings.

  5. If this passes it will be the biggest legacy of the Trump single term presidency. He was able to appoint 3 Justices that would clearly work to overturn Roe vs Wade.

  6. By design. The politicians pushing this, by and large, couldn't care less about life. The wealthy donors backing them will be free to get abortions on demand. This is all just red.meat for their duped base to convince them to vote against their own interests. The pro-life movement is the nation's biggest ever tax evasion grift.

  7. Unless your state implements a policy similar to the one texas which could result in being sued by others for having an abortion in another state

  8. Not even that, but some will take it into their own hands by any means necessary and that’s a gut wrenching thing to think about.

  9. There are so many reasons to want an abortion, many of them complicated, nuanced, and deeply personal. That’s why one of the main constitutional arguments for Roe was about the right to privacy. It’s no one’s business.

  10. Mothers die of sepsis when forced to carry a braindead or otherwise dead fetus to term as a result of these laws limiting the right to choose.

  11. I recently discovered that my very much wanted pregnancy was no longer viable (there was a heartbeat, but it later stopped) and my body for whatever reason wasn't passing it.

  12. Look up the cases in Poland and Ireland. The baby was essentially dead, but because of the restrictive abortion laws doctors refused to abort. Both mother's died from sepsis.

  13. Don’t worry, with shocking mortality rates for both mothers and babies you could both end up dead anyway. It’s not like they are proposing to improve woman’s health while removing abortion rights! Nothing to get over when your dead.

  14. 100% I'm getting a vasectomy if they reverse this decision. We thought we might try for number two in a year or two but no way in fuck am I putting my wife back into the risky business of pregnancy if the state will take medically necessary termination off the table. My wife's life is worth more than a fetus. My wife's autonomy is worth more than a fetus. Period. This shit is disgusting.

  15. The politicians most vocal about banning abortion would be the first in line at the clinic after they knock up the maid.

  16. They’ll also loudly complain about child support laws even though they’ve never even attempted to wear a condom.

  17. They were also just saying that it in order to keep the economy strong, we need to let Covid kill grandpa

  18. I anticipate the American back-alley abortion market may be about to be resurrected, just wonderful. The direction we're headed in is terrifying... You think next they'll come after the morning after pill?

  19. I attended a church sermon when I was very young (too young to remember) about a pharmacist in my town refusing to fill a prescription for Plan B for a woman who was RAPED. Of course this pharmacist was being revered as a hero. My mom walked out during the service.

  20. And fertility clinics, because they destroy fertilized eggs. Once bodily autonomy is gone, I see a future where the rich will find a way to steal our organs too. Just like Jesus wanted.

  21. In 35 years I’ll be going to visit my grandkids and I will be listening to national public radio and I’ll be hearing a story about how red states implemented abortion bans and how it dramatically impacted unwanted pregnancies and how it had detrimental impact to those states.

  22. It's a feature, not a bug. Republicans rely on poor people who can't miss a day of work, uneducated people susceptible to propaganda who can't vote with a critical eye, and criminals to fill private prisons and produce slave wage products and services. Conservatism bounds them to this social structure.

  23. Bans won’t stop abortions. They will stop safe abortions. And the Rich can still fly to California or Canada or some other country to have it done. It only hurts the poor and raises poverty

  24. They’ll stop some abortions, increasing poverty and abusive parenting, but the people in charge don’t care about that.

  25. They will stop a lot of abortions mostly for poor women without means and it will come with a tremendous societal cost and further destabilize the country.

  26. Funny how the right wants to rule over the uterus but when it comes to vaccines, better keep your hands off my body.

  27. Both. McConnell blocking Obama's justice while simultaneously rushing through Barrett under Trump shows they really don't care about hypocrisy and will just do whatever is politically beneficial.

  28. see your first problem is assuming republicans are guided by some logical philosophy instead of just whatever they feel like.

  29. So a state that has repeatedly passed laws enforcing abstinence-only sex education is pointing to advances in contraception access as basis for not allowing abortions…how do you expect your citizens to make proper use of those contraceptives when you won’t teach them about them???

  30. They don't. Unwanted pregnancies to punish people who have pre-marital sex is basically the goal.

  31. My favorite take is that in the oral arguments SCOTUS has basically argued because Mississippi has a “robust” adoption system that the burden of motherhood (what Roe argued) is null and therefore abortion irrelevant.

  32. It's crazy I just saw the Seinfeld episode where Elaine breaks up with her dream guy cause he's anti abortion. He even makes a comment about how he can't wait till there's enough conservatives in the supreme Court to repeal it. That show predicted those nuts would get their way.

  33. I just started finally watching Seinfeld and that guy made me so mad i was so happy when she bailed. Jerry also pissed me off majorly in the episode where he basically slut shamed the chick he was seeing at the time for working as a sex line operator. Such a dick

  34. I'm expecting this to be upheld and the Texas law to ultimately be struck down once arguments are heard. When even Kavanaugh is questioning the vigilante justice aspect of your bill that was meant to outlaw abortions before most women even realize they're pregnant, you done fucked up.

  35. To me this is pretty much the bottom line. It isn't even abortion specific. The only intrusion government should have into medicine is ensuring proper licensing and accountability of those practicing medicine.

  36. having dealt with sexual assaults and knowing others who have, it really bothers me that this is something we have to be retraumatized over. like worrying if it happened again then we’d be forced to procreate for the rapist and risk our health and lives further. people being reduced to this is just more proof we’re seen as commodities. are we all supposed to have permanent, invasive, potentially harmful birth prevention methods or procedures, bring back menstrual evacuation circles, what, to avoid this, even if we are otherwise at no risk of having a pregnancy? it’s just ridiculous and scary. all kinds of situations are possible where abortion makes sense as healthcare and assault is way more common than most people might think. forced breeding is plain wrong and disgusting

  37. to paraphrase a great comedian's view: If you ain't got no pussy, you ain't got no say! It is 100% mom's choice and the dick vomit has no say whatsoever in this decision.

  38. Welp guys. It's over. By June - half of this country will completely outlaw abortion and we'll go back to women dying with botched abortions.

  39. Literally the only thing I can think about regarding this situation is this comment here. Anyone who fails to see the empire crumbling is living with their head in the sand.

  40. What's infuriating to me is that abortion isn't an issue the Bible actually brings up. It's something the Catholic's initially latched on to as an issue that eventually the evangelicals made this sticking point and then the republican party made it their own fight. It's so fucking stupid and obviously this kind of coordinated effort by religion to direct their constituents to vote a certain way. And it's all just based on nothing from what their religion is based on. it's completely insane. I even know that most Christians I know don't actually know how the whole pro-life movement came about and how it ties into their beliefs. Honestly if Planned Parenthood were smart they'd start attacking Religious propaganda like this directly. I want to see a fucking billboard that says "The Bible says nothing about Abortion, Jesus said nothing about Abortion." Because I honestly think you'd get some people thinking about it a bit more if they actually knew this.

  41. Don’t all of you find it surreal that we need to fight for abortions to be legal in 2021? It should be a given in 21st century, not something to be debated.

  42. All I expect is the number of women's deaths from back alley abortions to be higher than the number of mass shooting death victims. Prolife my ass.

  43. If states passing restrictive abortion laws truly cared about unborn children, then why have most of them steadily cut programs aimed at helping expectant/new mothers.

  44. The conservatives have lost every single culture fight they've ever tried to pick. Off the top of my head:

  45. At the rate they are going, they will win the abortion fight in principle if not outright. It doesn’t matter if they don’t convince Americans if Americans can’t do it legally.

  46. ...and their goals are to reverse as many of those losses as possible. And they're going to start being successful.

  47. They don't have the votes; they have the gerrymandering to rig the elections to over-represent backwards, archaic conservative values.

  48. Conservatives have been saying my body my choice when it comes to vaccination. If Roe v Wade is overturned, that's clearly precedent for the govt to override bodily autonomy to save lives. Blanket vaccine mandate time. At least that way we'll get an end to the pandemic if the SCOTUS shits on human rights.

  49. Woman's choice is gone now. Woman, gay people, the disabled, and minorities are directly under attack at this point. I presume that the Supreme Court will be curtailing a lot more rights now... These are the ones that I think they are going to get rid of-

  50. I will never understand why the Conservative side of politics wants to be so entrenched with the Evangelicals. Its a losing issue for us and makes no sense when it comes to having "less government in your life" and then mandating how others bodies can or can not be medically treated. We need to get past this issue and focus on ones that are more likely to gain us voters and has an actual chance of making a difference for less government interference.

  51. LOL conservatives in the US haven't been for less government in at least the last forty years. Anyone who believed that has been sold the biggest bridge. The emperor has no clothes.

  52. Because in a two party system, each party needs to form a coalition of ideals that will generate enough voters to be competitive. If a group starts gaining traction, it is better to co-opt them and bring them under their umbrella than risk a new party supplanting them. It's how they've kept the parties stable for 170 years, while the first 60 years had parties rising and falling.

  53. Conservatives will state that they are against abortions while being ok with their wives and daughters getting them. Those that vote for conservatives are getting played, they dont give a fuck about you

  54. Trump literally bitched on Howard Stern that his wife at the time refused to abort Tiffany and refused later to answer a reporter twice when she asked is he paid for abortions, yet conservatives think he’s anti-abortion.

  55. Correct me if I’m wrong as I’ll willingly admit I’m a moron, but if a state bans abortion isn’t it still legal to travel to a state where it’s legal to get an abortion?

  56. Yes. It will only affect lower socioeconomic folks. The very people that are statistically much more likely to actually need/want an abortion.

  57. Literally, millions of people have spent about 40 years voting in every election with the single goal of making abortion as hard as possible if not illegal. They'll do it for the next 40 without breaking a sweat if need be.

  58. Now compare that to Democrats who, less than 1 year into Biden’s term, are already saying they don’t see a reason to vote in the midterms since Dems haven’t gotten enough stuff done, or addressed their one specific issue. This is why our country keeps pulling right even tho the majority are left leaning.

  59. I think it was Alito talking (please correct me if I'm wrong), making several dishonest claims:

  60. I think they might try and wait until 2022 and the midterms having finished. Challenging roe vs wade would honestly be the dems dream, as it would dramatically increase turnout.

  61. Regardless of abortion the Texas bounty hunter inclusions are the real concern here. If they don't throw that out we will be in the 1984 realm in no time...

  62. Seeing how the justices are leaning I’m expecting a repeal. Not saying right or wrong, just what I would bet on

  63. Many people, including most of Reddit, don't realize that "quietly guts Roe but officially upholds it" won't happen. Roe v. Wade will be explicitly overturned. The firebreathers have the votes, and they've waited far too long. The Right is on the cusp of triumph against what it calls a literal Holocaust.

  64. Conservatives: women getting an abortion are killing their own baby. Also conservatives: if they can't get an abortion these women will become selfless and either put their babies up for adoption or become wonderful mothers with the ability to provide opportunities for their kids. They go from cold blooded killers to loving mothers in a heartbeat, apparently.

  65. You make an excellent point. There’s about 400,000 kids in the foster system. Approximately 115,000 are currently in need of adoption.

  66. I went to very conservative church as a kid. There was a teenage girl there who had an abortion, and she was and her grandmother were made to talk to the church elders and pray for forgiveness. Never mind that she was 16, that she and her boyfriend didn’t want a baby yet, that her only support was her grandmother, who would once again find herself caring for a baby in her old age. Her grandmother did the right thing by helping her get an abortion. How is it morally right to force two 16-year-olds to care for a baby? And before folks say, “Adoption,” know that giving up a child for adoption is also going to be judged, and that many people know they will be unable to go through that process. Choosing to give a child up for adoption is just as personal as an abortion, and no one should be forced to do either.

  67. Why wouldn't they? Urban areas already subsidize suburban areas and rural areas. They aren't going to have to pay for shit because they already don't pay for shit.

  68. does our useless supreme court ever even hear cases that might theoretically benefit people anymore? or is it all just evangelical death cult nonsense, corporate rights cases, political grandstanding, and expansion of executive powers?

  69. This is literally the Republicans/Conservatives trying to control other peoples bodies and lives. This is literally unconstitutional. People deserve their bodily autonomy. Nobody has a right to your body but YOU.

  70. Remember all those times that these justices were questioned in their confirmation hearings about how they would rule on abortion, and they said they needed to see all the facts in the case and couldn't provide an opinion before then as it would be irresponsible? They lied.

  71. They're going to strip Roe v. Wade as much as possible if not outright overturn it. RBG is shrieking from beyond the grave as her position is forever stained.

  72. I've said it a million times since 2016. It's the fucking PEOPLE'S fault for not doing the right thing & keeping trump** & the GOP from power that this shit is happening. It enrages me every time it comes what the fuck did you expect? When you sit on your ass & moan & groan about how you didn't like Hillary and you don't like your fucking choices, well, here you'all can HAVE this choice now & suffer for at least a generation because of the absolute irresponsibility of the American electorate. This country truly has become a shit hole.

  73. Abortion is nowhere in the constitution. There is no chance in hell the people who wrote the 14th amendment remotely thought about how it would affect abortion.

  74. Not only are they arguing about it abortion is about to become illegal in at least half of US states after 50 years of safe access.

  75. The nomination was hijacked from Obama. Congress straight up stole it. Then refused to accept the same reasoning for why Trump should not have been permitted to nominate someone during his last year with a straight face.

  76. Wild the the people who say every fetus is sacred were just saying grandpa needs to die from Covid to keep the economy running

  77. Why cant conservatives just mind their own business? Maybe you should focus on economic policy since almost all of the poorest states in the union are ran by conservatives.

  78. Another day another opportunity for old white men and fake christians to try and control what women can or can’t do with their bodies. I’m so tired of reading these headlines can people just stfu and let women choose/do what is best for them. Sigh

  79. These politicians are not doctors or even people capable of understanding medicine. They should not be in charge of medical decisions, leave those decisions to the doctors who have trained for decades in their field.

  80. Pardon my ignorance, I can’t help but wonder, since the RvW decision, how many hours over the years have the Supreme Court had to listen to and rule upon this one topic?

  81. The supreme court might just fix the election landscape for the dems. Of course we will be running on, itll be worse with a 7-2 court than a 6-3 cause the next likely to go is Breyer the liberal.. and if it is trump in 2024, that will be a far right winger with him having appointed 4 to the court.

  82. You know....for a bunch of people who believe that God is the final judgment, they sure do believe in being extremely judgmental themselves.

  83. This is insane. The only argument anyone has against abortion comes from their religious beliefs or the false idea that a fetus has a heartbeat after 5 weeks (there is no heart. There is an electrical signal that mimics a heartbeat, but no actual heart)

  84. Why does the government care so much about unborn people when it clearly gives no fucks about a majority of the living people?

  85. The current Supreme Court is a horrible farce compared to what it once was. It used to be the one impartial branch of the government.

  86. Sorry ladies, I think this one is going to swing against you. The Court is stacked. The US is undergoing a birth rate decline. Powers that be really want to boost those numbers. We’ve gotta compete with China economically and they say we need more consumers. Handmaiden shit for real.

  87. If you live in a swing state and didn’t vote for Hillary in 2016, this is on you. Remember this in 2022 and 2024, even if it is someone as unexciting as Biden.

  88. This is really a battle between the full-on, Opus Dei psychos the Federalist Society has been stacking on the bench for like 40 years, and the more pragmatic Republican strategists who increasingly find themselves sidelined post-Trump.

  89. The worst part is their legal basis to challenge it is literally "HIstory, heritage, and feelings, and that there is no founding in the constitution much like gay marriage. The justices asked him if the SG from Mississippi if he thought that if overturned would people would use this to go after gay marriage, vaccines, or various other established precedents with no direct words in the constitution. He said he didn't think so.

  90. Be a shame if the Supreme Court were to ever overturn decades of precedent. Can't think of a single example of them doing that.

  91. Listened to some of the arguments today. Sounds like the judges are not going to overturn it because of how they sank the arguments against R.v.W.

  92. This is the consequences of “make american great again”. They would go back to puritanical tyranny if they could.

  93. It’s really mind blowing how the same people screaming they don’t want the government controlling them or telling them what to do. That they believe in freedom and they should be allowed to do whatever they want on their properties and bodies. Find continued ways to control a woman’s body. I can’t help but stare and blink when a woman joins the fray. I can’t process it. You don’t want the government controlling you but then you do when it comes to banning safe abortions. I’m going to give myself a headache.

  94. Oh look the SC is doing exactly what we said they'd do when Trump packed unqualified judges onto it's bench.

  95. Maybe if they overturn it, it'll finally motivate liberals to do whatever the fuck it takes to vote next year.

  96. A democrat is in office homie lmao. The problem is that liberals don't vote, the problem is the elected officials keep bringing a water gun to a nuke fight. 'wHeN ThEy gO loW wE Go hIgH' and all the rest of their meaningless platitudes.

  97. Here's hoping the Supreme Court sides with ethics/reason and not Bible humping maniacs. It's wishful thinking considering the garbage humans tRump added.

  98. To everybody who protest voted or stayed away from the polls in 2016 because they didn’t like Hillary, you helped do this.

  99. People care more about stopping people from getting abortions than they do about stopping kids from dying from school shooters. Weird fucking world we live in

  100. This is a huge reminder to get registered and to go vote. We cannot let the least educated state in the union to make decisions for the rest of us.

  101. The problem is that there’s more under educated states than there are educated states. It doesn’t matter if those under educated states only represent 33% of the population. They still have the majority of the senate seats needed to appoint SCOTUS justices.

  102. Zero doubt that Roe v Wade is about to be severely curtailed. The thing is, its not even a left/right issue now, its being driven by oligarchs that need a never-ending stream of citizens in poverty to grease the gears. Who else is going to live in Amazon Distribution Center City #827?

  103. Absolutely disgusting that it’s even coming into question. As a woman who would rather rip my own arm out than have a child, I’m happy that I live in left-as-hell New England but I feel SO sorry for the women in the red states that now have to worry. I feel like we keep regressing.

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