Pa. electric generation costs rise Wednesday, including by 26% for PPL customers

  1. You can very easily switch electricity suppliers. It's right on the PPL website. I pay a lot less for a 100% renewable energy supplier. But if you aren't savvy about it, you will pay more. This is not really news. And it has little to do with politics.

  2. But then someday somewhere a minority might possible get a social benefit that only white people should be allowed to get... And that would be unforgivable! Better vote Republican to make sure that doesn't happen!

  3. Quite the opposite actually pennsylvania is being hit very hard by the fight against climate change and their economy relied heavily on coal and natural gas which has been hurt in recent years.

  4. Are you shitting me? Biden shuts down pipelines and exports oil and you blame rising energy prices on Republicans. I suppose Trump is responsible for this awful economy too.

  5. This is the result of capitalism. If you don't like it then you hate capitalism and should join me at

  6. Here in CT our energy delivery rates are routinely double to triple the cost of the actual electricity used. It was just announced that our delivery fees will go up by at least 21% in January and our utilities provider has asked us all to conserve usage on our end. It’s pretty bad. I voted against him, but my district’s representative is the corporate lawyer for the utility company.

  7. My last bill from Eversource here in CT: $26 for supply and $57 for delivery. 1 bedroom apartment 5 miles from a nuclear plant lol. This spring/summer I was routinely hitting $130-150 before the Governor made them undo the rate hike or whatever which is crazy considering how little electric I use. The town right across the river from me has its own municipal utility and my bill for a 2 bedroom there was usually $40.

  8. PA is a horrible state to live in. Highly polluted, low job offerings with even lower wages unless you're in healthcare, expensive as hell cost of living (don't try and hit me with random articles stating otherwise either, live here and you'll see our food prices are insane, our gas prices are insane, and our rent and housing prices are insane and those articles wrong.) Oh and we also have some pretty awful traffic. I'm always amazed when I go to visit family in Georgia how "light" Atlanta traffic is compared to what I have in PA.

  9. I just looked at PPL rates and they are incredibly low. Below the state's already low average and competing with some of the lowest rates in the US. There are many utilities that are well into the 20 cent per kWh range.

  10. I think you’re wrong. We’re in the northeast portion of the state, homes are all expensive. There’s a reason New Yorkers are moving here and dealing w the commute to NYC. Also feel free to compare home prices in Nee Jersey to PA.

  11. Also taxes. I was an accountant for years and did payroll taxes for many states across the US. PA and KY were the states I hated working on the most. Ridiculous how many local taxes come out.

  12. your an idiot. while pa does suck. depends on where you live. most states suck. we have alot to offer. I would be happy to escort your dumbass out, because we don't like trash on our lawns

  13. I was in PA over the late summer and I will never go back. The entire weekend was a dumpster fire and I hated every aspect of being there and the toll cost is fucking ridiculous. The only redeeming experience I had there was visiting the 9/11 memorial, which was very moving and weirdly peaceful and serene.

  14. That's what happens when you choose "green energy natural gas" as your primary means of energy production. The cost of gas skyrockets because of inflation so does the cost of electricity.

  15. So if they had just stuck to coal it would be all good. Is that the implicit next statement?

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