South Carolina gun shop owner fatally shot worker in prank gone wrong

  1. None of that story/article makes sense. If he intended to use a BB gun, which can still do harm, then why was there a loaded gun in the display case?

  2. Yeah, he totally just murdered him on purpose. He shot him in the face... you wouldn't shoot someone in the face with even a bb gun as a prank

  3. That's one thing that bothered me with this, I've never been in a shop that had loaded weapons on display

  4. I agree completely. Something here doesn’t seem right. The only way I could see this story being true in any capacity is if the guy was fairly intoxicated in some way. (Also a huge fucking no-no when handling firearms, obviously)

  5. EXACTLY-gun shops NEVER have loaded guns in the displays because any asshole can come in and shoot someone, not to mention the accident potential. This is MAD fishy.

  6. Not to mention how much the weight of a loaded pistol and a BB gun would feel in your hand. There is 0 chance this was an accident.

  7. I have a colt 1911 airsoft BB gun that's the same size and weight as a real 1911. People def shoot those at each other. Mine shatters airsoft BBS on hard surfaces so I couldn't imagine shooting anyone with it. Maybe it was that sort of BB pistol. Still, there no excuse in the world for this

  8. Prank is just the defence, this was definitely murder, more holes in this guys story then a wedge of swiss cheese.

  9. Nah, it's the second best place to do pranks. The first best place is in a wood shop next to people by the tablesaw.

  10. This story doesn’t make sense. If I read this right, if the “prank” went off as planned, he still would have shot him in the face with a BB? Having played with BB guns as a kid and from watching A Christmas Story, I know you can put an eye out doing that. Add to that the idea that the guns in the case were loaded. This seems more like an “on purpose” than an “accident”.

  11. I will not linger idly by while you sit there blatantly wielding your logic as if it were some sort of reasonably informed consideration.

  12. I came across a loaded handgun in a small town gun store last year. It was the owner's personal weapon that one of the employees placed in the display case. I always drop the magazine and check the slide before handling any firearm, so it was quite a surprise when I racked the slide back and a live round was ejected onto the floor.

  13. Nobody, I have a very hard time believing this guy didn’t just want to murder this person and get away with it. You don’t just have display weapons loaded, and it doesn’t take a firearms expert to know they’re holding a loaded gun when they thought they picked up a BB gun, at least a fucking gun shop owner would know.

  14. I took a gun I bought into the store I bought it from because of a mechanical problem. When I picked it up, it had a live round in the chamber.

  15. Often when I read these stories of "accidentally shot an acquaintance", I am convinced there's more to the story and they're just covering up. Kind like when people who have been embezzling money say "oh no, I lost the money in a Nigeria scam". Better to be seen as a victim of international fraud than an embezzler.

  16. Seriously. Everything made sense after that. The super weak charges, the delay, how fucking stupid the guy is with firearms. All of it.

  17. So, THIS was a "well trained" guy (National guard member as well as former Sheriff deputy) who actually pointed a "gun" at a person and "fired"? All those years of training I guess was thrown out the door.

  18. As a follow up to your first paragraph, with all that training and he still did some jackass move like this, it’s a good thing this country is allowing MILLIONS of untrained people the ability to carry firearms

  19. Wonder what this guy's service record looks like. I'll bet money he's got at least a few "incidents" the department quietly ignored.

  20. Seriously, you are completely right. This to me is one of the most awful realities of the situation. And there’s a lot of fucking awful things happening in this story.

  21. Loaded gun in case. Couldn't tell the difference between a BB gun he placed there and a real gun. Supposedly trained with guns. Shot man in the face.

  22. Story is fishy. Shop owner was going to use a BB gun to prank the guy why? He intended to shoot the guy in the face with a BB gun?? That’s criminal and not funny. If he wasn’t planning on shooting the customer then why not “prank” him with an unloaded gun (also not fucking funny and likely brandishing so also a crime). To top it off he had a loaded gun right there that he “accidentally” picked up and fired. The shop owner is monumentally stupid. The only question is whether he was also hoping to get away with murder.

  23. Let’s see: gun store owner, former law enforcement, former military. Is there anyone who should know better that guns are not toys?

  24. I love the near religious fervor with which gun lovers seem to believe that all gun stores are temples of safety and professionalism and all gun owners are super careful and respectful of the deadly weapons they love to play with.

  25. Why was there even a loaded gun sitting around at the gun shop. Says he put a BB gun in there but mistakenly picked up a real gun. But why is there just a loaded gun sitting around? This whole story is fucked.

  26. Apparently he planned to use a BB gun instead. I don’t see how shooting someone in the face with that would have been a prank, either.

  27. So he placed a replica gun among real guns. Picked up the replica to shoot someone as a prank, but picked up the wrong gun and killed him instead.

  28. Totally thought it would be the prankee overreacting and shooting the pranker, not the pranker just straight up murdering someone followed by 'its a prank bro"

  29. The victim was a former Special Forces member. Imagine you go through all that and then get taken out by some fucking rube who clearly doesn't adhere to any sort of basic fucking gun safety.

  30. Dude's former military and a gun shop owner. He fucking KNOWS better than to pull this kind of shit. Throw the book at him.

  31. Accident aside, making your work colleague think you were intending to shoot him, with what appeared to be a real gun, going so far as to do it with a toy gun hidden amongst real guns, is the furthest thing from a prank I could imagine.

  32. ***A police affidavit states that Whitley placed a replica Glock BB gun among real firearms in the store with the intent of pranking Mrgan. Instead, Whitley mistakenly picked up and fired a real gun at Mrgan, according to an incident report.

  33. Wtf? A prank? The first rule of guns is treat every weapon like its loaded. Second rule is to never aim at someone if you dknt intend to kill them. Unofficial rule is that YOU NEVER PLAY AROUND WITH GUNS! This story makes no damn sense. Why was there a loaded gun in a display to begin with, that the owner didnt know about?

  34. Man, all of the gun people I know are appalled by this shit. To be fair I know mostly liberal gun owners, but safety is definitely the #1 priority

  35. Hold up. It says this guy was a former special forces major? I feel like of all people to know to not fool around with guns this guy would be it. This is seriously suspicious.

  36. Pretending you are going to shoot me in the face with a gun sounds hilarious. If the prank would have went they way he planned I would have quit that second and I don’t even know. Contact a lawyer because surely employers can’t play pranks like this on people. It’s so traumatizing and in this case deadly.

  37. What kind of yankeedoodle fuckery results in there being a loaded pistol just lying around in a gun store. Like, on top of everything else that is stupid about this prank, that has to be the top contender.

  38. Ah yes, that's been my experience in every gun store... "Mind if I look at the guns?" "Not at all, but just an FYI, every 10th gun is loaded... just to see if our buyers know gun safety... good luck."

  39. former Army Special Forces. Good grief. I'll go ahead and assume while in training, he never thought out of all the possible ways he would die, gun store prank wasn't on the list.

  40. The biggest irony is that the victim and the perpetrator both have significant professional experience with firearms:

  41. So…”I accidentally on-purpose shot dude in the face” is a defense now??? Been in the Army 18 years, there’s no goddamn way in hell a retired soldier with a gun shop believes in “pranks” with loaded guns.

  42. I think this wasn't a prank. Who would shoot someone in the face with a bb gun as a prank??. Fact that it was a "real" gun is only icing on the murder cake.

  43. So why would you load real guns and mix them with 1 bb gun and also somehow mistakenly not pick up the bb gun. Why the fuck would you fire a bb gun on that matter at someone's FACE, really good prank master here bet he's of high intelligence.

  44. It’s almost like guns are dangerous and pulling “pranks” with them might lead to someone getting hurt… who’d a thought

  45. Omg! Let’s pretend to like shoot you but like I won’t shoot you but to make sure I convince them I’ll make sure the gun is loaded and they’ll totally get scared Hahahahaha! Right!? Hahahaha it’ll be hilarious!

  46. One of the best case outcomes of Whitley’s prank could have been blinding a special forces veteran. He killed him instead. I wish the NRA would have stuck to teaching gun safety classes…

  47. How are 90% of these people in this thread taking this guys bullshit story about a prank seriously. He strait up murdered the guy and is trying to cover it up.

  48. There’s a lot of accurate comments in here about things he should have known. One I haven’t seen is weight and weight distribution. This is one that would be painfully obvious to anyone who’s been around guns for any significant period of time.

  49. This wasn't a prank. Any gun owner with any kind of sense knows damn well you don't play around with firearms. Also with a BB gun, you never aim it at someone, especially in the face, and pull the trigger. Definitely more to the story that isn't being told. I just don't buy this whole prank BS. at all.

  50. It's weird as people say people kill people not guns but we do see guns kill a lot of people pretty often tho

  51. If this really was a prank this guy doesn’t know or follow gun safety which should get his license revoked but if he’s trying to cover up an attempted murder and it’s provable then the law needs to do something

  52. Dumb all around but even if he had picked up the BB pistol he planned to shoot this gun in the face with a BB? What an idiot.

  53. That's a face that says "it's my right to handle guns anyway I want. Dumb libruls gonna make this political"

  54. Tell me again about these well regulated militias? Seems like anybody with a pulse can get a gun these days.

  55. So he had a loaded gun IN the gun case??? Wtf was the prank that required a BB gun over a real UNLOADED gun?

  56. I feel like there are at least three reasons why he should know that gun are not toys to be played with, but tools designed to kill. Not to mention, why the actual fuck was a loaded gun just sitting there in the first place?

  57. Who shoots somebody in the face with a BB gun? Like your prank is to shoot somebody you know in the face with a BB gun from a close distance?

  58. Gun stores have loaded guns on the floor in very specific places and are almost always clearly marked and never near a similar gun. For example the store I worked for had a few long guns around the store clearly marked that we kept loaded for emergencies. This sounds like he murdered the guy and came up with a story.

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