Half of Astroworld victims' families reject Travis Scott's offer to pay funeral costs

  1. I smell a class action suit or something of the like, and this sounds like a lawyers advice being taken not to settle for a disproportionate payout.

  2. Great, so instead of getting the funeral costs which is a few grand, they're gonna end up with like, 100 or less via the class action lawsuit while the lawyers pocket huge amounts of $$$.

  3. Yeah, fuck that. Scott is doing this likely to drum up pity and positive PR. I wouldn’t want a fucking cent unless it came from a law suit.

  4. Most likely there was some small print clause in the offer that protected Scott from civil liability, in exchange for the funeral costs.

  5. Better to take the money, its unlikely they will really get much in the lawsuit from Travis. They have a better chance at suing live nation for the setup of the event and crowd control than Travis himself.

  6. I might be wrong but hypothetically if he did have to pay, the money wouldn’t even come from him? It would be his label or whoever the higher ups are?

  7. Careful. If you take his money offer, he might yank it back and have a crowd of fans come and beat you up.

  8. Inb4 "omg you guys just want him dead and you'll never forgive him and he can't do anything to make it up to people because you're all out for blood!!!!!" because those comments ALWAYS seem to show up in TS posts.

  9. Imagine being so disconnected from reality, consequences, and empathy that people still vehemently defend someone who literally doesn't care if they die

  10. Totally agree. Like..just go listen to Chance. Atleast he's a decent dude. I can't believe people are still defending him

  11. Travis Scott is a complete piece of shit with a well established reputation for encouraging fans at his shows to do dangerous, violent and destructive things at those shows.

  12. Of course. Why grant him buy-out redemption for the death of loved ones when he bears a significant part of the guilt.

  13. That should be just the beginning of what he pays out. If he's just doing that as a start, great, but if he's sending that offer with an abdication of further responsibility, he can go fuck himself.

  14. I have a real question because I haven't been following this story that closesly, all I know is that 1) Scott was having a concert when a crush began, and rather than stopping the performance he kept going, and 2) there have been lots of posts on Reddit of examples of other musicians stopping concerts to make sure people are ok.

  15. Nobody mentioned this yet for you but there are sooo many videos of artists like Adele, A$AP Rocky, Foo Fighters, even goddamn Rage Against the Machine stopping their own performance to help fans in distress that they've spotted. It's also a matter of professional responsibility and concert etiquette--if Rage Against the Machine of all the groups can stop a concert to help a fan Travis Scott absolutely could (and should) have

  16. One example - he watched the ambulance in the crowd barely able to move and said something like “fuck this shit put your hands up let’s make the ground shake” rather than something more reasonable like “hey guys make way for the ambulance”

  17. The show was stopped up to 3 different times and he chose to continue, he was warned by the police chief earlier during the day that there were too many people for them to securely control, Travis Scott is the sole creator and driving force behind Astroworld while he himself is one person, he set up a company to set up Astroworld to his exact specifications which is why it's more theatrical than your regular concert.

  18. I understand your sentiment of him being on stage and such but it wasnt it was like a couple people being crushed it was basically everyone from the gate to like 15 layers of people in. Thats a big enough group to be noticed that something is going wrong. Also he was one of the main producers for the entire event that means things like inadequate medical staff/supplies and lack of organization really do fallback into his lap again. Then on top of that when he did see the few on site medical carts get out there he didnt tell the crowd to move he riled them up over and over during the show. So normally i say a performer does bare SOME responsibility in this case but Travis carries much more of the blame than most. Also would if you're a ground level employee good luck trying to stop the main producers set mid show, itd be harder than you think

  19. I'm just adding to the other things people already listed... It's not the first time someone has been seriously injured at one of his concerts. All of this happened AFTER

  20. Hey there, probably going to get downvoted to hell on this subreddit, but nonetheless I wanted to offer you some different perspectives since the responses to your comment make it seem like all responsibility lies on Travis Scott.

  21. It’s Reddit overreacting and turning him into like the Antichrist. There are so many issues at fault with the festival that lead to these people dying, Travis Scott still performing is far, far down that list. He is still blameworthy but it is a far cry from being primarily his fault

  22. I don't think Travis Scott cares either way. May as well take the money for the funeral expenses and then the money from the lawsuit too.

  23. Is this because that would basically be accepting a settlement and eliminate their ability to sue him in court?

  24. One of my family members was pregnant and got in a car accident. ER sends her down to get an ultrasound to check the baby.

  25. If they accept it would come with the provision that they sign that he and his company/the festival etc have no further liability as well as an nda. Meaning they couldn't sue or even talk about it.

  26. So, I’m not a fan of his, and know nothing of his music, but ELI5 why he’s getting all the hate for this and needs to be held responsible?

  27. He saw what was happening, was maybe the only person there who could have quickly stopped the show/chaos so people could have gotten help quicker, but did nothing. You can call it gross negligence from stupidity or you can call it sociopathic malice for his fans, but he deserves every bit of hate coming at him.

  28. I wouldn’t accept any of his money either. 1. They are suing and that seems like they are taking his money and trying to get more. 2. I wouldn’t want Travis to just smooth this over with his money. They would write an article saying Travis is soooo sad about this and gave them money. That would be the end of that! 3. Everyone who let this go on needs to know they were absolutely wrong!

  29. He'll get out of this, but he'll take a hit. He'll just go back to having festivals again to make the money back with a message of caring for his fans. He might want to invest in a publicist to help him rebuild his public image, but he won't.

  30. There are a lot more expenses associated with end-of-life than people usually consider. Funeral costs are just a small part of it. You may find that people depend on the decedent in ways you never knew, and that needs to be addressed. It’s why life insurance death benefits can be so large. I have $500k in life insurance so that everyone who survives me can grieve without the added stress of my absence. In this situation, offering to pay funeral costs is like offering to replace the kitchen table after you crashed your car through the dining room. Yes, it’s an expense that must be paid, but it’s an insultingly small concession.

  31. If the families were to take Scott to court and had accepted the money for the funeral expenses, could it hurt their case? I don't know how all that works...

  32. Travis: I feel so bad and I'll pay for all the costs..oh by the way can I get a quick signature here making sure all liability claims against me are waved before I do so.

  33. No amount of money can come close to compensating for the death of a child. That guy can go fuck himself... Trying to assuage his guilt by offering to pay for funerals. Disgusting.

  34. Firstly, that's not how crowds work. It has nothing to do with how caring the people in the crowd are. Secondly, this was a "crush" which is different than a stampede. People weren't necessarily being trampled. They were pushed together so tightly that some people couldn't breathe and passed out from lack of oxygen... then never woke up. Again, nothing to do with how caring the people in the crowd were, the people that knew something was wrong were also getting crushed and had no way to alter the situation.

  35. Their lawyers are telling them not to take the gift; Travis was probably doing it out of generosity but his lawyers would use it as grounds to have a case dismissed, as they're already compensated.

  36. I mean a Lawyer gave his opinion on Scott's liability for Yahoo News and said it's going to be very hard to hang this on Travis Scott, so they might as well get the funerals paid for. Reddit's going to be very upset when the results of this legal case don't match the sentiment on this site.

  37. Are you serious. Think about how else they can get something. Also think about how they don't want blood money because this isn't the middle east.

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