Authorities say fourth person, a 15-year-old boy, has died from Michigan school shooting

  1. I feel really bad for the medical staff that did whatever they could to try to save this kids life. It's often forgotten during these things how much that has to weigh on them mentally.

  2. Not that there's ever a good time for this type of tragedy to happen but this is one of the worst times.

  3. He should definitely be charged. With rights come responsibilities and consequences. He should be charged with Accomplice to murder, and he can be charged as an adult even if his kid is not.

  4. This was my first thought, I really hope you're right he needs to be charged and do some serious time in prison, I'm talking at least 10 years. This shit has to stop. He obviously gave his psychopathic child access to the weapon and he needs to be made an example of.

  5. By parents didn't give me access to the gun safe until I was an adult. I couldn't imagine trusting a 15 year old with a gun.

  6. And mom is a Trump-humper. Read the fawning letter she wrote to the Manchurian Mango. It's disgusting. She's all about the Second Amendment and "muh rights". Have a feeling dad is too.

  7. If there was one thing we should go full 1984 on, it's denial of school shootings. Kids are impressionable, and giving the psychos an idea is sometimes all it takes. Ideally we would fix the root causes, but I think the media coverage isn't helpful.

  8. Reports now that he kept a notebook and recorded videos on his phone night before about killing students.

  9. Parents are responsible for their kids. End of story. Our culture has become so liberal that people are convinced the school should be raising their kids for them. Or Tv. Or anything other than themselves

  10. More are going to die. At least 3-5 others are in critical condition with “neck and head wounds” associated with the shooting according to a Detroit Free Press article I read this morning. They’re reporting now the dad bought him the gun on Black Friday and may be charged as well. He damn well should be

  11. He bought the gun on sale? that seems fucked up to me. I've learned the hard way not to push my thoughts on gun control, but 'slashing' the prices on these potentially deadly weapons seems like more craziness to me. if anything, your government should tax the living shit out of handguns and semi autos. the 2nd amendment would still be protected, but if you really feel the need to own one, be prepared to pay for the privilege (and I really feel it should be a privilege rather than a right). use these funds to provide more free mental health support perhaps?

  12. Sandy Hook should have been the last one. 6 years olds shot in the head by a deranged psychopath. Nothing changed, in fact a good portion believes it was a hoax. This country is sick and we all know it...yet nothing changes. Count the days till the next one. Meanwhile parents of these four kids have to go through Christmas without their babies...FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

  13. At some point we're going to have admit to ourselves that a huge part of the decline of America is in her people.

  14. People also believe the holocaust was a hoax and the election was a hoax and that trump is still president.

  15. I’ll never forget that day as long as I live. You hear about school shootings a lot, of course, but Sandy Hook had me crying at my desk at work. To think all these years later and nothing has changed…what a disgrace.

  16. Gun purchased on Friday, used in a shooting on the following Monday by a student who reportedly made many claims of intent. This is America.

  17. Yeah he saw dad buy a gun and immediately acted on what he had already been wanting to do. Little psycho wasted no time.

  18. Cop training varies a lot apparently. On one side of the spectrum you have cops shooting disabled people in the back and on the other end they are showing restraint with a guy who just shot a bunch of students

  19. From what I can tell, when the cops got there, he basically just put the gun down and walked into the handcuffs.

  20. Sue him? What good will that do? The man should be locked up for many, many years. Absolute negligence on his part, and imo he should be considered an accessory to all these murders.

  21. These fucking assholes (the parents), probably knew something was wrong the day BEFORE they were called into the school, one day before the shooting. Charge them both with "accomplice to murder" & full 2nd degree murder charges. Also, add an additional charge to the father with "full firearm negligence" too, bastard should've asked his son if something is wrong. Mother aswell. Yet they both thought giving him a firearm was alright?! I live the state of NJ and we have so much bullshit lawz to even get ONE firearm if the local PD isn't lazy as an adult. Yet a 15 year old gets one for post thanksgiving on his b-day/christmas present?! Throw the law book and keep them there permanently. Make sure these irresponsible parents and "child" never see the light of day anymore.

  22. After Sandy Hook I came to the realization that this will continue to happen and nothing will ever change. Gun owners value the ability to kill more than the lives of children.

  23. That’s a super reductionist take. A huge portion of many gun owners problem is “how do you magically make 450,000,000 guns disappear”. To this point, no one has provided an answer that even approaches reality.

  24. The same party who won’t address gun laws also whines “mental illness” while they underfund and ignore mental illness.

  25. If you put a gun down and their baby down and told them they could only pick one, they would pick their baby: But they refuse to make that connection with other people's babies, and Bam bam bam, dead kids, every week.

  26. The only thing I would say different if I made your post, I would call it gun nuts who perpetuate the toxic gun culture we have in the United States with our worship of guns. Don't let gun nuts fool you, it is not a tool to them, it is so much more than just a tool, it is their religion.

  27. I've only seen one guy on this website admit this, but it's so clear that a lot of people think this

  28. That’s such a backwards way of thinking. I can’t speak for all gun owners, but I am one and I still value the lives of everyone. Just because I want to exercise my right to own and protect myself with a firearm doesn’t mean I don’t care about others lives

  29. We have hundreds of gun laws on the books, Which additional law would have prevented this tragedy?

  30. I remember when kids used to drop bricks from highway overpasses onto unsuspecting cars, sometimes causing serious harm. Noone ever blamed the bricks for the kids' destructive behavior.

  31. In this case the parents are absolutely at fault. Intentionally giving your child with behavioral issues and violent tendencies access to a gun and ammo is horribly stupid, and that needs to be addressed. But not every situation is as clear cut as this one.

  32. Their actually legally liable under federal law due to them providing a straw purchase to a federal unsuitable person.

  33. those are the types who would usually recommend we give the kids guns, too, to prevent school shootings. If all the kids had opened fire at once, surely this would've ended better /s

  34. What does this have to do with that, at all? How is this not you just running up to someone with a view you don't like and whatabouting something irrelevant in their face? I think the overreaction to CRT is stupid too, but that has zilch to do with this.

  35. Such a shame to keep reading headlines like this, where is our world headed? We need to seriously monitor mental health more rigorously. Sometimes I feel apathetic about myself and life in general but I really wonder what it takes for people to end up on these tragic war paths. A lot of talk about gun control and I think more could be done sure but it must go deeper than that, this is becoming too common an occurrence. Why the need to kill? A gun doesn’t make you want to do that, the mind does.

  36. Yeah, I was watching an interview with a murderer the other day, and it occured to me that some people have such horrible lives or upbringing that they've essentially just given up on life because it's just been a trial all the way through. Especially for children, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree because how could it? A parent's views are law until they can get out of the situation.

  37. Yeah we definitely need to do something about guns. But I agree, it’s a deeper issue. No one should ever think about taking another person’s life in the beginning

  38. How many more children need to die in order for this country to take its gun problems seriously?

  39. The problem is taken seriously, the issue is gun control doesn't solve it, and too many people think it will. We have a significant mental health problem and need to throw much more resources at it.

  40. The same number for the US to start treating mental health and bullying as serious issues. Looks like we're not at a high enough body count for the leaders to care about either.

  41. We’re the only country in the world where this happens on a somewhat regular basis and we also happen to be the most populated country that has super easy access to high powered guns. It’s painfully obvious that we need gun control. It’s also painfully obvious that many of our fellow Americans would gladly sacrifice the safety of our children in order to own guns they will never ever need.

  42. But have you considered the possibility that it has absolutely nothing to do with guns, it's only caused by poverty and mental illness? They don't have any poor or depressed people in Europe, that's why their gun violence rates are so low, that must be it!

  43. You need to fix the culture of this country. Guns have here since this country's inception and we have never had these kind of issues before.

  44. You can reform multiple things. No one thinks gun reform is the end all be all. Curtailing gun rights is absolutely not like using a tsunami to put out a house fire. Many of the reforms are very surgical but are still rejected. I’m curious why you would think even the slightest regulation would have negative effects as your metaphor implies. Prohibition of alcohol is dogshit comparison and you know that. Also there is prohibition of alcohol for certain people in the US: an age limit. Some states have even more stipulations on the sale of alcohol.

  45. Almost all guns are semi-auto. Semi automatic doesn’t mean “more” powerful or dangerous. All cops carry semi automatic. It just means it loads the next bullet from the magazine, and then you manually pull the trigger to fire, whereas fully automatic continuously fires if your finger is on the trigger. Non auto weapons would be like minute men in the revolution.

  46. The parents seemed some what indifferent, I’m sure they are in shock but didn’t show much emotion. Imagine getting used to hearing about kids being shot at school. Only in America!

  47. I don't think that's a very honest analysis of the situation. Even extremely low estimates put the number of cases of self-defense with a gun at around 50,000 per year. Even in completely dishonest counts that include incidents of gang violence, the number of people reportedly killed in mass shootings per year is around 2000 (If you focus on school shootings specifically, it's around 40 per year.)

  48. Astroturfing news about children dying in a school building to make your argument about how nobody actually needs to worry about guns is disgusting. The USA has places with a lot of guns and places where it’s rare to see guns outside of a range. Michigan has a lot of guns. Some of us are tired of constantly seeing news about fucking dead kids and all you assholes can think about is yourselves and your fucking lobbyists. When CAN we be worried? When CAN we be upset? Not after a bunch of fucking children are killed again? Shits disgusting and you trolls keep downplaying anyone else’s experiences just so you can feel good about yourself not being bothered by these events when they happen. Sick and tired of this country man, I was told it would get better growing up and it never did. Just much, much worse.

  49. Yeah. They lied. Life’s hard. Society is fucked. And people and nature can be monstrous. Is it any worse? Well, statistically, no. You’re just becoming more aware of how fucked everything is.

  50. The US had 651 mass shooting as of yesterday and Canada has, as of today, 1 mass killing by some asshole in a truck. I'm afraid of Americans.

  51. Where were all the good guy conservatives with guns? Crazy how these shootings keep happening in spite of doing nothing to prevent them...🤷🏽‍♀️

  52. Based on the moms comments and the dad buying a troubled 15 year old a gun to bring to school, I bet he though he was the good guy with the gun.

  53. This is why the government needs to arm every american with a bazooka. This wouldn't happen if every good citizen was armed with something capable of stopping these shootings from happening in the first place! /s

  54. If I was allowed to drive around in an Abrams I wouldn't need to worry about people running red lights and hitting me.

  55. Remember to thank your local cultservative for this. By letting them turn a public health and safety crisis like gun violence into a personal freedumb issue, and all for nothing more than gun sales, this will continue to happen.

  56. The freedom to protect myself and my family is important and the 2nd amendment is valuable for law abiding citizens. Disenfranchised people do shitty things that shouldn’t effect most of us who just want to own a gun for self defense.

  57. I guarantee this will increase gun sales as people react to the constant threat of no longer being able to purchase a gun. Happens every time.

  58. Why haven’t we seen any pictures of this guy or his parents? Nothing plastered on the news yet. Just pictures of people walking out

  59. No indication that the shooter's father will be prosecuted, because why punish the people who give school shooters their guns?

  60. No gun owner under the age of fifty gives a shit about the NRA, and hard core gun rights people of all ages especially don’t. The NRA has done nothing but bargain away our gun rights.

  61. So awful. Americans just like to have guns. If Sandy Hook didn’t change any minds I can’t imagine what will.

  62. So are we ever going to have a real discussion about bullying? This happened due to extreme bullying. When are we going to make sure no one bullied so others don’t die??? No it wouldn’t have been better if the bullied killed himself. No one should’ve died here. Lives lost and tossed away because people can’t leave others alone.

  63. State governments have been bending over backwards to let everyone have guns with almost zero regulation. This is the daily result. Get used to it. Not even worth having a news story anymore. Just expect it.

  64. Correct, dead children in schools is the price we pay for the 2nd amendment. Just like extremism is the price we pay for the 1st amendment. And criminals going free is the price we pay for Amendments 4-8.

  65. And how many people get killed by MS13 gang members every year? How many people die from overdoses? How many illegals are sold into sex slavery? Pretty horrible shit, right? Want to bring the number to zero? Shut down the borders from illegals. Why won't you back that? Thought you were into saving lives from preventable causes of death.

  66. Nah, most of us are absolutely fucking not but literally every attempt to do shit about it runs into that paranoid bug-eyed 30% that will fight God for their right to harass the schools into telling the kids that the civil war was about states rights and shut up don't ask questions.

  67. How many school shootings have there been this year? Why is absolutely nothing being done to prevent future school shootings? This country is a joke smh

  68. Can someone explain to me how if he's being charged as an adult, authorities still need parental permission to talk to him?

  69. America don't care, America will go on business as usual and make no attempt to stop these shootings in the future.

  70. Supposedly the kid was bullied though his actions come off as more than just a response to bullying. Supposedly his family was pretty big into Trump. And supposedly there's some weird foreign language note floating around the internet he wrote. However tons of fake accounts were ruled as just fake so not everyone supposed will be true. Supposedly he said neo nazi comments too.

  71. I've seen nothing of that. In fact it's been reported he was a bully and the school had already spoken to his parents about it. The bully victims become school shooters is a myth portrayed in tv. More often its a bully with anti social tendacies that gets ignored. Just like Columbine the two kids were revealed to be sadistic bullies whose delusions had them convinced they were victims when students were just reacting to their aggressive and cruel personalities.

  72. Sigh and Americans continue to preach getting rid of guns is bad, and the problem isn’t guns…nothing changes, rinse and repeat

  73. That sucks.... almost as much as sitting watching a parade and getting run over by some racist rapper wannabe.....

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