WTA announces immediate suspension of tournaments in China

  1. Incredible respect for the WTA. I've gotten used to organisations uttering platitudes with zero follow-up. A huge chunk of their business is in China, so I thought they would do the same. Glad to see that they're sticking by their principles, no matter the cost.

  2. I would love to see other sporting organizations take note before it has players/drivers/participants suffer from similar fates.

  3. This is a tougher case for the CCP than others. For a lot of similar cases, such as LeBron suggesting that Taiwan is a country, the nationalist masses of China easily jump on the CCP's side. In this case though, this is an organization that's punishing the CCP in order to help a chinese citizen and star. Not that the people will actually know what happened but it's something.

  4. It’s literally the only thing that will ever stop the Chinese government from being such massive dicks. I hope more organizations start standing up to these fuckers but I seriously doubt it considering al major media companies around the world are basically indebted to the Chinese communist party.

  5. If the Olympics had to adhere to political controversy there likely wouldn't be another Olympics ever again, because all countries got blood on their hands.

  6. It's amazing that the WTA, who I had no previous awareness of, are willing to take the stand that Amazon, Apple, Nike, the NBA, Disney and the US government should have taken.

  7. Google, who refused to censor their searches for the CCP and got almost all of their products permanently banned as a result? Take them off your list.

  8. I thought Google did somewhat take a stand? They abandoned the China search engine project after internal retaliation from employees.

  9. I assume the reason is because an athlete ostensibly in their "care" is impacted. Other organizations might have to take more concrete action if they started having employees harmed directly by China.

  10. China can't make money if everybody stops using them. They're the biggest pockets in Asia and we need to take as much as possible away. The government is garbage and values self preservation over everything including their citizens.

  11. As long as western countries continue to champion human rights abuses themselves (started every major war since ww2, involved in all forced famines since ww2, military bases all over the world to subjugate developing countries, tooling 38 democracies, fascism and authoritarian regime backing in half the countries today, funding terrorism all over the world via proxies, and via their colonies like Israel, I think you’d be a hypocrite for calling out just the Chinese when your posting history is so pro usa.

  12. Why should they? As long as we (western consumers) patronize their products unconditionally, they can have their cake and eat it (your money and Chinese money).

  13. China won't be able to complain that the events are not being held in China as that would be admitting that Taiwan is not part of China. Checkmate.

  14. Good. Winter Olympics should be boycotted too. Hell, EVERYONE should start boycotting anything where the CCP has its clutches involved. Fuck those scumbags. It's time the rest of the world showed the party that we don't need em and that we don't fear their bullying

  15. Props to the WTA for this! There’s tonnes of other countries that would be happy to take up these tournaments as well so the players still get their chance to compete and fans to watch .

  16. Now all the advertisers for the Olympics should start dropping out. It's time corporations stand up for women, the same way they have for other groups...by pulling sponsorships. I always appreciate when corporations take steps towards equality for anyone. I just want corporations to start doing it for women and not by making money off women, which is typically how they 'show' support.

  17. it's not something I would normally be interested in but I will watch and maybe even buy some merchandise in support.

  18. The IOC has already shown us they are willing to blow Xi for that sweet china money. They just showed the whole world that without us even asking them to

  19. Very respectable to take a stance on this firmly against China. You don't see it that often. It'll be interesting to see what the ATP (men's side) does.

  20. Have they commented at all? Because they are way more embedded with China than the WTA was about to be. Their finals in Shanghai have been massive for years.

  21. We don't know; this is similar to a me-too kind of thing and alternatively not to say the potential kidnapping of this woman is okay but America does plenty of evil stuff and we're never held accountable for it by anyone. Maybe we should use this moment to be more critical of ourselves.

  22. Companies don’t have (or lack) morals. People do. Never forget that companies are just a manifestation of the people who run them. It’s dangerous to let them have any separation.

  23. thats a lot of money the wta is going to lose as a result. we need to step up and financially support the wta, show the nba that you don't have to bend a knee to china.

  24. A Chinese tennis player went missing after revealing that she was sexually assaulted by the former vice president of China. She's been missing for a month now and although the government keeps presenting evidence, it doesn't convince anyone.

  25. Would be nice if the Chinese people would wake the fuck up and do something about their government, but they probably won’t, and the rest of the world is going to have to nearly destroy themselves to get rid of these modern day Nazis.

  26. If you grew up and lived in China you would behave exactly as their citizens do, if not worse under the same influence. You were privileged to grow up in a different country and yet you spit on those who lacked such privilege. I see plenty of people criticize the Chinese government which is completely justifiable. Rarely do I see someone with the audacity to believe they're magically somehow better than over a billion people.

  27. Good for them, nice to see a company with a bit of courage. Wish more organizations would suspend tournaments in China and other countries with horrible human rights records.

  28. I'm not sure if you're kidding or not, but on this subject I have mixed feelings. Whenever Russia or China gets up to shananigans theres always people calling out that we should not respond, out of fear of conflict with a nuclear power. its not an unfounded fear. But we also cant just live in fear and let them do whatever they want to. That just wont work.

  29. Genuine question, what does the player need to do to prove she is actually OK? Leave china and give an interview? It's not clear what the end goal here is

  30. So I'm a bit out of touch here. Why is the video call with IOC considered insufficient evidence?

  31. While I understand there's lots of money in China, Russia, and Arab counties, as well as in South America, it really is time to stop catering to countries with abysmal human rights records - even(oops) the United States. While the WTA is hardly guilty of such catering*,* the Olympics are coming up, and once again, there will be some strenuous whitewashing of sport in general.

  32. July 1 (Reuters) - The WTA wiped out the Asian swing of tournaments from its calendar for a second successive year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with only the WTA Finals yet to be cancelled.

  33. That clearly makes this ok then. The CCP thanks you for your approval in their raping and grooming of child athletes.

  34. Even if this is true (and I don’t doubt it given the indiscriminate nature of the War on Terror), that hardly makes the concentration/extermination camps China’s running any better. Not that any of that has anything to do with them disappearing their own tennis star, which is what prompted this move

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