Michigan school shooting suspect faces murder and terrorism charges

  1. The school had a meeting with him and his parent(s) YESTERDAY MORNING about his threats! Later in the afternoon, he committed the act. Guaranteed that his parents will be sued by others at the school for leaving the gun accessible.

  2. Dad bought the gun on Friday. Sonny boy was practicing with it. The families of deceased have some wrongful death cause depending on gun laws for 15 year olds in Michigan I'd think. Sad.

  3. If he was already at school for the time of the morning meeting and the incident, that can only mean that he had the weapon on him while in the meeting.

  4. Just got word a few hours ago that several metro Detroit school districts, including my kids’, are closed tomorrow (K-12) due to social media threats.

  5. We had a rash of threats being written in the bathrooms for a while at the HS I worked in. Surprisingly to me, majority were the girl's bathrooms by the end of it.

  6. I said the same thing about Rittenhouse, and half of america(and a jury) thinks a 17 year old walking into an active riot with an AR15 is a totally based thing to do.

  7. Im glad he survived. His sentence and incarceration will be an enlightening experience for him. Im glad he pled not guilty as well, no plea deal lesser sentences

  8. I don’t know about Michigan, but usually, you can’t just straight up plead guilty right out of the gate. His cases still have to travel through district court then onto circuit court.

  9. Yes we can. I got the solution. We can't ban guns, that's out of the question. But we can ban...bullets.

  10. His father also needs to be charged. He bought the gun last week . He is also responsible for these deaths by not practicing proper gun safety.

  11. There are no laws in Michigan that would hold the father responsible, ie gun doesn't need to be locked up, etc. These are the kids of common sense gun laws that are CONSTANTLY voted down.

  12. This was my first thought too. Make an example of this idiot. He's protecting his murdering offspring and lawyering up. Give the kid life without parole and the father 10+ years.

  13. Honestly the parents of every shooter should be charged when this happens. Maybe that'll slow this shit down.

  14. The father needs to be charged as well. He bought the gun days before the shooting and gave his kid access to the weapon. Why did he even buy the gun in the first place?

  15. I am fine with a law abiding citizen buying a gun. What is not acceptable is leaving the gun accessible to your troubled teenage son.

  16. Since we're never going to ban guns, this type of violence will not stop until the government provides funds for mental health and large-scale incentives to protect students from bullying.

  17. Well the same politicians that say this is a mental health issue sure as hell won't fund it. Nothing is going to change because these children died. It's going to take something way beyond the ordinary horrific school shooting and after Sandy Hook I don't know WTF that is. Maybe when a cell video gets uploaded and leaked of kids being shot and killed.

  18. This is very tragic. A 15 years old did all this damage for so many people affected by his crimes:" The 15-year-old suspect accused of opening fire at a Michigan high school, killing four people and wounding seven more, has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder, authorities said Wednesday. The teen, who is being charged as an adult, also faces one count of terrorism causing death, seven counts of assault with intent to murder, and 12 counts of possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, according to Karen McDonald, the Oakland County prosecutor".

  19. Apparently the legal definition in Michigan is slightly different. It's not a federal terrorism charge, it's a state charge

  20. Yes, terrorism defined, generally, as the unlawful use of violence as a means of intimidation a population to achieve a political goal (or something similar to that). I doubt that would stick and I’d be glad if it didn’t. It sets a very dangerous precedent to be able to charge anyone who “causes terror” as a terrorist.

  21. The official police statement said that it was an officer that was attempting to get the teachers to unlock the door. They also said that they used the word bro in an attempt to connect with the students. This was in their official statement.

  22. I'm just curious to know the reasoning for the DA's assessment that this was premeditated, and the reasoning for the meeting with the shitstain's parents. Article doesn't say and prosecutors aren't releasing that info just yet.

  23. It was shown in the arraignment that the Sheriff's Office obtained a warrant for his electronic devices and personal effects. While in possession of those, they found credible evidence to support that it was a premeditated incident, both digitally and in writing.

  24. His parents are open trumpo-fascists... I'm betting their son is, too. I bet we'll find out he did it go pwn the libs or something.

  25. Prosecutor said the act caused the students and faculty to run and barricade and hide in terror from the gunman. That they are suffering shock and anguish and that in her mind is terrorism. I don't disagree.

  26. It's pretty chilling to watch the old Youtube videos he made when he was younger. Dude seemed sort of like a normal kid, I really wonder what happened to him over time. The media is probably going to say Call of Duty or something is to blame, but LOTS of young kids play games like that.

  27. For the 2A crowd going after the parents... Let me just remind you that you sued the shit out of government for requirement that guns should be kept locked when not in use.

  28. As he should (and the parents for leaving the gun so accessible), but damn our country is failing our children more and more. Kid clearly had deep seeded mental issues. And nothing will bring back the kids he killed and the harm he has caused. He even had fantasized about it before it happened. Mental health care is more important than ever right now.

  29. His parents are Trump supporters, so I expect to see Trump come out of the woodwork to somehow defend the situation… and his ardent supporters to soon follow…

  30. I don't really see how this is terrorism at all. Maybe they've got some information that the public hadn't seen but going off of what I've read ot doesn't seem to fit the definition.

  31. So this once again will bring about no changes. As soon as these things happen many say that "Something needs to be done about guns!" while the other side sticks with the old argument of "It's people, not guns. It's mental health, not guns!"

  32. The legal answer to your points is that flying and driving are not rights. If these things were put in gun owners it would go to court and be struck down because it would be unconstitutional as gun ownership is a right afforded by the US constitution. Besides the politics involved in the gun debate, this is why it’s so difficult to pass and enforce gun laws.

  33. Look at it this way, americans don’t seem to care much for their children, how many are killed year after year after year.

  34. That's not true. However, they care more for their guns and the right to own them. 120 civilian guns per 100 people. Really, Murica?

  35. Saddest part of all of this: there will be another one. And another one. And another one. The second the American Government did nothing when Sandy Hook happen tells you what their priorities are.

  36. Ok, this is as horrible as any school shooting, but I’m completely against the terrorism charge simply because of their logic behind using it. They quite simply say they slapped terrorism on there to represent all the other victims who had to run and hide and were hurt psychologically. Quite literally, in their own words, those people were terrified because of him so they are charging him with terrorism.

  37. You’re right. I don’t know what it is with people jumping at the opportunity to redefine words. Terrorism doesn’t mean “an act that causes people to feel terrified”. It means a political or cultural motive. It is important that it has this meaning because we need a word to define violent acts that seek to cause political change. It can’t just mean two different things legally.

  38. You talking about Waukesha? That dude's being charged with 6 counts of first degree intentional homicide...among others. Each one carries life sentence.

  39. I have to say I'm a bit surprised that people aren't even talking about the bullying that led a 15 year old kid to do something so horrific. I was bullied myself at junior high and I can say that being bullied every single school day year after year can lead to some very dark places, turning sweet little kids into broken teenagers. Especially when everybody around is aware of it and nothing is done to stop it. Maybe some thought should be put into making parents of bullies accountable for their kids actions?

  40. I get what he did was heinous but lmfao that you thought there would be even a shred of a possibility to put a literal child to death.

  41. Why is he being charged as an adult? It's ridiculous that children can be charged as adults but not be able to do anything else that you do as an adult.

  42. Fuck that punk. You wanna play with grown up stuff and commit heinous adult crimes like murder? Tried like an adult. Life without parole.

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