Oxford High School shooting suspect called into a meeting prior to the shooting.

  1. So did he already have the gun at school that morning or did he go home and grab it after the meeting?

  2. I watched the news conference. Bouchard said the kid didn’t have a history of trouble, but the day before, he was sent to the office for disturbing classroom behavior or something like that. They talked to him and sent him back to class. The morning of the shooting he was sent to the office again for more inappropriate classroom behavior, but this time the parents were called in. They had a meeting in the office, then sent him back to class around 10am. Shooting was a few hours later.

  3. I was just thinking that myself. It also makes me wonder if there was a behavior pattern that they didn't want to see and/or deal with or worse they knew and just didn't care. Regardless, some kids are now dead because their son brought a gun (that they owned) to school and used it.

  4. His parents are far-right lunatics. The meeting could've been about 100 different things but I think its most likely the meeting was about their kid being a fuckin turd in the punch bowl, just like every far-right kid I've ever known.

  5. I hope that this incident doesn't get buried and nothing learned from it simply because there were less deaths than some of the big ones.

  6. I don’t know why police at the press conferences keep downplaying the obvious signs that were present and saying there were no threats either at the school or on social media that anyone was aware of. They were also saying they’re unaware of students feeling unsafe or staying home that day. This is just blatantly untrue, and there is evidence everywhere. Are they trying to protect the school or something?

  7. This imo is why after hundreds of these happening we still haven't learned a thing. Everytime, everyone involved passes the buck until the waters are so muddied nothing can be gained.

  8. Back when I was in high school, the Columbine shooting happened. Since the shooters wore trenchcoats, every student at my school who also wore a trenchcoat fell under suspicion. But I didn't have any plans to shoot a school up, I just thought it was cool to wear a trenchcoat.

  9. They are protecting themselves. Like the cop who got injected at the Travis Scott concert that really didn’t. This is classic cop cya.

  10. Because in this day and age, we live in a country where morality and “what’s right” are predicated by legality.

  11. I saw a couple articles saying interviewed students claimed he was being bullied, which makes that make more sense to me. If they're already ignoring the issues related to the kid, they're probably not going to suddenly stop ignoring them when he's the one causing trouble for others. A district that ignores one will ignore the other because they're bad at their jobs.

  12. good thing the internet exist and we 100% know that's untrue. i can see these school officials being fired, and this police department being fired. insane.

  13. Bouchard (the sheriff) is a Republican and staunch Trump supporter. The parents are neck deep in trumps ass. He's going to downplay anything he can.

  14. I’ve avoided talking to my preteen children about this issue but this one was my breaking point. They’ve been operating under the impression their drills at school are in case a bad guy came in with a gun and the look on their faces when I told them more often than not it’s another student broke my heart. I wanted them to know if there is ever a student they’re genuinely in fear of that the school is not removing, I will keep them home or change their schools if need be to keep them away from that student. Time and time again the red flags were rampant and nothing was done…it terrifies me.

  15. I graduated a few years before school shootings became such a common thing but the video from inside the school that sirgaces this week suddenly gave me horrible anxiety about what it must be like to be a kid in this system. I've had the thought before, but it never came with the gut clenching anxiety before. Just wanted to say you're a great parent and I hope my mom would have supported me like that if I were still in school

  16. It’s weird how schools don’t do anything about obvious threats like this guy but go apeshit on kids leaving nerf guns in their cars

  17. It's because they can pretend to care. Next time someone tries to sue the school for a shooting they can say "look how seriously we treat gun violence! We even confiscated a nerf gun!"

  18. Friend of mine got expelled for having paint ball guns in his trunk because some girl that didn't like him told the faculty he was gonna shoot up the school.

  19. There's a big push at the district level and higher across the US to reduce suspensions and traditional punishments at all costs. Schools usually have some sort of discipline code and you can't you suspend a kid for any old reason, ESPECIALLY if they have an IEP, which many of the disruptive kids will have. School level administrators usually have their hands tied with discipline codes they must follow until after the fact of a fight, theft, god forbid a shooting, etc.

  20. And learn nothing from it. We lack all sincere interest in social health and our decline into chaos and mayhem will be soul-shattering.

  21. So a couple years ago, my son , 8th grade at the time,, and some friends were off talking about a video game. Some post apocalyptic game. Then the conversation turned into "well if it was IRL what would you do?" Question presented to my son was something along the lines of "would you kill one classmate to save the many" or something like this. Teacher overheard the convo, and had police called on my son and friend because they said they would. Despite KNOWING it was a convo about video games. Why? Because there's mention of a gun on campus. Both got suspended, because police were called, not because he "made a threat".

  22. When I was in 8th grade, a 9th grader at the high school made a very detailed and graphic hit list. It was found and connected to her and she was suspended for like a week.

  23. So we hand out guns and ammo like candy here, but god forbid we say the word "GUN" or "SHOOTING" out aloud... esp in a school environment and suddenly you are on a watchlist! ????

  24. I drew a picture of a gun in middle school because I was bored and the teacher saw it and I had to have a meeting with the principal an officer and my mom it was stupid as hell and I also got in school detention for a week. Idk how this shit falls through the cracks.

  25. When I was in 9th grade, my teacher was super pissed off, ranting about how 1st period had left a bunch of stuff out and I said to someone "man, she's gonna kill that first period". The next day I got called to the principal's office and my parents were there and I found out the sign language lady in the class heard me say it and reported it as a threat, and I was literally expelled from that school for it immediately. Had to move to a different high school.

  26. Kinda insane how many people are defending the school. They apply zero tolerance in so many other situations. If not here, why do those rules even exist???

  27. I saw a photo of the kid earlier after I had been not really paying attention. I keep getting older and the kids keep looking more and more like babies every time something like this happens. Including the perpetrators.

  28. Kid was also mentally deluded to a point where action should have been taken. Institutionalization/Juvenile detention of some sorts should be on par for a kid showing these troubling signs. Someone with mental health that unstable should not be let around others.

  29. So we will let you go to class today, but ONLY if you promise to say sorry for threatening to shoot up the school and telling kids to stay home if they want to be safe.

  30. She also talks about being an atheist and hating Common Core. I don't think you're going to find all your answers in an old blog post.

  31. This is pretty much silly, most people in Michigan have these views, even minorities, and I'm going to guess much of America, if not places in the world that offer assistance to refugees. This has nothing to do with the kid being a shooter.

  32. Technically dad didnt do anything illegal as, like half the states in the union for some reason, Michigan has no child access prevention laws.

  33. Schools have little to no power with misbehaving students who are potentially violent. Sure we can suspend them, ISS but those are becoming increasingly difficult to do and if parents don’t support the decision then what’s the point?

  34. It's a pipedream to expect universal mental health care in a country where even universal physical healthcare doesn't exist.

  35. What I find fascinating about most of these school shootings is that someone usually knows in advance. There have been many stories of people turning in those monsters who threaten to shoot up a school and law enforcement arrest them before all hell breaks loose. Sadly, there are many stories of people either not taking it seriously and doing little to nothing or of those in charge (law enforcement, school, parents - what have you) not doing their due diligence.

  36. Before the shooting, the kid displayed obvious troubling signs. He and a friend threw a deer head into the courtyard after hours and police got involved, the school sent out a mass email saying it was no cause for concern. The kid had a count down posted on his social media. On the day of the shooting he was brought in for a meeting and allowed back to the school. He absolutely should have been expelled and undergone some sort of wellness check well prior to this shooting.

  37. I wonder if they ever thought to get a psychiatric evaluation. Of course, conservatives generally see psychiatry and that sort of self-awareness as witchcraft, and this was allegedly heavy Trumpville, so I guess it makes sense why they just didn’t know what to do and sent a message to parents saying they had it under control.

  38. Is it sad that the relevant news here is the circumstances and, because of how common they are, not the school shooting itself?

  39. Agreed. I can admit that I was only pulled into this article because of the meeting they had with him. I thought "huh- that's interesting and a different twist". I hate that the shooting itself isn't as surprising.

  40. America doesn’t need external threats from terrorists, we have our own rebels without cause among us, and they all have legal access to guns. Our enemies are chortling at our self-inflicted demise.

  41. If he was bullied that's not an excuse to do what this kid did. I'm tired of that excuse, and I'm sorry but that's what it is.

  42. Why is it so fucking hard to understand that people have a breaking point. A lot of the time their self worth has been so devalued they end up killing themselves. So yeah, youre right not everyone goes on a murdering rampage. Also bullying destroys peoples lives even into adulthood. This is what people need to be talking about in this country and figure out how to address this before another child dies.

  43. If he was a girl showing her bra strap she probably would’ve been sent home. There’s gonna be so many lawsuits from this one..

  44. Here, LET ME say it so you all don't have to feel the hate. FUCKING GUN CONTROL!!! WE NEED IT AND NO MORE BULLSHIT COUNTER TALKING POINTS.

  45. "No evidence that he was bullied" but yet there are like 2-3 recent interviews with fellow students that say that he was. Okay.

  46. You're not wrong. Everybody will just give their thoughts and prayers while nothing changes and we'll have another mass shooting next week.

  47. I wouldn’t say that, i’d say it’s harder for people to care about problems that don’t directly affect them.

  48. So.. you are worried enough about a ticking time bomb to have a “ meeting “ AND YOU BRING IT TO THE SCHOOL???? What.the. Fuck?

  49. Thoughts and Prayers? This is a mass shooting and would bring outcry in every other first world country. Just another day in America.

  50. Being aware that a vague problem exists is one thing. Knowing what you need to know to prevent this sort of tragedy with sufficient precision that you don't just shut down the entire school or expel 50% of students "just in case" is an entire kettle of fish.

  51. I think school administrators get caught by surprise about the extent of these violent outbursts, but aren’t necessarily surprised by WHO does it.

  52. Bullied too much. You can just look at him and tell. Plus, I think it's no coincidence he went after the quarterback of the school team. I was bullied and sexually harassed by our high school quarterback. Then, the parents. The parents look like what my friend calls, 'Trump trash'. I think they are trying to make an example of him because of their own shortcomings and failures. I also think anyone waving guns around on any social media site should be put on a watch list.

  53. Earlier I saw a video he did when he was a little kid. He seemed sweet, and not ‘disturbed’. It really made me sad. I don’t know. I don’t get it. But having gun-happy parents sure as hell doesn’t help.

  54. I feel everyone in America should feel sad over what happened vs being angry that seems to be alarmingly normal.

  55. Not only the meeting does not prevent this, we need to look into whether the meeting trigger the suspect into a rampage.

  56. Feelings of humiliation are the trigger for 87% of all school shootings. Bullying is the typical trigger but any perceived loss of status can trigger an incident like this. The meeting absolutely may have been a factor.

  57. This wasn't Parkland. The police were fucking heroes. They arrived on the scene within 5 minutes of the first call.

  58. The topic that continues to go unaddressed in these articles, but has been present in some, only to quickly disappear, is the role of pharmaceuticals. Plenty of them prescribed for one thing create the opposite effect of not correctly chemically calibrated. The Vegas shooter was on meds. So was one of the Florida shooters. Days after the shooting, reports of their medications disappeared.

  59. Downvoted on your example does not apply to this mass shooting as it's unknown this teenager was on any meds to even establish they were mis medicated.

  60. Secondary? Compact, concealable, standoff distance, accurate, reliable; one can't reasonably defend without special equipment, and effectively zero stamina use for repeated shots. Most people can't do that with other weapons (melee, bow) without training and/or some sort of special opportunity.

  61. The solution is every teacher and student carry guns. Train every kid after kindergarten to use firearms. An even playing field is essential. Everyone is armed.

  62. Alex Jones would be nearly the last person I would get advice from when it comes to school shootings. Second only to actual school shooters.

  63. Such a moronic and disconnected solution. The cost to train, insure, and arm teachers would bankrupt the school district. Anytime a gun is placed in an environment, the risk of a gun related accident is also introduced. And finally, if an on duty police officer like in Parkland can freeze, wtf makes you think 72 year old Mrs. Withersbee isn't going to?

  64. You want to take advice on school shootings from that repugnant assclown that thinks Sandy Hook was fake? Literally go fuck yourself.

  65. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/oakland/2021/12/03/oxford-high-school-shooting-suspect-ethan-crumbley-warning-signs/8853333002/

  66. This is not a defense for what he did but honestly I think the meeting with school counselors that day was what tipped him over the edge. It seems like he was backed into a corner and he cracked after they decided to send him back to class.

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