Texas’ ban on mask mandates in public schools back in place after federal appeals court ruling

  1. Here in Indiana, the GOP legislature wants to ban businesses from mandating employees get vaccinated. Because they're so pro-business.

  2. I'll bet is a bunch of people stormed their courtroom butt-ass naked, those judges wouldn't buy this "no concrete, or actual or imminent, injury" bullshit for one second.

  3. The ruling ignores the science. That is the problem. Until our common framework for decisions and policy leverages available science and is beholden thereto, we’re just arguing beliefs.

  4. Make masks part of the dress code. That's already been established as allowed to be mandated even with gender based differences.

  5. I just don’t get the logic in this. Like seriously, Masks are shown to help, and if a school district is in a heavy COVID infection site, they can actually help protect teachers and students.

  6. Always sell the big lie first. Your opponents will be confused and think no one will believe it. Meanwhile when you get your supporters to believe that blue is red, especially at risk to themselves, you’ve snuck in the back door and can get any lesser lie believed.

  7. It's not hard to understand. Republicans have no principles. The only thing they believe is that Democrats are evil, therefore if a Democrat believes in something like vaccines and masks then they have to be against it. Any capitulation will be seen as weakness and they will be expelled from the party.

  8. Most Republican voters live in rural areas. Places Covid didn't get into at first. It was easy to see it as a urban (which is to say strongly Dem) problem. That was Trump's reasoning. "Those people didn't vote for me, so fuck 'em."

  9. Not surprising; the 5th Circuit is the most extreme right appellate circuit in the country. It's stuffed full of unabashed political hacks who only care about conservative preferences, not precedent, laws, or the constitution.

  10. Well cops are the most oppressed group in America (after gamers), so it's commendable that the 5th circuit is shielding them from the oppressiveness of accountability.

  11. So GQP gerrymandering is just a defence mechanism against killing off a good number of their own voters. Got it.

  12. Just systemically ignore it. The state has no means to prevent schools from having mask mandates and the court has literally no way to enforce their delusional ruling.

  13. “The district court’s analysis rests on the faulty premise that the only accommodation available to plaintiffs is their schools’ ability to impose mask mandates,”

  14. I’m not an expert, but I believe the reference to “accommodation” is because the lawsuit was brought under disability law, which can require entities to “reasonably accomodate” disabled folks.

  15. Currently, the running average for new infections is -22% in Texas. Nationally, we are at -14%. So Texas is doing better than average. That said we are sill having nice weather here. Temperatures are in the 50s to upper 70s all week. That said, there are still plenty of bugs out there that aren't Covid. We are likely to get all of it coming back once it finally turns cold.

  16. North Texan here with a high school student. The kids have not been wearing masks almost the entire year. I think they were mandatory for maybe 3 weeks.

  17. Yes, let’s continue to argue and fight over masks while kids are escaping through windows to get away from an active shooter. This country is so ass backwards it makes me sick.

  18. I wish there was an age cap on political stuff. After you reach 55 you should not be allowed to decide how to run the country for the next generations. This goes for any party and any position. All they do is fuck up our country.

  19. Democrats should propose a "don't smash your own head in with a hammer" mandate, just to see what the Republican response will be.

  20. What would happen if the schools just said you don’t have to come if you don’t feel safe? The opposite of a mandate. See how parents like that

  21. Students enrolled in public school have a limit on unexcused absences. I don’t believe the state provides any funding for distance learning at this point, so it is up to the local district to pay for it. If they don’t, and most can’t, students have to be in class or their parents/guardians are looking at the potential of facing a misdemeanor charge under the state’s truancy laws.

  22. Because you're too scared to put a light object on your child's face to protect others from a virus. Yeah no. You should all just buy an island together and fuck off.

  23. It’s solid fact that masks actually work because Fauci said they do after months before when he said they wouldn’t. It’s solid fact…now. Not then. But now.

  24. So, if someone on tv says a thing, then Later counteracts the thing, why would you decide it’s the one you like that is the truth?

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