Debt collectors can use social media to reach borrowers

  1. "Hey Jenny, it's your aunt Linda! We sure did miss you at the last reunion. Trouble is... i made 12 extra pounds of potato salad, thinking yall were coming! Lol anyway can you pay that Discover bill you owe on?"

  2. Honestly that might be what kills alot of social media so im all for it. For me, the minute my inbox is spammed by scammers, telemarketing etc is the minute i delete whatever app it happens on

  3. Nah they use fake profile pictures of attractive people pretending like they want to talk to you instead for social media.

  4. To be fair, no one put a gun to your head to sign a literal court document that you’d be responsible to pay a certain amount by a certain date. The deb collector is technically holding their end of the bargain..

  5. Debt collectors have really gotten out of control. I have a disputed debt that I’ve been fighting Portfolio Recovery Services for 6 years. Somehow they got my moms phone number and called her recently her caller ID showed the town she was in at that time, which wasn’t where she lives. So they found my mom, and are able to track her so they can spoof the call. This shit has to be illegal.

  6. I’ve had scammer debt collectors come after me for debts that weren’t actually mine or real, and I was shocked at how much personal info they could find. They managed to find the cell number of my brother in law, who I barely have a relationship with, that lives on the opposite side of the country. I went through a six month battle with these assholes harassing everyone in my family for a debt that wasn’t even real.

  7. After 6 years it’s probably too old to legally collect on. Check your state’s statute of limitations. Whatever you do, don’t pay even a penny of the debt or make any agreement (even verbally) to pay because it resets the clock.

  8. Notify them in writing that you refuse to pay and not to contact you. They can’t legally do so after that, and will be subject to fines, I think between $100-1000

  9. This is evil. Debt collectors will now publicly post on social media, because not only are the penalties barely slaps on the wrist, there is virtually no real prosecution for breaking the laws unless a class action can be formed, then no one but the lawyers win.

  10. More of a clarification than a new tool- a lot of specific requirements they will have to legally meet. Don’t let a debt collector message you without identifying themselves through another channel first!

  11. To contact you or harass you? Then there's the issue of accepting a friend ship request or constantly blocking strangers from messaging you.

  12. Putting more effort into pumping from a dry well still doesn't mean they're going to get anything though.

  13. By default, anyone who has a Facebook profile is allowed to send you a message, even if he's not on your friend list. If you receive too many unwanted messages from non-friends, change your privacy settings so that only your confirmed friends are allowed to send a message. Easy Peasy for Facebook anyways.

  14. I think it's fair. You borrow money, you should expect that someone's going to remind you when you don't make payments.

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