FedEx driver dumped packages at least 6 times into Alabama ravine, sheriff says -

  1. I mean what was the end game here? Eventually you were going to be found out when everyone on your route complains that they did not get their packages

  2. being that it's now and just the nature of it, this guy is almost certainly a seasonal driver. he's just in it for 4 paychecks or so.

  3. "but they are providing services for fedex air. We figure if we give the packages parachutes maybe they'll have a chance to get to you. Better than we usually do anyway"

  4. FedEx ground drivers couldn’t give a shit if they were paid to. At least Express drivers are all nice and friend.

  5. Fucking FedEx amateur. I used to drive for UPS and dumped hundreds of packages into a ravine too. And none of this namby-pamby six different trips bullshit. I did it all in just a few seconds, and put the truck down there too!

  6. Yikes, sorry you went through that. I'm hoping that you weren't injured since you were able to speak with your supervisor?

  7. Motive? Probably had unrealistic delivery quota expectations and was trying to take a shortcut to getting them all "delivered" on time.

  8. UPS’ employees are unionized, most of FedEx’ workers are not. UPS uses their own employees for all work, while FedEx deals often with independent contractors. UPS uses just one network for all their deliveries, while FedEx has multiple networks under their brand: FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, etc….

  9. The irony in this is that FedEx bought a shipping company named RPS in the 90s right after a strike at UPS caused FedEx business to increase but also revealed the limits of its express shipping model. That company became FedEx Ground and it’s run separately from FedEx Express. Both FedEx Express and Ground are vehemently anti-union.

  10. But what's interesting... UPS consistently delivers broken packages to me. I've counted over 20 damaged packages in my life, in different states and another country also. It's nuts. I avoid their services as much as possible, but you can't always choose. And I should note that the first 10 or so were business deliveries, when I had an office job in high school.

  11. Does the person who delivered my package in their own vehicle not count as a contractor for UPS? I’m curious their terms and how that works.

  12. How did he get away with this. Does FedEx not even have basic GPS units in there vehicles so that if a vehicle isn't driving around x amount of hours a day they can see somethings up? I dont see how management even made it possible for him to get away with this 1 time

  13. It has to have access and a way to plug into a power source. When I was a Truck driver I could easily find where the computer was and unplug it. Many different devices and many different trucks but they all have to have access for maintenance.

  14. FedEx Ground drivers are independent contractors. Not the same as FedEx without the Ground after it.

  15. Driver kept getting deliveries for Pepe Silvia, but was pretty sure Pepe Silvia didn't exist, so he dumped them all.

  16. Al these delivery services are under pressure to deliver a quota and somoetimes probably often it is unachievable.

  17. This appears to be a passive aggressive action on his part. We should counsel him and find out what's really bothering him. Really dig deep.

  18. how did this chucklehead think he was going to get away with it? Is he a Jan 6 insurrectionist or something?

  19. I've had packages with fedex be a week and a half late in non-rush seasons, there entire phone system and the operators are so rude and OUTRIGHT lie.

  20. When this happens the driver should have to pay for all the damaged items. They know what packages where on his truck.

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