Several school districts closed Thursday out of precaution due to online threats in wake of Oxford attack

  1. My nephew's high school in CT had a scare yesterday. They sent the kids home after having them outside in freezing weather for over 30mins.

  2. sucks for kids to go through that. though my generation also stood in freezing weather on an evacuation, but that was because of a bomb scare so someone could avoid a math test.

  3. As a parent, I’d take my kid being out in the cold for 30 mins any day over inside the school if the school thought there was even a tiny tiny tiny tiny chance a shooting was about to happen…

  4. Imagine, your parents, local, state and national elected officials all have yelled at the top of their lungs that you need to be in school for 18months even though close proximity to others in closed spaces are how a deadly disease running rampant is most easily transmitted. Thus causing you and your friends to possibly get sick - and for you to spread that disease to your loved ones - loved ones who have been dying at rates in the thousands a day.

  5. You're definitely onto something here. What's changed in the last 25 years since I graduated school? Guns? No, those were around when I was in high school (I mean we still need to do something about them). Plenty of kids back then had easy access to them, myself included. Bullying? Got news for you, I know from firsthand experience that bullying existed then - 12 year old me could show you the bruises. Mental illness? No, that's been a staple of humanity, though it has generally worsened. Oooh, maybe it's the adults that have normalized hate, vitriol, a them vs us mentality, externalizing blame, violence, and pumped our population full of fear 24/7. The world around us has gotten statistically safer in the last 25 years, yet there is more fear of it and anyone that isn't like you. We are culturally sick and would rather keep arguing, making it sicker, instead of doing anything about it. I don't have the answers. I wish I did. We've woven a web of shit and it'll take a long time to untangle it all. If we get rid of every single gun in this country we solve mass shootings, sure, but Waukesha showed us the gun isn't necessary. If we offer free universal healthcare we help a lot of people and maybe avoid a decent amount of these things regardless of the weapon used, but it won't catch them all, and certainly won't benefit the ones that don't use the resources because of the stigma around mental illness. In other words there isn't just one answer to this. It's a lot of little answers that need to be fixed at the same time because it's a bigger problem of culture deeply enmeshed in a cycle of fear and hate

  6. its funny how a significant segment of the population made a huge deal out of how wearing masks would impact the experience of children in school negatively, but they dont give a fuck about the experience of children having to be evacuated or do active shooter drills or walk through heavy security to get into the building, and often propose the solution of arming teachers in the classroom.

  7. It should be obvious by now that Republicans actively hate our school system and want it dismantled. They think our teachers are overpaid louts filling our kids' heads with atheism and Critical Race Theory. Betsy Devos fucked the entire education system multiple times and the GOP didn't blink.

  8. Honestly I don't think school rules are fair or accurate which probably attributes to a lot of the violent behavior that schools tend to get. They literally remove the ability for children or parents to protect their child from harm. I remember back in time a kid I was in 6th grade with wanted to file restraining orders against his bullies but even then they said they coud not do that and it was the problem of the school to deal with.

  9. My kid has had a pretty crappy bully most of this year, to the point she had panic attacks over attending and stayed home a great deal. Now, logically, I expected a bit of leeway between getting back into routines and her own personal situation, but nope. Once the limit was hit, no warning ahead of time, I had the truancy letter in hand. No taking into account her wonderful attendance before or the fact she was panicking over a bully they could expel or relocate (they had relocated him once and he was doing much more dangerous things I’ve seen kids expelled for). I felt we got heavier handed treatment than this kid who was incredibly disruptive. It was like his being given a chance at an education he wasn’t going to take was more important than my child, who was trying.

  10. the genie is out of the bottle on this one. would take a few decades fo r the US to weed out the majority of the gun supply as there would be a lot of resistance to any gun control mandate.

  11. What is sad is that the media doesn't care that their reporting on these things only normalizes this action for prospective shooters.

  12. I mean does the media even care? I haven’t seen this story at all yet until I saw it on reddit. School shooting are a blip on the radar now. They went back to talking about Omicron and the stock market.

  13. Yes I don't know why they don't treat it like suicides and not report on the killers. When any loser knows they can get famous by doing heinous acts it won't stop.

  14. Crack down in the social media companies. Start holding them financially liable when death threats are posted on their site. The problem users would be banned incredibly fast.

  15. As long as this Supreme Court is in charge, you could create perfect gun laws that would protect us all and this Roberts court would strike it down.

  16. I blame media contagion, hyping this shitbag, and the fact that kids will do anything to disrupt or get out of school.

  17. Not sure why you are getting downvoted. There have been calls for years by scientists to treat it as a contagion situation like suicides. Unfortunately the media the old saying still applies "if it bleeds it leads".

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