Germany announces nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated

  1. She added that vaccinated people will lose their vaccination status nine months after getting their last shot, apparently in an effort to encourage booster uptake.

  2. This is where everywhere is going, including the USA, even if the amount of kicking and screaming will vary from place to place. I've been eye-rolling at the unnecessarily confusing term "fully vaccinated" ever since they rolled it out and explained that meant two shots... while the CDC issued a card with four blank lines.

  3. The supreme leader said for every hole in one he makes in golf, someone in North Korea is cured of cancer and he only makes holes in one.

  4. It's going to be enforced by the police. And twenty percent of them are unvaccinated in Bavaria.

  5. This has been the case for weeks at my workplace. Now we've changed to 2G+ which means everyone has to have a test to sit in and eat, but since the test centres are booked out, it's basically impossible to get a test unless you have symptoms. So even though you can technically sit in and eat, in practice 99% of customers have to take away.

  6. My apologies was chatting to the German embassy. 1 shot of J&J vaccine is sufficient atm. Along with EU vaccine cert.

  7. Boosters are available, if you’re US based, most Walgreens or CVS pharmacies will have it. All you need to do is schedule an appointment beforehand. Many locations have same day appointment availability.

  8. 70% of Germany is vaccinated. Germany's vaccination rate is higher than the U.S.. this article does a poor job outlining whom will be impacted by this and in what sectors.

  9. This is true, but think some perspective on vaccinations is useful. US and Germany are pretty close on percentage of population with one dose and percent of population with a booster. The US seems to really have an outsized group of people with only one dose.

  10. I didn’t realise vax rates were so low in parts of the western world. Under 70%? I just assumed almost everyone was vaxxed by now that had access to it, like around 90%. Going to look this up now.

  11. I’ll get crucified but at this stage I think lockdowns will have more downsides than benefits. This doesn’t appear to be a full lockdown at least but I hope the world doesn’t start to overreact.

  12. I fully agree with you. If people were skeptical before....watching this happen now is not motivation for anyone to want to go out and voluntarily get vaccinated.

  13. Fully vaccinated here and booster but I don't like this two-tier society they are brewing up. If people don't care if they get seriously ill then so be it. If it causes problems with hospitals then change the laws so hospitals can send them home if they need the bed. Stop with the scanning, passports and endless hysteria.

  14. As a full vaccinated person who supports medicare for all. It is really scary just how many people who also claim to support MFA proposing denying medical treatment or coverage to individuals who are not fully vaccinated.

  15. The way people talk about unvaccinated people is kinda crazy. Apparently we should either deny them healthcare all together or make them pay for it. Weirdly noone seems to extend that to obese people though who are making a similarly stupid health destroying selfish set of life choices.

  16. My God the comments here. Mainstream media and Reddit really fucks people’s world views up. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s nothing at all.

  17. Dont take reddit's general opinion as the average person's. These people are afraid of the sunlight and dont represent general public, fortunatly.

  18. I get why people don't agree with me, and you're welcome to your opinion, but I think all of the consequences of having unvaccinated people are simply the price of freedom, and that freedom is the most important value to fight for.

  19. Wouldn’t it make more sense to lockdown the elderly and those at higher risk of severe infection? An 80 year asthmatic obese man who is vaccinated is at less risk then a healthy un vaxxed 20 yo?

  20. If I’m 80 and my government tells me I have to be locked down while everyone else is free, there’s no way I’m listening

  21. This is wrong. If we give the government the power to mandate and take away individual rights they will abuse it. Every time in history they have.

  22. Not really. Most of the time you’re being asked when you have already entered a place rather than outside. It takes less time than most people think and I don’t know a single place that had to hire extra personal to check for vaccines or tests here in Germany.

  23. It's cute. There are more comments in this thread anticipating Nazi references than there are Nazi references. It's one of the nice things about reddit: no matter how big the site gets, we never change.

  24. There's more redditors making vaccine 5G memes than there are actual IRL people who talk about vaccine 5G. Seriously I've never heard or met one person who has said that.

  25. Anti-vaxxers have been doing everything they can to force this kind of decision so they can claim to be victims. I am not falling for it I don't feel sorry for them at all.

  26. Well wait until they lockdown vaccinated too. They did in my my country. Because nothings gets people vaccinated more, then restricting vaccinated people.

  27. Germany is near 70% vaxxed, with distancing, masks and work from home. Yet the cases are higher than ever. It's time somebody took a look at the facts and stopped mandating obviously useless crap.

  28. From BBC article: “Only those who have been vaccinated or recently recovered from Covid will be allowed in restaurants, cinemas, leisure facilities and many shops.”

  29. Help me understand how this helps? I a vaccinated person can still spread and receive Covid. While I understand that my vaccine protects me from getting dangerously ill, it doesn’t help to stop the spread.

  30. My thinking is that how many people are infected is irrelevant. Even if 100% of population is simultaneously infected with Covid it doesn't mean shit if none of them have serious symptoms. What matters is how much of that population is hospitalized.

  31. Yeah who saw this coming? The left really were the fascists all along. Turns out fascists are just people who crave orders from authority.

  32. Separating the population based on medical history and withholding one part of that population’s rights as a result. Having state officials mingle within the public to demand documentation or face legal punishment? Whether you agree with it or not, that’s some text book authoritarianism.

  33. Whatever happened to herd immunity? 70% vax was once considered enough for her immunity. Is it just not applicable to Covid?

  34. Herd immunity will never happen with these vaccines, and they know it. It's a false hope at the end of perpetually shifting goalposts.

  35. Jesus christ imagine if the United States tried this. The result would make the January 6 insurrection look like a fucking joke.

  36. Very curious to see how this works from a social standpoint. I remember France doing something similar around cafe's but I don't think it was a full on lock down. Will be interesting to see the impact this has.

  37. Well it isn't a complete lockdown, even though it is severely limiting if you choose to not get vaccinated. Retail stores (except necessary stores like gas stations, grocery stores, and the like), cultural events will require proof of vaccination or recovery from the virus. Unvaccinated people are also limited in the size of private gatherings they can legally hold. Important to note here that this does not include anyone who can't get vaccinated for one reason or another, only those who choose not to.

  38. More country will follow this. Covid is fucking expansive period. It's much cheaper to treat a vaccinated person than unvaccinate. Most breakthrough infection doesn't even require hospitalization.

  39. Germany tracks both incidence rates. Vaccinated is 10x lower. If it were not for the unvaccinated the R value would bei er than 1 and this would end.

  40. Texas did a study throughout September and found that unvaccinated are 13x more likely to catch Covid (and also 20x more likely to die from it). So yeah, some vaccinated people will catch it, but the majority are still unvaccinated. And I believe it's also been shown vaccinated people that catch covid also carry a smaller viral load so they are also less likely to spread it than the unvaxxed are.

  41. First, you reduce the hospitalization rate. As vaccinated people rarely need the hospital even after infection, you protect the most vulnerable people by forcing them to take precautionary measures. This will reduce the load on hospitals even if the cases would remain stable.

  42. Well, the difference is that it's a lot harder for it to spread as you mentioned yourself (I dont know exact stats either) but the main difference it makes is that if you're vaccinated, you're way, WAY less like to have severe symptoms. Thats like the entire point of a vaccine

  43. we've gotten to the point where everyone knows the same data, but we all interpret it differently. it's now become some sort of philosophical debate of some people being ok with a certain amount of risk, and some aren't.

  44. Without any stats or research to back it up: In most places people don't give a fuck anymore and are mostly socializing like pre-covid. Vaccine doesn't 100% stop infection or transmission. Most people were on the cautious side for the first year of covid. If you could magically nullify the effects of every vaccine globally but have people's current behavior remain unchanged I guarantee that cases and deaths would absolutely skyrocket.

  45. Dont know much about it but my understanding is that the vaccination helps protect against deaths and lighten hospitalizations (basically it lowers the severity of covid if you get it when vax'd). I believe you can still spread it even when vax'd. So mask wearing and social distancing seems to be a good way to help stop/slow the spread (even though its not perfect - nothing is)

  46. So people just ignoring the fact is says 'vaccinated or recovered'? Like they're recognizing natural immunity... you guys get this right?

  47. Recovered do need to get a shot within 6 months of recovery, otherwise they dont qualify for this "open" status.

  48. In case someone was curious if its a click bait title again. Yes it is. Edit: I am ofc wrong as users below pointed out. It's not a click bait.

  49. I wouldn't call it click bait, that's the same meaning for lockdown that's been used for the past two years. Even in the US, when lockdowns we're announced for everyone, you could still go to essential businesses

  50. These idiots seem to think that Jews had the option of not going into concentration camps if they just did something the Nazis wanted them to do.

  51. At some point people have to realize it’s going to remain just like the flu. Lockdowns are not going to work, especially if they’re only for the unvaccinated as vaccinated people are still going to get it and spread it.

  52. Had parents in the 50’s said no to the polio vaccine, the iron lung industry would still be striving. Lot of Mr. Frumps.

  53.'s almost as if we called this happening back in 2020 and everyone called us conspiracy nuts. Weird how all this turned out.

  54. Funny because most the people I interact with in North America still try to make it sound like the U.S. is the only place dealing with corona. Tbh it seems like we’re the only place acting like it doesn’t exist.

  55. Your comment reminds me of a Ricky Gervais joke about how civilisation is like a train, with the brightest minds in the front, powering the train that is having to drag everyone else with it, with the added weight holding back civilisation from greater accomplishments.

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