Southfield Michigan student arrested after pistol found in his coat pocket

  1. During the press conference yesterday, the sheriff said they had a wave of copycat calls, social media and otherwise threats that came in mainly across the state and the country after the shooting took place. It's typical after press coverage after these crimes or even suicides. Crazy but typical.

  2. It's crazy, suddenly there's threats in schools all over SE Michigan today causing closures and panic.

  3. Definitely considering homeschooling, our kid doesn't even give a shit about losing out on social interactions since COVID pretty much got her used to that. I guess a kid at her school made a threat and a kill/hit list was found and they put it on lockdown. Shits getting crazy.

  4. Copycats aren't a new phenomenon in fact statistically you are much more likely to have a mass shooting soon after a big publicised shooting. Just like when you have a celebrity commit sucide(Robin Williams for example) you will see a spike in suicides in the weeks afterwards. The more you hear about something the more likely someone is going to do it also which is why especially in the area nearer to the event you will see more instances of copycats because you will be hearing more about it regularly(part of why Colarado has more compared to other states). One of the reasons there were was a drop mass shooting during 2020 was the news simply wasn't talking about them. They were still happening but a national news agency isnt going to dedicate multiple segments over several days on a shooting where a few people are killed or injured when thousands are dying of a virus everyday.

  5. I read somewhere that the shooting in Oxford was the 29th this year in the US. 29th! I think we all kid ourselves when we ask what's going on in a specific city/state. This is happening nationwide.

  6. It's almost like having more guns than people in this country, and then adding in zero chance of economic and environmental futures for most of these kids would stress them out and lead to bad behavior.

  7. Lead in the water. Lead has well documented negative mental health side effects. After removing lead from gasoline, violent crimes dropped drastically nationwide. Unfortunately lead pipes are still common for water.

  8. There were whole rash of shooting threats in the school districts up here in the area surrounding Oxford last night and today. My school actually didn’t have class today over it and we don’t know if we’re having class tomorrow.

  9. Rumored ‘hit week’ found in messages of a GC with the shooter from Oxford and students from other districts in metro detroit. Many schools closed out of caution.

  10. Actually yes, Flint hasn't had clean water for decades now and no administration gives a flying fuck; lead in water has been proven to create developmental problems that result in these types of societies ultimately.

  11. It's just the topic for the day / week. The media ramps up stories that usually go unnoticed when it's a hot topic.

  12. It’s Michigan. High chance this kid has parents who say more guns in classrooms keep them safe. Kid might have brought it out of fear of what happen.

  13. I worked with a few kids from Children's Village at a psych hospital. The psych hospital was like vacation for some of them.

  14. Does no one teach kids to report shit to the cops and not touch it? Like money is one thing, but a possible murder weapon? Fuck that.

  15. I don’t have kids, but it’s a bad week for me too. To be fair, everyday is a bad week for me. Basically feels like the “this is fine” meme everyday.

  16. We’re not far off from having our first “anti school shooter school shooter” where a kid brings a gun to school to kill a potential mass shooter ahead of time.

  17. Here in Florida every republican ik wants to arm kids during school hours. They think that a good kid with a gun will stop a bad kid with a gun. What a fucked up world. Also just to add on we just left the national school board association. 🙄

  18. I mean... not something I'd encourage of course, but if it did happen and they actually stopped a school shooter.. how should we react to that?

  19. It's common for school shooters to come from families whom are relatively well off and I think it's because such students have less to worry about, thus the angsts of adolescence are scaled up.

  20. I was at Clement Park with my 6 year old this week and we stumbled upon the Columbine Memorial located near the school here in CO. I just couldn't handle it and was holding back tears the whole time.

  21. We had a school go into lock down a few days ago in Austin. There is no indication they were doing anything other than showing off, but it still scared the hell out of the kids.

  22. When i lived in Oakland County, some guy off his meds started firing shots into his ceiling and the resulting standoff made me late for work

  23. "Guns will get you in more trouble than they will ever get you out of," Southfield Police Chief Elvin Barren said at a press conference.

  24. That's good advice. I grew up in an area that had a lot of guns and no-one carried. Now there are towns in Idaho where teenagers wander around with loaded AR15's.

  25. Someone has to be the good guy with the gun (to stop the bad guy with the gun), so why don’t they just let him hold on to it? /s

  26. Are we starting to see the results of the lost year covid generation? Got a friend who teaches in Michigan who says that after a year of inadequate and isolated homeschooling by shitty parents a lot of kids have no idea how to be students anymore.

  27. Until one of the house or senates great great great great great grandchildren get shot in their only school, nothing will be solved

  28. I feel absolutely horrible when I let my mind explore the idea that a child or children of GOP members need to be actual victims of gun violence before they start to consider the obvious right course of action.

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