Germany excludes unvaccinated from parts of public life

  1. It’s happening here and there. You need vaccination proof to enter a bar in New Orleans. Several bars are even enforcing this.

  2. Some Germans choose not to take basic steps to ensure the safety of their countrymen, find themselves unwelcome

  3. The U.S. should consider some of this policy. COVID has disrupted the economy, the health of our citizens, and has complicated the lives of nearly the whole country.

  4. Pandemic is over, get the vaccine to protect yourself if you’d like, the unvaccinated run their own risk. If you’d like you’re more than welcome to wear the appropriate PPE as well.

  5. Was reading this in another post much much earlier but I don't know what to think really. I'm all for vaccination and no one has the right to infect others so it might be somewhat effective maybe?

  6. but vaccines don't prevent you from getting it or transmitting it. The best play they got on it so far is that it makes the symptoms milder, but not always. Some vaccinated still go to the hospitals. So, limiting only the unvaccinated this way will prove to be ineffective. If you are gonna do it to prevent further infections, do it to everyone. Even the vaccinated aren't safe from other vaccinated.

  7. Comparing government mandated vaccinations to the Holocaust is dangerous hyperbole. It’s also disrespectful to the millions of people murdered by the Nazis.

  8. I feel bad for the disabled/immune-compromised that could not/cannot get the vaccine due to further health complications. Excluding them from society is inhumane.

  9. US conservative politics actually gives shelter to the beliefs and values of fascism and white supremacy, and has some publically promoting it.

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