Georgia election workers suing conspiracy website over ‘campaign of lies’

  1. They didn’t even have a point. They spotted her name tag and I think a bag on the published surveillance. They then built up this narrative that she’d stolen votes based on literally nothing and then, despite knowing this was all crap, they whipped up lunatics into trying to round her and her family up with guns, trucks, and rope.

  2. Yeh, because people calling them out for their lies, unfortunately, is a revenue generating activity for these fuckers.

  3. It’s frustrating to know that they will probably try to spin this as “we are winning, because it’s clear that they are trying to silence us!”

  4. More lawsuits, please. The lack of consequences (and potential for "influencer" profit) only encourages the behavior.

  5. Oh he talked about it publicly. The whole saga is honestly way worse even than what this article reports. Twice, people showed up to her home and tried to “citizens arrest” her. They sent graphic death threats to her son, causing them to have to shut the phone off. On Jan 6, they showed up to her house with guns and pickup trucks. She and her family had to flee their homes. Meanwhile over Parler, Gateway Pundit and OAN kept whipping up the crazies.

  6. It is funny how people will cry all day about cancel culture when people are held accountable for actions/opinions that are unpopular.

  7. Republicans all across the country have been "canceling" school teachers and administrators who want to teach kids about the history of racial discrimination in the US. They're doing this by threatening to kill or hurt them to scare them into quitting or they're just straight up making them lose their jobs.

  8. You should see some of the vile stuff that got posted while these outlets were whipping their readers into a frenzy. Good ol’ Sidney Powell has some really awful ones.

  9. Lots of people seem to think "fReEdOm Of SpEeCh" grants them the unassailable right to say whatever they want without consequences, along with an entitlement to a platform and a supportive audience, but things like

  10. It’s really amazing how nearly all the conservative tastemakers mentioned in that article are completely AWOL now. The public shelf life of Republicans is shortening every year. I’ve had tomatoes last longer.

  11. Way past time to crack down on online harassment of workers. Same with healthcare workers. Start going HARD after websites that tolerate said illegal content.

  12. This is fantastic. Either produce the evidence for your claims, or pay the price for deliberately spreading misinformation.

  13. Freedom of speech does not protect one from the consequences of their speech. This is a perfect example of those consequences.

  14. I hope they get many millions. We need more of this, maybe that'd make people think twice before they grift on obvious lies. I know the former president's lawyers are probably regretting their choices about now (Powel, Wood, Giuliani, and others).

  15. Nothing should happen to them, the gateway pundit, they were showing skepticism over something suspicious, there reporting there personal opinions, they should not be sued

  16. Well I automatically think good for them but honestly there's like one news station that unbiased kind of and everyone else spews their personal opinion. Its sad how news is now peoples political opinions and not actual news reporting.

  17. I think this kind of outlook has more to do with the failing separation, in both the industry and the popular understanding, of reporting and editorializing. Those talk shows aren't "news".

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