New York MTA Supervisor Apparently Uses Blow-Up Doll to Cheat HOV Traffic Laws

  1. Hahahaha. Oh man. When I was a kid in the DC area (in the 80s/90s) there were advertisements for “the rider”. It was the same exact concept, just not specifically a blow up doll.

  2. I lived in a state with heavily regulated HOV lanes and people would use CPR dummies with hats and sunglasses.

  3. NYC used to have this parking pass that would get abused to the max. Lots of people who weren't eligible got them, and some of those would try to get away with parking in blatant no parking places. I think that they had to crack down on the scam once they tried to mess with the wrong people.

  4. HOV lanes are a terrible idea that makes liberals look stupid. Even worse is when millions are spent redesigning interchanges to accommodate them. Roads should be equally accessible to all

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