103 Marines booted for refusing COVID vaccine as services begin discharges

  1. No service member I ever knew had an issue with the MANY plethora of vacinations they had to get in the past, just walking down the link getting injected in both arms as they go in basic.... but then this became political.

  2. This is what I have been thinking. Always some who desperately want out but not by rocking the boat too much. This is a damn easy way to do it.

  3. Meh. I would like to know where they are at in their careers. Early, mid, or late. Then I would like to review unit climate surveys, pft, and performance reports.

  4. You're not gonna get an honorable discharge though. I had to get anthrax vaccines in the early 2000s had no choice. Get shot, or get fucked.

  5. Exactly, but it's not the full group yet (of discharges - 100 is like 0.06% of Marines). EX: the Air Force discharged 27 for not getting a vaccine, and by comparison, ~1800 were discharged this year for refusing orders already (other reasons).

  6. Most people understand orders and that it's absurd to agree to risk getting shot buy guns but cry when someone wants to give you an FDA approved vaccine

  7. The Navy just poisoned all of Oahu and denied it as long as they could. They were telling people who’s tap water smelled like gasoline that there was nothing wrong with their water. If you’re worried about your health, the military probably isn’t a great career anyway.

  8. Devil dog will eat some random bug on a dare from his mates but won't take a vaxx? Them mutherfuckers is crazy.

  9. "Listen man, I'm telling you...my buddy Rick knows a guy who knows a guy who got really sick and almost died from the vaccine. He would know, man, he once dated a nurse. I know that no one we know personally has been affected, but I just can't take a risk like that, knowing that a minor failure when making it could result in me getting seriously injured or worse. Not worth it when I have a good girl and a dodge charger back home waiting for me. Now, here...help me put these grenades back in the bag, so we can get back to our 8-mile hike through hostile territory."

  10. I'm scared of needles. Now if you'll excuse me I need to jump out of a plane in the dark while being shot at.

  11. It's a warning shot (heh) from a smaller branch. It also seems that, since refusal gets you a honorable discharge, they're going to look for reasons to get people vaccinated or make life hard from them. Sounds like they're going to sit there and make it slow and painful for the unvaccinated guys before they discharge them, just to prove a point.

  12. Not to be pedantic, but, I am going to be pedantic. I love when a story about any branch of the military usually ends up with a stock photo of an Army soldier instead of the branch the article is actually about.

  13. It seems suspicious if you are asking for exemption for COVID but you didn't for the 12-17 other diseases effecting humans globally.

  14. The same shit happened over anthrax vaccines in the early 2000s: You either got the shot or you got the boot.

  15. Excellent point to bring up. Military readiness requires full vaccination, and it's been that way for a long time, like well over 100 years. Ignorance about this standard has people believing that the military is suddenly forcing "experimental" treatments on their soldiers, it's nonsense. To that end, the "experimental" or "it's too new" claims are bogus as well. Research, for our current covid-19 vaccine/MRNA, started back in early 2000's when SARS became a thing. It just never needed to go through full test phases, because earlier strains went away.

  16. I've told this story before, but it's still pretty crazy. In 2001 I was stationed at 2nd MAW Cherry Point, NC. I went to sick call for something I can't remember what for and the Doc comes in and says, "While you are here, it looks like you are up for your 4th Anthrax shot." I was like, no I'm not, I haven't had the first 3! As far as I knew, I never got the first three. But it said so on my chart. So he ended up giving me the 4th Anthrax shot because I'm just some dumb E3 who doesn't know anything. I never got the fifth shot, nor the first three lol.

  17. I'm overseas right now, there are a few people that are refusing the vaccine. The funny thing is, the Anthrax vaccine was one of the ones you get to come over here. smh.

  18. I guess not being willing to take a tiny risk to your own health for the sake of protecting your country from a grave threat is a mentality that doesn't go well with the military.

  19. I remember the naval boot vaccine gauntlet. Move from desk to desk getting various shots in each arm. Then that one right in the ass at the very end. I hate that shot, don't know what it was, but it hurt for weeks.

  20. Before I went to Afghanistan, I had to have a bunch of shots. Couldn’t find my vaccine book, so they started from zero and gave me every single one. I spent a morning as a human pincushion.

  21. I remember someone saying that due to transfers and some of their paperwork going missing or getting delayed, they ended up getting all of the mandatory shots like 3x in a matter of weeks.

  22. 2 weeks just sitting at the pier, not being able to go off-base??? And I thought degaussing was bad... Although some of y'all spend months down at a time, so I guess that's not too terrible. But man, at least go float around somewhere, get some cool photo ops with sunsets or something.

  23. The USA military had a vaccine mandate before it was even a country. General George Washington required the OG Continental Army to be inoculated against smallpox. Then they became a nation.

  24. You join the Marines and that’s the line you won’t cross!?!? Bet it’s the same Marines who get picky about which color crayons to eat.

  25. Hey, the blue ones taste better okay? Even better if dipped in elmer's school glue. Like fries and ketchup.

  26. It makes no sense unless they're trying to get out. Military personnel routinely have to take vaccines, sometimes experimental ones. Sometimes with much higher death rates like Small pox vaccine I believe or maybe it was polio had a death rate that would be considered unacceptable today.

  27. Thing about it is, it's not a logical decision. I serve with a bunch of guys in the National Guard who are refusing the Covid vaccine and they can only recite right-wing talking points/propaganda when asked why. They are refusing a lawful order and should be kicked out.

  28. I’d like to see where these people are two years from now. Maybe in some state “militia”, deploying at polling places in the beds of pickup trucks, making sure there’s no election fraud?

  29. The title should read: "Vaccinations required for service, just like always. 103 Marines violated their enlistment contract. "

  30. I was in the Army from 2004-2009. It's just bizzar to me that this could even happen - especially when your first day in they have you run a gauntlet of medics with needles, followed up by everyone standing in a room facing the wall with their pants half down their ass and a needle jab in the buttocks. No one tells you what you're getting and no one asks if you want them. I had a ton of vaccines the whole time I was in, including small pox and the anthrax series - and had to take malaria pills which.. yikes.

  31. So you're telling me that you join the Corps knowing that you might go get your limbs blown off in a foreign land. You get jab after jab in basic training and think nothing of it. But when COVID vaccines get mandated you just can't bring yourself to get that jab even though it means you're going to be discharged from the service?

  32. Who joins the military but is scared of one in a million side effects that are rarely even fatal? Basic training is more dangerous.

  33. Man, I wish more corps vets my age had this attitude. Fuckers antivaxxin & suckin Trump dick like he’s Chesty Puller.

  34. In a state of confusion and chao is when you truly see how stupid, selfish, and hypocritical some people are around you. The only way to fix stupid is just let stupid fix itself, in some way shapes or forms.

  35. That's what I'm saying. I got like 5 shots of god knows what in boot camp, one in my fucking ass, and my yearly flu shots.

  36. I wonder how the religious exemption works if they've gotten previous vaccinations. How is your religion an excuse to not get this one shot?

  37. A navy commander on the fast track to admiral tried a religious exemption and they booted him. So I’d assume not to well.

  38. I've been told that the vast majority of "religious exemptions" are going to be denied because there really aren't any religious grounds to stand on. Even if you do get some kind of exemption, you aren't going to deploy anywhere until you get the vaccine. Some theaters of operation have vaccine requirements just to be there that is independent of the service wide requirement. You will be crippling your career if you get one of these since you will not be able to do all the things that regular vaccinated members can do.

  39. Okay, so correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the first things you do in the military involve lining up and getting injected with God only knows what? Something like 15 different new shots that you have no say in whether you get them or not? So why draw the line here?

  40. i was a Marine for 16 years. these dudes just wanted to get out early. they could give a fuck about vaccines.

  41. I work with a couple of marines and the random medical prophylactic treatments they have been given before deploying sound much more dangerous and untested than this vaccine. The one said before he flew overseas they gave him a cocktail of pills and didn't tell him what they were but that they would help him with the flight and keep him from getting sick the first three days he was there. I asked him if he knew what they were and he said he had no idea but he fell asleep for most of the flight and had to pee a lot when he got there and the pee was very very bright yellow. But I guess my point is it sounded like nobody had any questions or concerns about eating a random handful of pills issued by the government.

  42. Super bright yellow pee, can happen with multivitamins, I believe it's specifically the b vitamins, don't quote me on that. But I take multivitamins everyday, and everyday piss out neon yellow. No I don't know what those pills were, I'm sure a multivitamin was included among them, but just because you have bright yellow pee isn't a super cause for concern.

  43. Dont they always get a ton of vaccines anyway...? Id guess this is a tame one compaired to some of them, i would have figured its just part of being in the army... get your jab and grow up to be a good Sparton.

  44. Yeah the list of required vaccines is extensive, and for good reason. You don't want everyone at an important military based coming down with a highly infectious illness right when the fighting starts.

  45. Considering the crazy amount of vaccines marines agree to when they sign up, it's kinda odd that this is the final straw for them. Although I guess a lot of it is politically motivated so it makes sense.

  46. Because it got turned political and so they think they are doing some great thing....or might just be selfish assholes.

  47. Sooo....what about the dozen or so vaccines that get slammed into your ass cheek at basic?

  48. This is really a non story. We would loose more troops a year for obesity or failing PT test <-- Not hard. It seemed like the number was going to be higher.

  49. No more or less reasonable than all their other vaccines. Lot of the ones you get in the military are way more questionable than any covid vax.

  50. What gets me is that the military wasn't the test subject for the vaccine. I could understand being apprehensive from that, but nope, this refusal makes no sense.

  51. What's interesting is that the military can and does legally order service people to do objectively much more risky things than the vaccine all the time. People die in training all the damn time, and the flight deck of an aircraft carrier might just be the most dangerous place that doesn't involve people actively shooting at you.

  52. Given the quality of arguments I see against getting vaccinated, the Marines, really any organization, are stronger without these people.

  53. The military give long lists of vaccinations on enlistment to every one. All those vaccines fine, this one, nope. Plus 103 seems like a really small nill number.

  54. "The defense authorization bill passed by Congress this week guarantees that service members who are kicked out of the military for refusing the vaccine will receive either an honorable discharge or a "general discharge under honorable conditions."

  55. “You can’t tell me what to do” says guy who voluntarily joined the military and now is ordered to do things.

  56. Wish this easy out was there when I was in. Lots of people did a lot of dumb shit to get kicked out because you couldn't end your contract early otherwise. I know this is a Pandemic and it's dogshit, but I also know many lives that would have been saved had it been this easy to get kicked out back then.

  57. Honest question-the military cannot force you to get the vaccine? But they can force effectively to die on a battlefield? Why is it even a topic and I would think military has ability to line you up and pretty much do what they want vaccine wise to make sure their fighting force is effective?

  58. but they force you to take like 16 vacs when you join and maintain boosters, mandatory bio-warfare vacs, vacs for when being stationed to a new country, and when deployed

  59. They're willing to kill and potentially die a horrifically violent death at the whim of the government but they also distrust the government too much to get a vaccine.

  60. Good riddance to bad rubbish. But you better believe if Cheeto Jesus put the vaccine mandate in place they would be lining up saying that it was their patriotic duty. Fuck’em I hope they get no unemployment

  61. Good. Fuck'em. You get 30+ vaccines in boot camp and can't get one more? We don't need softies like that as marines

  62. I would have been more interested in joining the military if I knew that I could just opt out of things I would rather not do. Recruiter must have been pretty incompetent not to mention that.

  63. And for the Covidiots who argue this will make an impact on the military, that is 0.056% of active duty Marines.

  64. “The defense authorization bill passed by Congress this week guarantees that service members who are kicked out of the military for refusing the vaccine will receive either an honorable discharge or a "general discharge under honorable conditions."

  65. so they are fine with the space vaccines they get, but the covid is something they risk getting out of... wait... oh, I get it, I guess that is one way to get out of serving.

  66. Easy way to get out if you already want to get out but don't want to wait months for the paperwork to go through

  67. I was never in the armed forces but as a teen I wanted to. I did years of civil air patrol. Kind of like ROTC but for the Air Force. I thought once you were going in the armed forces, the government owned your ass. They tell you to line up. You line up. They tell you roll up your sleeve, you do it. Then they give you a shot. If you balk and refuse it, off the the brig you go. Do not pass go or collect 200 dollars. I see I’m wrong about that though. When did that change?

  68. The cynic in me just thinks, "Oh great. These wing nuts are now free to enlist in [insert right wing militia group name here] just in time for insurrection attempt II.

  69. I doubt they're sad about it. Recruitment is low, morale is low, retention is horrendous and majority of them can't wait to get the fuck out.

  70. If it's your first enlistment, then buh bye GI Bill. If it's not your first, then you tossed your career because.......reasons?

  71. I try not to be too "Conspiracy Minded." (It takes too much energy anymore) BUT, who thinks this might be an effort to clear out the members of the Military that won't blindly follow orders?

  72. Article says, "service members who are kicked out of the military for refusing the vaccine will receive either an honorable discharge or a "general discharge under honorable conditions." So, provided they've been in service long enough, they'll receive full benefits. Make the discharge "dishonorable", and watch them line up for a shot.

  73. Since when can you fucking not get required vaccines. I don’t recall “nah I’m good” being an option when I was getting my arm mutilated with the small pox baby trident. Check ya later losers, hope it’s dishonorable.

  74. Imagine working through all of what it takes to become a Marine (including a myriad of vaccinations) only to throw it all away over this one.

  75. Pretty sure the crazy right wingers in the government all have both shots plus a booster. They talk big but they're all jackasses. Also, unfortunately, unlike the military they don't have to follow orders.

  76. I know people who threw their ranks and 10+ years of service cause they don’t want a little shot. This is why not everyone in the military is a hero…..

  77. So a soldier who is told to be ready at a moments notice prefers to have an alien (novel) use his body to create more viruses and infect more people… did i get that right? That mindset does not belong in the armed forces. Because what else are they gonna try to justify if they already think orders don’t apply to them?

  78. Lmao weren't vaccines already mandatory for most Military personnel especially those getting deployed?

  79. Here’s what fuckin gets me about all this shit. I got out last year and still have many friends that are still serving. We got multiple shots every year. Everyone bitched about them, but we all got them. Now the COVID shot is added to the mix. Now it’s a problem? I understand when the vaccine was still in its infancy and people were hesitant. I get that. It’s now proven to be safe for those that can get it, and all it does is benefit you and those around you. But people are throwing a hissy fit and throwing away their careers over it. It doesn’t make any god damn sense.

  80. Considering the military spend a couple days doing physical assessment and pump you full of vaccines the average civvie asshole like myself haven't even heard if, the covid vaccine should have just been another addition.

  81. My neighbor (marine) has told me that he can’t even keep up with all the jabs received while in the corp. Texted him this link and he said “Most of us can’t even spell what’s in the vaccines they dole out, let alone know anything about what’s in them. Why the fuck would these 103 marines suddenly care about that? Sounds pussified”

  82. What kind of marines refuse orders? If they’re afraid of a vaccine, if they’re mistrustful of the government, if they refuse orders - were they ever really marines?

  83. I guarantee not one of them refused a single vax at bootcamp. Getting discharged over your politics is beyond stupid. But then again. They are marines. GO Navy.

  84. 103 yokels, who you can be glad won't be watching your back, since they don't care for watching anyones back.

  85. Unless these dudes want to leave, I find it odd that they were 100% fine with whatever the army/marines injected into them in boot, but NOW its a problem because its the covid vaccine.

  86. Can't do the bare minimum to help protect others in your unit? I wouldn't want you in either. I get that propaganda is a hell of a drug but they had the access to the same information as the rest of us. They chose to believe politicians over doctors.

  87. Can they just force it on them anyway? I feel like discharging people like this is how you get them to enlist in Trumps Army.

  88. I understood why some active duty didn’t want to take it while it wasn’t mandatory because you have to be very very cautious about things that you’re not required to do. If something weird happens the VA will absolutely fuck soldiers out of benefits in the future. But now that its required…. Like wtf just do it. You already have to take dozens of other vax’s and shit.

  89. WTF? Disobey an order from the Secretary of Defense? And the Pentagon? You guys are some kind of dumb. How many MDs are among you? Yeah, an easy way out of the service. Thanks for nothing.

  90. Hope someone’s keeping tabs on these radicalized disaffected men (most likely) with combat training being dumped back in the civilian population.

  91. Idiots went through the Anthrax vaccine and they are leaving because of the covid vaccine? Something tells me the marines are not losing their best and brightest

  92. Redditors never cease to amaze me. So many comments here speculating what kind of discharge service members will get when all you had to do was read halfway down the article....I know words are hard and I am sure it's mostly Marines having difficulty here.

  93. With all the stuff they've injected in us over the years, now seems a strange time to get picky.

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