Crews may have found 1887 time capsule in Lee statue base

  1. Probably not, they are usually full of stuff people still saved. Like a picture of Lincoln in his coffin. We still have the newspaper. It's only interest will be that it was a time capsule, not historical value. And they are often trashed from ground water.

  2. As a huge history nerd this has me way excited! I will be following this story until they announce what’s actually inside. I would be content living in a museum lol

  3. There was no reason to think, even with wild optimism, that the bricks and mortar and everything of the base would last forever. I mean, they definitely hedged their bets with a giant lump of stone, but it was going to need to be disassembled eventually.

  4. Finally, something interesting about one of these statues other than the one of Nathan Bedford Forrest that looks like nightmares. It’s interesting for looking like nightmares.

  5. It's obviously an early Ghostbusters containment unit. You open that box, and all hell will break loose! A giant "Moon Pie" monster will lay waste to Richmond!

  6. I can't wait until we find the time capsule in the General Rommel statue in New York. Oh wait we won that war. Oh wait.

  7. Filled with Lee's shit-stained pants (from the day he heard Sherman was comin to town) and all the white flags dropped by all the lily-liver slave drivers (when a fair fight was finally on their doorstep). Fuck the south - and its trash "heritage". Traitor, loser fucks.

  8. So we'll get to see what lynchers, traitors and losers had to say. Let me guess, it will literally have bigoted quotes that we thought Trump invented. Should the time capsule be added to the Holocaust museum next to Mein Kampf?

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