Washington State Senator, Doug Ericksen, dead from covid at age 52

  1. Um. Was he a private contractor who could sell his services to anyone? Didn't the public pay him to be a public servant? Seriously asking, didn't know this was even remotely acceptable.

  2. The country I'm from (Cameroon) is a cesspool for that. RIP to him but also fuck him. Why? Cuz no African tyrants are paying sensors to monitor actual free elections. Don't need to buy legitimacy when it's legitimate.

  3. The joke is that you can tell exactly where the line is between the Republicans who know it's all bullshit, and the ones are buying all of it. National figures are mostly in on the game, local radio and political hacks...not so much. They're getting badly owned all across the country.

  4. Reminds me of Biden's commentary on Trump during the debates. Something to the extent of Trump being scam, telling his supporters there's nothing to worry about, yet putting up a 10 ft fence to keep all of his supporters 30 ft away and Secret Service dealing with any normie that tries to even shake Trumps hand.

  5. Lmao the fucking idiots in his district (I grew up in it) might try to paint him as a martyr, BUT there was just a HUGE massive flooding event there, that he was absent from, and people were pretty much pissed about that already. Swing it blue, whatcom!

  6. Imagine being low enough in the pecking order of the Republican Party that nobody cares enough to pull you aside and say, "Hey, you realize all that anti-vax stuff is for the rubes, right? Get your shots like the rest of us."

  7. And I have to go through training that tells me that if I take somebody who happens to work for the government to our free Cafe, I could be fired. Cool cool cool.

  8. I live in the district that he represented. Ferndale, WA. He was in El Salvador doing “consulting” work for some corporations down there. It’s entirely legal, but was frowned upon by the state of WA government…DUE TO THE COVID 19 PANDEMIC. Imagine that, huh? Plus, he was part of the GOP, and was an avid anti-vaxxer to boot. Never got the vaccine. The prevailing belief is that he contracted the virus shortly after arriving there, and emailed colleagues in an attempt to get monoclonal antibodies-which were not available down there-but was unable to. Then he was flown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was taken to a hospital in that city, where he was placed in intensive/critical care, and was intubated/on a ventilator. Yesterday it seems he succumbed to the virus. Another preventable death at the hands of COVID. Had he been vaccinated, or had he not gone to fucking El Salvador (one of the most corrupt countries in Central America), he’d probably still be alive. He had also voiced opposition to virus-spread prevention measures. Idiot. He leaves behind a wife and 2 daughters. It’s just sad. 🤦‍♂️ Mainly I feel bad for his wife, daughters and other family members.

  9. I can't tell you how many men in particular I've seen leave behind wives and small children because of their petulant insistance to not get vaccinated.

  10. what gets me is that they're ok with MAB's but not the vaccine. This is one of the most insane things about these anti-vaxxers

  11. Someone very close to me worked at a restaurant in Bellingham when we were in college last year and he bullied the shit out of restaurant staff for wearing masks, and generally treated them like shit.

  12. Yeah, pretty ashamed to be from here when this guys name came up. He tried to make protesting pipelines illegal. Science denying moron.

  13. This comes as Republicans in Washington are suing Democrats for mandating vaccines or weekly testing in order to be in person

  14. Maybe the Democrats plan all along was to push mandates because they knew the conservative toddlers would dig their heels in and do even less to protect themselves. Now that's what I call Deep State™.

  15. Every 2 months around 100 under 18's die of COVID and they're the lowest risk group. I don't know of that ever happening with any Flu which typically hits the very old. Think of all those Q's who refuse to vaccinate who also want to "save the children". Vaccinating would save around 50 a month.

  16. If you look at this dudes website, he was railing against the WA governor for enacting/enforcing public health measures.

  17. I quote the article-State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, was the biggest beneficiary of lobbyist expense accounts this year, according to public records. (Wash. St. Legislature photo)- end quote. That's all I have to say.

  18. It still blows my mind that's how that guy went out. When he died, even Trump campaign staffers thought it was their fault. Sad to see that he just became an allegory of where loyalty to Trump gets you.

  19. Shoutout to all the comments exposing this guy for meddling in foreign elections. This article sanitizes the shady stuff he was doing.

  20. I heard from a reliable source that he was a pain in the ass to work with whenever he decided to show up from trying to suck up to get a position in the trump administration. Well, turns out all he ever got was covid while in el salvador FOR SOME REASON NO ONE KNOWS and then never came back.

  21. He absolutely was a pain in the ass and a jerk to boot. Personal experience. He was in El Sal to rubber stamp a strong man election and in the employ of a corporation as a “consultant”. He has done some similar work in Cambodia apparently. Odd how both those countries have strong man leaders AND a thriving sex tourism industry, but I will leave that debate to the more informed.

  22. I don’t get why an antivaxer would use monoclonal antibodies. It almost the same thing, they “vaccinate” genetically modified hamsters and harvest the human spike protein antibodies. Inject you with these vaccine like antibodies. You’ll even test positive as being vaccinated if you take the 3 in 1 antibody test.

  23. I'm 53. Regularly hearing about seemingly healthy and active people in my age group dying of Covid has been a constant reminder to take all available precautions. Double vaccinated and I can't wait to get my booster shot.

  24. On top of all other precautions - N95s indoors, booster shots etc - regular aerobic exercise will properly tune up your immune system. "The immune cells that are mobilized with exercise are primed and ‘looking for a fight.’"

  25. Wow! I was looking for an update on this guy just last week. Saw that no one had heard from his camp for weeks. Now we know why.

  26. Helping to rig fraudulent elections and possibly to take advantage of the fact that child sex trafficking is rampant there. From what I gather, this was not a good dude.

  27. Oh shit. I was sort of waiting for this one but totally missed that he got back into the US and was being treated here. At least he died on American soil. I wish people would learn from these stories and start taking things seriously

  28. The exceedingly ignorant political cult this fool is a card-carrying leader of thinks that doing the opposite of the right thing to win cheers for the drooling talk radio crowd is more important than doing the right thing. I think they call it "owning the libs", and they'll literally kill themselves to do it.

  29. Why do articles such as this skip over including whether they were vaccinated or not? Seems like an important biological, cultural, and sadly political thing to skip over.

  30. Don’t worry he probably got all of the other recommended travel vaccines. Just not the most important one

  31. Non-sarcastic stuff like that is the reason I pushed hard to work from home. So many unvaccinated not wearing a mask. Half of the company currently has covid and they are still having a Christmas party and want me to come see the other maybe not sick half. Hell no.

  32. His district is actually really purple, he just barely snuck in with something like 49.9% of the vote last time. There was a third party candidate that took a few percent.

  33. Not necessarily. I’m from Western Washington and Whatcom County is kinda purple, so it could go either way. Plus who wants to vote for the dead guy’s party?

  34. "[...] former leader of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in Washington and an outspoken critic of COVID-19 emergency orders

  35. I was wondering what happened to that guy, and I had a feeling when nobody seemed to hear from him or know where he was.

  36. State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, was the biggest beneficiary of lobbyist expense accounts this year, according to public records. (Wash. St. Legislature photo)

  37. Imagine living a life where the most productive thing you did for society was provide an example of how not to think or live by willingly dying in a stupid preventable way. This is the most important legacy this man leaves behind because its the only part of his life that could tell others how to save their own.

  38. "Through it all, Ericksen managed to continuously win reelection in Whatcom County’s 42nd Legislative District, even as Democrats picked up both state House seats in recent years. In 2018, Ericksen fended off a Democratic challenger, winning by fewer than 50 votes."

  39. Oh no. Not another Republican politician dying from COVID. How could this be? We’re taking no precautions and relying on our immune systems how could this have happened?!?!

  40. Interesting how those of us in Washington learned about this via tiktok, not the news, last week that he was "missing" after going to a hospital in Florida. Now its released he's passed?

  41. I mean, this is what he wanted right? His body, his choice to not get the vaccine and instead take his chances with his immune system. He gambled and he lost. Republicans should think he's a goddamn hero for walking the walk. The only way he could have done it better is if he didn't immediately run to medical science once he caught it.

  42. A tragedy for his family I am sure—but will his Republican co-conspirators refrain from telling lies about COVID and the vaccines? Hell no. They are trying to burn down the country.

  43. He's been MIA for weeks now, and other R state senators and his office refused to say what they knew about his whereabouts, despite being dead or dying. I would say constituents have a right to know when their elected official is dying of a communicable disease and working to fix elections in a foreign country, but maybe I'm just old school.

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