California adopts water restrictions as drought drags on

  1. A lot of people maintained the same behavior after the last drought, as mentioned in the article water usage has been down this whole time. It's unrealistic to continue to blame individuals and tell them to use less water. There's only so much you can decrease it.

  2. ... but if corporation can't hog all of the water, they won't be able to grow water intensive crops in the desert, and then sell those crops overseas for a massive profit, and then use those profits to lobby California lawmakers!

  3. Restrictions on individuals are being applied, but they won’t do anything about the massive water waste crops they let grow there that have zero business being in California. We always ask the individual to sacrifice while businesses continue exploitation, even though we know it should be the exact opposite.

  4. This. My SO and I are constantly making sure all the lights are out, try to conserve water, and recycle everything we can. In the end, it just feels worthless when I know the car plant down the road is doing more damage in a week than I could recycle my way out of in my lifetime.

  5. This is the exact reason an extinction event is unavoidable in the future. Every individual on the planet could buy an EV and it wouldn’t matter because 95% of carbon emissions are by corporations that give zero fucks about the planet we have to live on.

  6. Yeah, but in a lot of areas in CA, zero scaping/native scaping should be required. If you want plush lawns and gardens, move to FL or some shit. It's about the community as a whole sacrificing. It's just that the government is in cahoots with big business.

  7. I work at a manufacturing plant in California, we are always looking for ways to run on less power, gas and water. No business would just dump water down the drain or waste a power, those things are bad for the business.

  8. Almonds require 1.1 gallons of water per almond. And the Central Valley is littered with almond trees, because money.

  9. The "drought" was over a long time ago. This isn't even the new normal. The reality is we're never getting the water back by natural means and California is in a perpetual and worsening crisis until something significant is done with demand or technology/engineering brings alternative new sources for water.

  10. Record snowpack is great, but it’s an individual event. The importance of snowpack is having a long term supply of water; if it melts quickly, the majority of that water just ends up lost.

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