Bodycam video shows Houston cop speeding, driving with 1 hand before hitting and killing pedestrian with patrol car

  1. But has he been told that driving that speed on that specific road while wet is not allowed? Otherwise, how could he know better? /s

  2. If Jackson has anything that can be turned into dirt, we’re about to discover it, from any arrest to bad report cards.

  3. He feared for his life. He was afraid the pedestrian was a walking firearm, he had to hit him. He had no choice.

  4. Cops have a truly impressive kill count. Be interested to see the deaths via cop vs crimes by everyone else.

  5. His car was clearly out of control well before hitting the man. He looked like at that point he still sped up driving like he thought he was playing GTA. Fuck this cop. Put in him in gen pop.

  6. Yeah but we need to first hear about the victim’s criminal history and how the cops can paint him in a bad light to they can all pay each other on the back for taking out one of the “bad guys” /s

  7. The fights for self driving vehicles and features like gps throttle controlling will pay off in the end. Need to get peoples hands off the wheels and let the robots take control. Driving excessive/leisurely is not sustainable to let people do at will anymore. Especially with combustion emissions and waste. At least it’s a privilege and not a right so it’s easier to implement things. Computers are way better at maintaining things like traffic, people just don’t want it to happen yet it’s the more sustainable and logical option

  8. He should get MORE time than an average citizen would too, special privileges for violent tiny dicked fuckbois driving toy cars with lights end NOW

  9. Want to know the crazy part.....he was like 30 miles away from where the call was from. Like zeo chance he would get there in time. Truly reckless

  10. Similar situation where I used to live quite a few years ago. Rural area, a cop was responding to..I think it was a chase of some guy who robbed a convenience store or something to that effect. 3am. My friend was driving home from work and saw a red light spinning near the ground a ways out into the field. She and another driver stopped to investigate and found the state trooper’s car upside down, and even further into the field they found his body.

  11. I guess maybe that’s why he thought it was ok to drive that fast? If that’s his decision making process, he should definitely not be a cop, holy shit.

  12. It takes time to cover things up and get your officer all the legal justification and defense ready as possible before he has a chance of facing justice for his negligence.

  13. If he didn’t murder the pedestrian you can bet your ass he was gonna cite one of the other cars for cutting him off and forcing him off the road

  14. Sometimes it takes time for prosecutors to make sure they have a solid case on everything they can charge a person with. Optimistically, they're taking time to ensure that when they throw the book at him, it sticks. 1 month is not a long time for a prosecutor's office, usually.

  15. In 2019 a school resource officer pulled their car up onto the sidewalk to "observe students loading onto schoolbuses" and ran over a 4 year old girl. The girl died and the officer got off with a misdemeanor and probation and is still a cop with the same department...

  16. So what about the officer's decisions that led to him having to drive up on the sidewalk without taking the time to see if it was clear? They always try so hard to make it sound like the police end up in these situations through no fault of their own.

  17. My dad is not a cop, nor is the Teenager who ran him down when walking home on the side of the high way, and ultimately they said the same thing, and no one went to Jail.

  18. I dated a girl a few years back whose dad was a cop. I remember my first time going to visit them, we rode in his truck and he was driving 90-100 the whole time, driving around people actually going the speed limit. Dude must have felt like that rule didn’t apply to him. Really nice guy, but damn did that piss me off.

  19. My husband’s dad is an ex-cop. I can’t ride in the car with him anymore, it’s terrifying. He’s gonna kill somebody… one time he was speeding down the highway in the rain with his whole family in the car, zig zagging in and out of cars. A cop pulls him over and I’m thinking THANK GOD it’s about damn time!!! He’s talking to the officer for a minute and then casually slips in, “hey is ‘so and so’ still working with you guys? “ and the cops like “oh you know that guy? Yes he is! How do you know him? We’ll I used to be a cop here. ‘No kidding! And so on and so on and you know the rest… let go without anything… it was fucking ridiculous. I was like shaking with rage. He IS going to kill someone one day…

  20. If this had been any of us, we'd be in jail waiting to be tried for vehicular manslaughter and reckless endangerment.

  21. If this had been a black civilian they'd already shot their dog and their house, probably murdering someone else in the process too.

  22. "Speeding" can mean different things. Dude wasn't going 42 in a 40. Driving with one hand while doing close to the speed limit isn't dangerous.

  23. They say that like the possible collision was unavoidable, when in fact, no collision would need to be avoided in the first place if he didn't drive recklessly.

  24. That is a terrifying video. Do these cars not have dashcams? I imagine that would be evn more intense and damning.

  25. I’d bet the family’s attorney, if they intend to sue, pulled all the camera footage in the area. Businesses, private homes, even other drivers’ dash cams.

  26. Have the police checked the pedestrians criminal history yet? How can we be certain that he didn't have a criminal history of smoking reefer? /s

  27. They're gonna look to see if he jaywalked recently and then claim that because he jaywalked one time they shouldn't be responsible, because he might have gotten himself killed another time. That's the kind of nonsense justification they try.

  28. Rest assured there's people out there scouring this person's social media for unflattering posts/pictures to spread around.

  29. You kid but “frequent jaywalker hit by police stopping a robbery” definitely sounds like a Fox title. Front and center face shot if they’re not white or have tattoos.

  30. The brother of the victim commented that it looks as though the officers involved were not trained adequately.

  31. Yeah I know there are a lot of jokes and pessimism when it comes to cop accountability, much of it well deserved since that’s the reality of things sadly, but we have to step back and ask ourselves, is this the country we want to live in?

  32. But he was trying to catch petty thieves, obviously recovering property for a business is more important than the life of any pedestrian. Now criminals know - cops will mow down citizens to protect stolen electronics, clothes, food...

  33. He was trying to catch up to on ongoing chase so he could join the fun and the truck they were chasing had live GPS tracking so they didnt even need to chase it.

  34. This is obviously the fault of the shoplifter and he should have murder and manslaughter charges added as well for making the poor selfless policeman run over citizens to stop him. Had he not shoplifted, this man would be alive and these glorious hero’s reputation would still be untarnished. Good riddance I say

  35. It's up to the officer's discretion to do these chases. If we have many of them, it's because the officers want to do them. If a chase was unpleasant, officers would refuse to do them quite as often. My experience was that officers LOVE chases. You get to become a real life superhero and chase people.

  36. Don’t worry though, he’s getting lots of paid vacation and your tax dollars will pay for the lawsuits. He’s going to be just fine.

  37. Cops speed like that every day in Houston, they also don't use blinkers, always run red lights, and will completely ignore stop signs because all of them think they are above the law.

  38. They think it because it's true, mostly. If the laws aren't applied to you than you are above the law.

  39. Yet ANOTHER reason why this kind of driving should only be used when the probability of a slower response resulting in death outweighs the grave risk to innocent people along the route.

  40. "The cops were driving with lights and siren activated to help another officer apprehend five individuals allegedly involved in a carjacking who reportedly fled on foot after a short pursuit."

  41. The cop will get away with barely more than a slap on the wrist. I can almost guarantee it. They should be charged with murder, though.

  42. Over a month old, officer hasn’t been charged. Which I can only assume means driving 100mph on residential streets is now 100% legal in Houston!! Mad max here we come!!!

  43. Lol it already is defacto legal in Houston. 100 might be pushing it be I see people going 90 and weaving through traffic literally every day. No cops in sight.

  44. I should just become a cop so I can have no worries about anything. Shoot anyone I want and claim I was in fear of my life. Drive as fast as I want, wherever I want and claim I was attempting to assist another officer. FTP. Bunch of fucking cowards.

  45. I know someone who dated cops “for the perks.” And by that I mean that she could speed, get pulled over, drive drunk, WHATEVER and her boyfriend’s friends would give her a free pass. They all had each other’s backs and had massive gun collections too, including illegal assault rifles they’d gotten “from a friend”.

  46. Can’t wait for the Bootlickers to find out the victim failed to return a library book on time in 1986 so they can feel good about reckless cops killing another criminal.

  47. No theft is worth a human life. Financially, what can’t be recovered that would be worth driving at such fast speeds?

  48. So many people are joking about how the officer would not be punished. It's sickening how desensitized we've all become to inexcusable shit like this.

  49. Ok having seen the video - my impression is that it really isn’t just this one guy, there should have been a departmental policy to let whoever the fuck he was chasing go at this point. This cop was clearly in some kind of high-speed pursuit and was narrating everything over the radio. His partner seemed supportive, nobody said “stop pursuit, let them go”- that tells me that in this PD, it seems like everyone thought it was ok to be pursuing at 100mph when there are stoplights and pedestrians- fucking insane.

  50. Except there were other cops there. The article says he was going to assist after they fled on foot. All this over a stolen car that had a tracker in it.

  51. He was not in a high-speed pursuit. He was merely driving to the scene. Other cops were already at the scene. This guy just didn't want to miss out on the action.

  52. If you’re a cop, and you’re responsible for the death of anyone, even a dangerous criminal on the verge of murdering someone, you should be put on trial. It is up to a jury to decide whether the killing was justified, not your superiors, not your union, and not public opinion. If you’re truly innocent of any crime, you should welcome the vindication your trial will bring, right?

  53. There are jurisdictions that take all (or nearly all) deadly force investigations to a grand jury. The problem with taking every case to trial (as you suggested) is that there has to be probable cause to charge someone with a crime to start with. If all signs point to a justifiable homicide on behalf of anyone (officer included), the charges will be dismissed before a jury ever hears the case because the judge can’t allow a case to proceed without probable cause.

  54. I’ve encountered a corrupted Houston cop once back in Dec 2014 i think. I was on my way to pick up my bro from his job. After getting off the freeway, up ahead near the traffic lights, right before you can turn left under the freeway, I saw the cop car with the hood raised up. And I see him slowly walking to the crosswalk and motioned me to stop and pull over. So I slowed down and stopped and thought he needed help or something. I mean he had his hood up. So I pulled over and rolled my window down.

  55. The cynical comments on this thread are a result of a fed up populace. i expect nothing to come of this too.

  56. It always pisses me off when the cops pass me on the interstate going 100mph, no lights, no sirens, they just do whatever they want. It's not just state police either, even city cops drive like Ricky Bobby on the highway.

  57. Cops drive so recklessly, I got a friend who's a novice driver and super careful and the other day she was cutoff by a speeding police cruiser, no lights or anything... just weaving between cars.

  58. I’m kinda surprised the officers didn’t charge the carjacker(s) with murder after the officers ran over this pedestrian, such are the times in which we live.

  59. Houston cops are notorious for speeding. I’ll be going 85 down 59 (60mph limit) and a cop will come out of nowhere behind me passing me up

  60. Police Union immediately looks to see if decedent had any prior convictions to mention in public statement in support of victimized Officer.

  61. A local cop was drinking and driving, crashed his car into someone, killed them, admitted to drinking during the stop, and still got off.

  62. The sad part is the police union will review it. Determine he had a job reason to be doing this. Show that it was not his negligence but unfortunate circumstances that caused the accident. If he does get fired over the publicity he’ll be back on the job for wrongful termination after the dust settles as long as there’s not a conviction.

  63. This shit needs to be played to every single police officer during their “extensive training” and asked, “do you think it was worth it, to chase after some petty thieves?”

  64. The cop saw the pedestrian and feared for his he made the decision to strike the pedestrian with his vehicle....The Houston Police Union agrees with the officers choice and stands behind him 100%. He had no choice...he feared for his life....

  65. Oh, he's in soooo much trouble.. gonna get suspended with his pay and forced to under go a driving safety course.. smh poor poor poor cop.

  66. Crash investigators with HPD's vehicular crimes division noted in a crash report that Hernandez was "traveling at an unsafe speed" and "performed a faulty evasive action."

  67. Cop says “I got wrecked out…” A few seconds after hitting a pedestrian, the instinct to deflect any wrongdoing is so strong he immediately implies that the wreck happened TO him rather than BECAUSE of his reckless driving. Covering his ass is so ingrained in this cop that he deflects BEFORE asking for help for the man he hit laying there not breathing. Unreal.

  68. Good luck on anyone holding him accountable for that crime. He'll probably say his life was in danger and then take a paid leave.

  69. When you go around traffic to blow through a red light 40mph over the speed limit, no one can reasonably assume that you will not cause a deadly and tragic accident.

  70. Every goddamn time. We keep seeing the people who are supposed to be held to the highest standards of our civilization held to no standard at all. There are always the same excuses read off in order from a playbook and, no matter what, things never change.

  71. Cops are almost NEVER on their way to an emergency. Fucking people act above the law consistently and I'm tired of it. Fuck cops.

  72. I’m sure he’ll just be put on paid leave until it all blows over and the Union mops everything up and any judgement payments are made by the tax payer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dude got a promotion. Fuck cops.

  73. This perfectly depicts the USofA. It is exactly how the slaves are handled by the badged thugs and corrupt af scum courts and the ilk who worship the enslavers.

  74. And you know what's going to happen to this officer? Absolutely nothing. With enough outrage, the sensible scenario which we see every single time is that he'll most likely be put on "paid leave" until the investigation is concluded

  75. I've seen police drive incredibly dangerously to get to a call. Driving on the wrong side of the road, wrong way on a one way street, tailgating and illegal u-turns just to be the 12th one there.

  76. none of these officers sound calm enough to handle a weapon or be driving a car let alone in those conditions, speed or one handed. if you can’t control yourself you cannot control a vehicle or weapon. i get that it’s obviously stressful but for all of them to be completely panicking is sooooo not appropriate for the work they do. or don’t do. “wake up sir” because that’ll help when you’ve hit a pedestrian in an suv going ~75mph. this has done nothing but reinforce my belief most cops are unfit for the job. poor guy

  77. I wonder how they're gonna spin this to blame the victim. High speed chases should not be happening, period. They're dangerous to everyone involved, especially bystanders.

  78. You can tell how upset and scared he sounds. Regardless of that, he was driving in an unsafe manner and needs to face punishment. I’d rather let the robbers get away and not have an innocent person die due to reckless driving. THAT is how police should think.

  79. Well rest assured that the she had a record and obviously he was acting in the best interest of the public. There are detectives on the case finding trace amounts of cocaine in her handbag and will shortly be breaking the door down to her house. /s

  80. Why put the one hand detail in the title but not that fact that he was going 2.5x the speed limit? Driving with one hand isnt egregious, its practically commonplace.

  81. If you or I did this, we would have been in jail that night. The double standard is absolutely disgusting. If anything, police officers should be held to a higher accountability but alas, I’m sure this cop will be rewarded with paid time off and will be back on the beat patrolling in due time. I wonder how long it’s going to take before the Houston Police Department and the HPD’s Police Union start to slander and smear the victim’s character.

  82. “This just in: cops tend to behave like total entitled assholes and don’t typically face any real consequences so they continue to behave like (checks notes) cops.”

  83. No one is asking the important question. Did the cop think his life was in danger? If so, then all cops will have his back and he did nothing wrong.

  84. All cops will back him regardless. The ones who say they don't condone that will give the citizens platitudes saying he should be punished, but then won't actually do anything towards that end.

  85. Wow so much outrage here. Hold on folks, we don't yet know if this guy had an arrest in 1987 and thus totally deserved it. /s

  86. the bodycam did not show the cop beating the corpse while yelling "stop resisting!" and then arresting it for assaulting an officer.

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