Capitol rioter ordered back to jail after DWI arrest, AR-15 rifle discovered in car

  1. "The motion for Grant to be detained also noted that on two occasions, once in October and once in November, Grant provided urine samples that tested positive for amphetamines."

  2. I'm surprised anyone thinks that people who tried to overthrow the government and shit in the halls of Congress would be able to comply with the terms of bond. They fundamentally do not respect the rule of law or the government.

  3. No, they totally learned the lesson. The lesson is there were no real consequences for their actions aside from inconvenience, so there is no real reason to stop.

  4. They're always bad asses until the see real consequences. If this guy gets one of those light 6 month sentences I'm almost positive he'll be crying on night one.

  5. “He then dropped to the ground and stated something to the effect of ‘Just kill me now.’ He then stated, ‘It’s over’”

  6. As a defense attorney, there is nothing more blood boilingly infuriating than seeing a client's name on the lock up list when you just got them out of jail or got the plea agreement they've been asking for. It passes in a couple seconds, but dear God.

  7. Probably not as bad as the attorney for the Missouri woman who was out on bail, got shitfaced, drove on the wrong side of the highway and hit a car killing one of the passengers.

  8. I mean none of them even said they were sorry in the first place. Sorry they were caught, maybe. Not sorry they did it.

  9. How the fuck did these people get a chance to be out of jail? Im not even arguing how stupid this guy is to get caught again cause y’all know but god damn.

  10. Angry, rabid drug addict. But he thinks he’s got it all figured out and is on the right side. Interesting, interesting.

  11. They use the law to maintain order. It's done to maintain the current social hierarchies. That is why they support the police going after BLM and "Antifa" but not against these terrorists patriots.

  12. Much like blue lives (remember when they were shouting those mattered?), law and order is valuable to these sorts for exactly as long as said law and order is keeping them on top.

  13. There is a disconnect where they see the laws as a functioning to hurt groups of people rather than patterns of behavior. For some, their understanding is that law describes behavior that deserves punishment. IE: committing murder deserves punishment. This is how the law actually functions. For others, their understanding is that the law describes types of people that deserve punishment. IE: murderers deserve punishment.

  14. Because the law has proven time and time again that it doesn’t. They know Trump has done a litany of illegal things. Yet he’s a free man.

  15. Because historically our laws and legislation (and those who enforce them) have shielded them from accountability and upheld white supremacy and set a precedent

  16. Because it often doesn't. He is an insurrectionist and will probably get more time for his DUI than he will for storming the Capitol. The legal system is set up to punish the poor and people of color not so much those who fall outside of those groups unless they do something egregious.

  17. Conservatives believe they’re inherently good people, cause they call themselves Christians, and that they deserve leniency when they break a law. They also believe anyone not like them is inherently bad, and deserves maximum punishment any time they break a law no matter what.

  18. Because they're fascists now. A conservative is interested in advancing (wrong) ideas to make the country better. A fascist is only concerned with gaining power and punishing their enemies.

  19. It's funny how every one of these guys thinks they're William freaking Wallace. They even believe that bolts of fire can shoot out their ass. All while bowing down to a mango colored fat man.

  20. Driving drunk while on a conditional release while awaiting trial is a real genius move. About the iq level I’d expect from y’all qaeda.

  21. No surprises when I see these headlines (in so many words), "capitol rioter arrested again on x charge"

  22. What are the chances this person was all for “throwing the book” at protestors and rioters after George Floyd’s death? Above 90%?

  23. How Trumpy of him. No matter how many free passes and privileges he gets, he will make sure he ends up a loser. And if/when a real consequence ever comes, he will convince himself he is both a winner and a victim.

  24. wouldn't expect any less from them. It took a certain degree of ignorance and stupidity to be involved in the first place, so of course they're going to remain consistently ignorant and stupid.

  25. I imagine he will get more time in jail for the DUI than for trying to take over the government. They have been just getting a slap on the wrist for insurrection.

  26. Why do they let these people out? They got kids in cages for less than trying to start a new life and these fools are committing seditious conspiracy. The party of Patriots my ass.

  27. "Grant's attorney, Peter Cooper, told CBS affiliate WUSA, that his client's behavior was a due to stress and untreated mental health issues."

  28. “The man, James Tate Grant, 29, of North Carolina, was on pretrial release in connection with allegations that he assaulted two police officers at the rampage on Jan. 6, 2021.”

  29. This may be painting a group of people with a very broad brush but I'm starting to think that a lot of the people who initiated and took part in the big dust-up at the Capitol grounds are fuck-ups, nitwits and assholes.

  30. typical terrorists. they never learn. wonder what party supports them, might need to dig deeper on their terrorist roots.

  31. It's sort of flabbergasting that, even in a shitface drunk state, this guy knew that falling asleep drunk in his car with his AR15 would get him sent to prison for years, on top of what he'll get for the riot. Yet he still did it. They really can't just take their licks and move on, they seem hell bent on completely flushing their lives.

  32. Upon further investigation it was discovered he also was in possession of an IQ-15. This isn’t a crime however.

  33. When Trump sends his people, he's sending his best. He's sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems to us. They're bringing Covid. They're bringing kidnapping and assassination terrorist plots. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are smoothbrains.

  34. This is at least #2 of the Jan. 6 rioters involved in a DWI. The last one I read about killed a woman and seriously injured that woman's husband:

  35. I'm no lawyer but I've met several people in rehab that were on federal pretrial and from my understanding if you get arrested during that time you are FUCKED.

  36. How messed up do you have to be to feel compelled to keep an AR-15 with you at all times when possession of the thing will send you back to jail?

  37. Addiction is a Hell of a thing. The guy's life sucked before, that's why he got sucked into the Trump swamp. It's gonna suck worse now.

  38. That's the good thing, these idiots, and I mean ALL OF THEM, will be watched for the rest of their lives. Hilariously ironic, before they were just faceless assholes in a sea of assholes, now they are enemies of the State. Good luck with that shitheads

  39. Don't you just want to grab hold of this guy, shake him vigorously and yell, "Get sober, get a job and just be miserable like the rest of us!"

  40. Did we put British soldiers who burned the capital go on pre-trial release. Why is attacking the seat of power considered a release-able charge. These judges are nuts. Lock em up until trial and give them masks to fight covid. They are dangerous to our society by definition. What if he had a joint in his pocket- gitmo for you fiend

  41. It’s an endless cycle because when you send someone like that to jail, their first priority getting out of jail is to probably buy another AR 15 and head to a biker bar where they can binge research conspiracy theories.

  42. Oh man, I was reading about on of these guys over on Patriots early today where they were talking about how persecuted he was for being locked up without bail since last April and being treated like a terrorist in jail (ie not given fruit and told by the nurse he's an idiot for being in jail and not getting the vax) all because he walked into the Capitol invited by the cops, who even gave him directions around the place. So I decide to read up on him. Turns out, he was arrested in April, then released. Not because he was invited in but because he climbed in a broken window and was rifling through people's offices. After his release he started sexually harassing his pretrial rep, started calling her mom and threatening her, gave the courts his Judge's wife telephone number so that it called her every time they tried to contact him(in hopes of getting the judge removed from the case), missed his check ins with pretrial all before a new judge decided finally decided that he had to put him back in jail after avoiding doing so at all cost. After being put back in jail he told his public defender he'd found a loop hole where if he started calling the new judge's family then that judge would have to recuse himself and the public defender was like just no. So then he decides to represent himself, and in a hearing trying to get his bond conditions restored he plays a tape of the conversation of him trying to get this judge tossed off the case. Of course every comment there was like this poor soul, what a travesty, we must help him, this is unconscionable.

  43. IMHO, every one of the Capitol rioters were engaging in either sedition or treason and should be in jail until their trials. Some will get plea-bargained down, but I wouldn't want that in this case. He should face additional charges for assault, trespass, interfering with official business, and so on. The louder the howls get for the supposedly harsh treatment for the Capitol rioters, the more obvious will become the case against its instigators -- Trump, Giuliani, the other speakers at the rally, AND FOX NEWS AND OAN FOR SPREADING THE LIES THAT LED UP TO THE THING. Let's start holding people accountable for their words and deeds.

  44. You can if you don't try to overthrow the government and lose your right to own guns. Unless you're in a state with stupid gun laws, you can driver wherever you want with an AR pattern rifle. Actions have consequences.

  45. It's like the slap on the wrist they got for taking part in an insurrection did not make them rethink their life choices. Were those few months served or tiny fees not enough?!?

  46. White privilege is getting out of jail for sedition during the capitol riot then having enough freedom to drive around long enough to get arrested on a DWI

  47. Nah, he was drunk in his car outside of a restaurant at 5am. He was likely sleeping it off and that is his standard everyday mallninja insurrectionist carry. I really hate that they charge people for DWI just for being in "control" of the car but in this case its good to get him off the streets.

  48. 60 rounds isn't a lot. I'm not even a gun person and i have more than that on my desk at home. The number of rounds isn't what concerns me.

  49. I'm sure he thinks Dems are weak pathetic sheep who are afraid of everything; meanwhile, he can't leave home without an AR-15.

  50. Well now, they done pushed them boys too far, they ain't just gonna take away the 2A from this brave patriot, gonna be a 100 million strong army risin' up cuz'n the storm is coming and they're poking the bear and... just kidding he's going to jail.

  51. It’s almost like these people are unhinged lunatics that need to stay in jail longer than a few months. Eh?

  52. These idiots turned off their brains several years back. I actually hope most of them are stupid enough to keep making mistakes like this guy. At this point, their learning skills are gone. It's just the cassette tape in their head that's busted.

  53. I don't know how anyone could sit and think that the outcome of letting most of these people go would be any different. That's not to say that the system is the answer because obviously, it does not aim to rehabilitate, but these people are pretty far gone. The level at which the brainwashing goes for them should really prompt someone to ask the question of mental health evaluations in those courtrooms. These people are a danger to themselves and others because they clearly have no ability to reason or critically think. This goes far beyond your average conservative talking point.

  54. This is one of the reasons why, although disappointed in many of the charges I am, I have a feeling their second offenses will destroy them. Some of the judges/prosecutors know this and went for the easy wins to get them on the books. Second offenses, especially in close proximity to Jan 6th (1-3 years) will land many of these people with hard time. They can’t help themselves from committing crimes because their hubris (and heads) are thick.

  55. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes! Once a violent white supremacist, always a violent white supremacist

  56. I'll bet we find a whole lot of weapons violations if cops decided to check up on the Capitol insurrectionists at their homes and conduct weapons searches.

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