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  1. In another article, I found a picture of the family and you can see them briefly in the video. And it's a white dad, black mom, and their son. I mean, no one should ever do this even to immigrants but...why would they assume a white man and black women in NYC were immigrants? I guess we're not usually dealing with intelligent people in these situations though.

  2. My uncle told me all the interracial couples in commercials feels like they are being crammed down his throat and he's sick of seeing it, but he isn't racist of course.

  3. The article says that the mother believes she was targeted due to her accent. Maybe she had a foreign-sounding accent? I haven't seen the video.

  4. If you really push the issue, most people who hate immigrants can’t even articulate why, other than because they weren’t born here, and they can’t even explain why that’s a bad thing.

  5. As a white guy with a black-immigrant wife, and kid, I am glad that I’ve never seen conduct like this towards us. What absolute racist asshats.

  6. For 10 years I commuted to NYC on the Ronkonkoma LIRR branch. This does not surprise me at all. It's one of the reasons I'm glad I don't have to ride anymore. You're only seeing the people vocal about their hate, probable after they had few drinks... These people are far more common in Suffolk County than people's bubbles allow them to realize. I feel like covid and the last president made it worse, emboldening people who feel they have superiority. I can't wait to afford to move away forever.

  7. The irony of a long island descendent of Italian and possibly Argentinian Jewish immigrants shitting on people who are "foreign".

  8. There are only three types of people in North America. You're either a native American, an immigrant or the descendent of immigrants or slaves (forced immigrants), or a refugee or the descendent of refugees. That's it.

  9. I always knew that Italians faced a lot of prejudice when they arrived, but only recently learned specifics of how bad it was, particularly in the

  10. They were working for a Toyota dealer. At least they no longer have to deal with a foreign employeer after they were promptly shit canned.

  11. Two more idiots whose ignorance and hate will ruin their lives. This will be the first thing that pops up when a prospective employer googles them.

  12. The real magic trick was all the CEOs who sent the jobs overseas and are thrilled the Fox viewers blame foreigners.

  13. Who knew Likerman and Digesaro were Native American names? Surely they wouldn't be ancestors of European immigrants in this land saying awful things to immigrants who happened to arrive here a little later than they did.

  14. It’s all because when the shit hit the fan, our President took an historic opportunity to be a WWII “we are all in this together” type of leader and chose instead to look out for his cash. His hotels and casinos and golf courses were suddenly empty and hemorrhaging cash, so he went on TV and said “it’s all bullshit folks, believe me, there’s nothing to see here, keep traveling and golfing, the media is lying to you, REEEEE immigrants”.

  15. Let’s see: some state lowered the age to work to 14 and some trucking company is letting teenagers take the wheel due to supply chain problems because of lack of drivers; both of these articles have been on the front page in past weeks on reddit.

  16. It's fucking stupid. Driving through northern MI\MN\WI they're both rabidly anti-immigrant AND there's not enough staff to open restaurants\businesses during regular hours. These types of people don't reconcile those two things. It's a death cult economically and health wise.

  17. It was hilarious pre-Covid when MAGAhats would argue that Trump was great because our unemployment was the lowest in history, but we STILL needed to deport all immigrants because they were taking our jobs.

  18. Literally every single human being in the United states has rights regardless of citizenship. Do people just not get that?

  19. Future commanders in the insurrectionist army right there. What do you think people like this do when they've been cancelled for showing who they really are. They will have trouble finding work, so they'll double-down on their racist bullshit and join the others just like them who think they need to take back the country by force, all so they can then hand control back over to the orange man.

  20. I am from Long Island. I will never forget the day my mother (an Irish immigrant “off the boat” literally) looked at me right in the eyes and said “I don’t care who you marry as long as they are not Black or English”. Always denied being racist. I couldn’t wait to get TF out of there.

  21. Love how she got the blacks and the English in one sentence lol sorry you had a toxic childhood and I hope you’re somewhere happy.

  22. Fear mongering and hatred towards anything that doesn't look like you...this is your brain on fox news, OAN, Facebook, etc.

  23. We've been trying to tell people that a diverse city doesn't erase racism. People don't want to actually listen to the victims if racism though, so we keep getting this narrative that the north and large cities arent that bad.

  24. Immigrants definitely pay taxes? Even undocumented ones, let alone those here legally. Guess I should know better than to expect knowledge and logic from drunken racists, but, Jesus this false narrative is horrible.

  25. Man, Uncle Sam/IRS is the best mob collection service in the world, I dare say better than anything they got in China. IRS doesn't care if your criminal, better pay up, doesn't care if your an immigrant, don't care if your undocumented, and if your rich and dumb enough not to hide your money off shore...IRS puts you in jail and makes you pay.

  26. Lots of people with degrees and good jobs are racist assholes, too. It's not about education or economic status. It's a moral failing

  27. It was pretty disgusting when he kept saying look straight, don’t look at me. He sounded like a lunatic. Looks like they need to get car washing jobs elsewhere.

  28. It's the new norm. Maga chest thumping empowered people to behave this way. Over the years I've been told to go home on the odd occasion but since the orange guy ran out became allot more regular. I don't see any change coming for the good any time soon either.

  29. I'm going to take a moment to bask in the irony of being an asshole to people based on what someone thinks their background is... in New York City.

  30. The part of New York they come from is still heavily segregated. I know because I grew up there in a 99% white school district

  31. they're from long island, basically the not black part of NYC, thats where you'll seee the maga flags and the anti vaxx shit

  32. Someone link this to the KNICKS org. I’m sure they’d be interested in knowing who these ass clowns are sporting their teams colors while committing hate crimes

  33. Ah Long Island showing the world that our racist live in the island close to NYC but acting like they are from westchester county 🤦🏾‍♂️

  34. Me too !! And I Hope they will suffer the most terrible sufferings of hell for eternity !!! 👿😈🔥🔥⚡️ I hope Satan will force them to eat swords of fire and force them to eat their own children !!😈😈

  35. I’m not condoning the couple in the least. But what did they surrender to the police for? They didn’t commit any crimes as far as I know? Being a racist piece of shit isn’t illegal, I don’t see how what they did was a hate crime.

  36. Disorderly conduct is a catch all for a lot of bad behavior. If they made threats of violence, explicit or implied, then that’s a charge. You can even be charged with assault in places if you make a violent gesture towards someone in a threatening manner.

  37. I don't know local laws, but in my country it is illegal to verbally harass someone, regardless of racial motives.

  38. Can someone explain to me the actual illegal thing they did? Like we all agree they're shitty people, but they were arrested for endangering the welfare of a child. How? Whose child? Was it the throwing of the can? Did they make physical threats of violence? I don't see how being super racist without some other predicate crime would get someone arrested.

  39. Was assaulted verbally and physically on a train whe someone took my seat and I had to return to it. Amtrak promptly kicked them off called cops filed a report who were waiting for them. They were from Germany and were escorted to nearest airport for deportation. Amtrak is federal, so crimes are federal offense. Lesson don't screw around on amtrak

  40. I'm honestly surprised they got arrested. I once had this neighbor who was racist against white people, I'm talking chasing a mother and daughter out of a dollar general racism. The most she got for her behavior was a ban in a few counties. She moved away but I'm sure she's still at it.

  41. Pieces of shit like them should be shipped off to a reform camp where they are treated like maggots so they can understand how terrible it is to treat people like that. Fuck them entirely i hope they are publically shamed by their loved ones.

  42. They threatened harm, and assault is usually threat of harm, "look straight because I'm going to get arrested tonight" sounds threatening when you're mid-racially charged, unprovoked tirade and they threw a beer can at them, which is battery. Also, child endangerment. Likely from threats and battery via beer can.

  43. Randomly screaming at someone for extended periods with no provocation is aggravated assault. When you consider one of the targets was a 10 year old child, various child endangerment-related laws also begin to apply.

  44. Meanwhile in Houston mostly innocent people get robbed at gun point etc. by hood people an they can’t even locate the perpetrator when they have clear footage an what not. But somebody makes a bunch of loud sounds an they get found with out issue.

  45. Don't get me wrong here, but is ranting illegal? Obviously hating on people for being immigrants or of different race is horrible and a dick thing to do but is it actually illegal? The article doesn't mention threats being made.

  46. So this guy is basically saying he would’ve become a software engineer had I not come along and taken “his” job? Sounds about right.

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